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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Morgellons Disease..

Morgellons Disease..this is one of the nastiest plagues I've seen in a long time and it's reportedly in every state, hitting South Texas and California particularly hard

So I decided to spend some time in the Bible Codes on it. What I found was that Morgellons is a poison, toxicant, contamination, spread by needles and vaccinations.

Of particular interest is the fact it seems to be limited, it was a 'sample or a testing.'

Seems an 'allotment' of vaccines were tainted with the plague then distributed to the public.

In the codes there is a lack of any of the usual types of terms you would see associated with chemtrail therefore I don't believe it's being spread by chemtrails. Besides, if it were there would be a much more larger outbreak of this plague than has been reported. One spraying of chemtrails with the fibers of Morgellons and an entire population would come down with it.

So apparently Morgellons disease is being spread through vaccinations or even possibly flu shots which are 'vaccinations' as well.

Is there a cure available? With so much to sift through in the code what I did find of interest were the terms comforter-salt-phosphate. So if the doctors can figure that one out, there is something that can give comfort to those suffering with Morgellons, somehow.

Obviously many Americans have just fallen victim to another bio-experiment from our government without being forewarned or told in advance of it, or agreeing to it for that matter. They are involuntary victims of a bio-attack, and in this case, a very much so terror attack.

And from vaccinations.

Do NOT get vaccinations and do NOT give them to your child. They are NOT mandatory you can take religious exemptions from them in most states. Vaccinations are pure poison you are putting into your body or your child's. They will not keep you from getting diseases they cause diseases and cancers later in life. In short they are a delayed depopulation tool which are designed to activate and kill you with 'something' as you get older.

I have sent some of the information I found in the code to the website owner of what he does with it is up to him, chances are he'll never be able to publicly admit what is causing it and keep his license as a doctor.

So what they won't or can't tell you, I will.

Stay away from vaccinations.

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