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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mark of the Beast Phase Already Being Implemented

I was talking to the Father the other day when we were interrupted by Lucifer who wanted to talk to me. So Father said I could talk to him...this is part of that conversation.

I didn't release it earlier because my heart just sinks at what's happening and what I know is coming...they have several routes to bring their plans to it's usually a waiting and watching game to see what route is going to be taken on any one thing.

If you thought we were getting closer to the implementation of the Mark of the Beast then you haven't been paying attention. Even I was thrown for a loop on this one, but I"m not close to the corporate or banking world. And the tops of those already belong to the devil...but it's now affecting the employees of all these institutions, the trickle down effect is's already happening folks!!

How many people will recognize it for what it is? By DECEPTION Satan will take over and rule the won't always be an 'in your face' takeover, but by DECEPTION..and it's underway now folks!!

Sherry - - the soul scalpings geting really bad, it's everyone on TV..

Sherry - what's the plan

Lucifer - it's in full mode, of course you knew that...

Lucifer - the plan is to take over everything that matters, even stuff that doesn't...we'll control everything...

Sherry - its already at that point, so what's next...

Lucifer - we get ready to implement the Mark..

Sherry - they're already trying that with taking our guns

Lucifer - that just gets people riled up...

Lucifer - we can use other ways...controlling the food, water,

Lucifer - the gun phase just separates them from us, who's where...what...but doesn't really matter we already know, and won't matter when we use it to control the food

Lucifer - we'll start implementing food phases..

Sherry - what are the phases

Lucifer - gov control of welfare, people will have to take our mark (chip) to keep getting gov help...

Lucifer - then it will branch out to all gov employees from federal to local levels., corporate employees, banks, then it will branch out to the regular people..

Lucifer - the corporations control the distribution centers, the gov controls the corporations, it's all under our control..

Lucifer -it' will be under the guise of a new system, new economic reforms, people won't realize they're worshiping me until it's to late,

Lucifer - banking and economic reform, we can enforce it through bankruptcy, desperation...politics..immigration reform...there's a number of ways we can push it through...

Lucifer  - people can worry about stocking up their guns and bullets, when they're hungry they'll trade them all for a loaf of bread, they'll get the mark....they'll be so hungry they won't even think about it after a while, we'll use our propaganda to show how happy people are with the mark and how much easier it is, whatever works, the ones who are suffering without it will just get it...they'll be sick of suffering...they'll want to feed their kids...

Lucifer - I'll just sit in the background and watch...then I'll stand up and announce it's my system and they worship Me!

Sherry- won't matter, the chip will destroy them after they get it...not even human anymore...

Lucifer - laughs...LOL..I get the bragging rights...I'll take the credit, that's all that matters to me...

Many people will take the 'mark' not even realizing it's the "Mark" spoken of in the Bible....the Mark of the Beast...

Under the guise of a new economic or banking regulations they will be manipulated and coerced into taking it.

Parents will get the mark en masse just to get food for their hungry kids...

People will get it just to keep their jobs...under new "employee regulations" or whatever they come up with...

Only those people who are Discerning the Times will be aware of what is going on...

And that's why Yahushua always told the people to watch, and discern the people would recognize the deceptions taking place...

How many are watching?? How many are paying attention??

Satan's not going to come out and say "take my mark" and enforce it until the majority already have via Deception!!

Don't be deceived folks!!

Be Watching!!

Be Paying Attention!!

If you are told you need a RFID chip implant for work or banking reasons DO NOT GET IT for any reason!!

Don't get any type of chip implant for any reason!!!

There is no forgiveness for it!! Claiming "I was deceived" is NOT an excuse!! You've been forewarned about it since the day you were born!! The Bible has warned about it and been available for you to read and learn from your entire life!!

You may have to quit your job, or go off gov welfare, but you will save your soul from an eternity in HELL!! 

If you are not prepared for these times then thank "your pastor" they have failed their flocks!! But it is ultimately only your fault if you take the Mark of the Beast either knowingly or unknowingly because you could have read the Bible yourself and listened to His Watchmen and Prophets who have been warning about this for years!!

Prepare folks!!

Be Watching!!

Be Alert!!

Don't be deceived by the coming deceptions to deceive you into taking a chip implant!!

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