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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Sign

I know most of us keep wondering, WHEN will we know we are indeed IN the end times...

Matthew 24 pretty much lays it out, but it's kind of vague in a way, wars, rumor of wars, earthquakes, etc.. we're living in those times yes..more frequent? it's definately knocking at the door...for those who haven't completley gone to sleep or buried their heads in the sand...they know it's coming or even around the corner.

But is there a definate sign that will wake us all up as to when it starts so that we WILL KNOW THIS IS THE TIME spoken of by the prophets?

Yes indeed.

I've been seeing it in the Bible codes for years but just haven't grasped it until lately Yah decided it was time to knock it through my skull so I'd 'really get it.' And it's not like I haven't talked about it in the past, I have, quite a few times, but I think the revelation of it finally hit me today since Yah confirmed it 3 times just today alone. So there has to be something to it ya think? LOL..

I know, I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box. Most of the time I'm just grateful to be in the box.

You want the sign? The death of George Bush Jr.

When he dies, there is no doubt the countdown has begun.

No matter what other things you've overlooked or explained away and it didn't really grab you by then that this was the tribulation period, when you see his death, KNOW that it is.

There are two dominant beasts coming, perhaps just one even though I keep seeing two, and I don't know which is going to play what part, the Antichrist or False Prophet...but, like I've done forever, I'm going to explain them again. Both of them are Anti-christ. So they can haggle over who gets to play what I guess..all I can do is tell you what I keep seeing in the codes and what Yah shows me.

Maitreya is an Arab. He's going to be associated with Ethiopia, Mecca, and Iran. He may arrive in Ethiopia or the Negev Desert. He's going to be the awaited messiah of the Moslems. He's a murderer and what the codes describe as "effeminate" meaning he's a homosexual. He's going to possess great majic to fool the people into believing he's a messiah, or God. With 1.6 and probably closer to 2 billion Moslems drooling over him, he's going to have much power and will lead the way for the death of George Bush, Jr. shocking everyone, the USA included. He will be the dominant beast of the East. Maitreya is associated with Mars, he may reside there for now until his appearance here on earth.

Sananda is Aramaean. He looks like the picture of the KJV Jesus of the Bible that churches have adopted. He's also a homosexual, effeminate. I'm sure neither of these beasts will come out and proclaim their homosexuality, just mentioning it as I've seen it.

Sananda-Esu or Sananda-Jesus or Sananda-Immanuel, whichever name he decides to go by, currently resides on the UFO spaceship called the Capricorn that hovers over the western part of the USA. He will dominate the West and Israel. When he appears he will arrive with the Annunaki posing as angelic Cherubim complete with angelic light and illumination to portray the charade of a heavenly host. This is a huge deception, and I've often found it amusing that the terms such as 'crane, cameraman, studio" have some part to do with helping this along to deceive mankind. A literal staged, Hollywood production, and for the most part probably a real descension of some kind of these beings to play their part.

I don't think Sananda appears until after Maitreya does but I don't know for fact. Just my guess considering there is more info on Maitreya than this Sananda for now.

When Maitreya arrives he will have some kind of assembly or "banquet" which in Hebrew could be literal or symbolic, a gathering of people in some type of pavilion or under a tent, where he will begin his crusade of murder and chopping off peoples heads, such as junior Bush's.

I find it amusing that when he arrives he's completely angry and mad. Not a good way to start off a "I'm a loving messiah/God here to help mankind" facade is it? Hehe...those with ears can hear.

One of them, I believe it's Maitreya, will have a duplicate copy of the Ark of the Covenant. He will desecrate it.

There's always an uproar around Maitreya. The world is going to be shocked by his bluntness and brassness. I don't know if he'll last long to be the actual AC or if he's a frontrunner for the then next beast who comes as Sananda Jesus who will then either be the actual AC or False Prophet with a Roman Western leader becoming the actual AC.

It is Maitreya who has some kind of declaration when he comes and pronounces some kind of 'commandments.' Probably with his machete in his hand (being sarcastic).

He's brutal, wicked, and somehow deceives people. I mean how stupid could you get to fall for him as a messiah??

Sananda seems to play the nice guy. Yet as with Maitreya, those who fall for him as a messiah will damn their souls to hell for eternity.

These guys are Beasts. They are Anuk's, fallen angels here to deceive mankind for Lucifer.

There could be some real fireworks here on earth (destructions) before Maitreya's actual appearance, but just know when you see him start to go on a beheading campaign that the tribulation period is running the clock.

4 dominate beasts of the last days:

1. Maitreya
2. Sananda-Jesus
3. A Western leader - watch for Al Gore
4. A female beast - no it's not Hillary, watch for "Jesus" to arrive with a woman/goddess or maybe even "his mother." It will be the "Queen of heaven" beast..yes it's an actual female of some sort.

It sounds like quite the foursome doesn't it?

The deceptions they will inflict on mankind will be supernatural displays of power like you've never seen.

The whole 'heavenly host' descent on mankind will be an awesome display of Hollywood and alien-tech you can't even imagine.

The Ark of the Covenant they bring with them is a's a fake replica of the original.

The angels are not REAL angels. They, along with "Jesus" are fallen angels manipulating heavenly light and illumination technology to make themselves appear as if they are from heaven.

This banquet/assembly Maitreya has will be broadcast on live television. It will shock the world. Don't let your kids see it..he will be chopping off peoples heads on live television.

I haven't just stumbled on this information in the codes once or twice. This is the same information Yah has been showing me for 3 years now, every time I do a I"ve seen it, the same info..HUNDREDS of times already, it never changes. The only thing that changes is my increased understanding of what it is I'm seeing.

There is more that I can't mention for now. The Lord's warriors will have great victories...and play a huge part and an integral part the whole time. Those with ears can hear. Keep busy.

Despite the many deaths and destructions coming, Yah's Warriors will have many laughs at the victories they will see with their own eyes. That should keep you motivated!! It's not all about Satan! Yah's Warriors will make a difference, a HUGE difference in dismantling the deceptions these beasts are trying to pull off and Yah's warriors, because of their previous actions will be saving souls from falling into the grips and delusions of these beasts!

All will not go as perfectly as these beasts have planned...why? Because Yah's warriors are fighting and they'll be fighting in ways these beasts could have never imagined!

Don't ever underestimate Yah and what He will do with even just a handfull of people who are loyal and faithful to Him!

Got religion? Get relationship!

Don't be dismayed at some of the things that will happen that I haven't mentioned, just know we are all in Yah's hands and everything has a reason and a purpose!

Yah bless His Warriors!!

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