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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I didn't get my recording up yesterday so I"ll try to do that today. I couldn't record at all ..the hyper bullies who moved in next door we're so loud my attempts to record were basically thrown out the window.

The same neighbors who have basically given us 30 days to move out of the house we've called home for the past 4 years. And that was 2 weeks ago. I still don't know where we're going. They bought this house, or are trying to, they're waiting for their loan to get approved so they can kick us out. Nice of em eh. I can't stand bullies. I can't wait for the Lord to crush the heads of all of them.

I'm still making plans to continue my work for Yah on the road, despite all the distractions lately, makes ya wonder whose getting ticked? LOL..

Well they can annoy me, but they can't defeat me. I can be delayed, but I can't be beaten.

Maitreya and Iran. Should be an interesting combination...straight from hell.

Come on over to America Maitreya, we've got some plans for ya....LOL

Beasts...beasts....plenty of them coming.

What cracks me up is "Jesus arriving with Cherubim." Not the real Jesus, Yahushuah, this Jesus coming soon is the false Christ with a grand delusion of thousands of Anuk's playing the charade they are heavenly angels complete with illuminated light so they actually look and appear as "angels."

It would be funny to see them all crash land to earth don't ya think?

Or how about the 'banquet' Maitreya holds on earth where he starts chopping off peoples heads.

They're savidges. It won't be long before their true colors start to show for what they are. They'll go on magic tours to 'heal' people and display their satanic supernatural powers to deceive the masses and many will be literally hypnotized by their evil charades.

When they're on tv lying through their teeth, don't listen to them, don't even watch it, they will be hypnotizing the people watching them.

Al Gore, pawn of Lucifer's and the Omegans, leading the charge to blame earth changes on global warming. Trying to keep attention deflected away from the real cause, Lucifer's armies moving closer to earth.

He's so gross. You can tell he's totally possessed.

He wants to be their frontman put in as the next White House squatter when Bush gets impeached or arrested.

It would be nice to see a 100% human in office for a change. I'm getting tired of possessed Nephilim who hate this country acting like they are running it. Running it into the ground is what they're doing and most people would prefer not to hear the truth.

Bush is making treason drowned Clinton look like an angel. That's pretty bad.

Hold your ground Warriors, we've got time for some more fun..branch out.

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