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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Amazon - Interview With The Devil now available in Ebook format

Interview With The Devil now Available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire, ipad and iphone

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Malie Mapour said...

This "BOOOK", "My Conversation With Lucifer", is the "BEST" book I had ever read on this planet earth; of course, a book that has GOD's CHILDREN "TALKING" to each other---despite their differences and Sherry's distance Her Brother "Lucifer'; The book helped me to LEARNED and continue to learn "WHO I AM", WHO I BELONG TOO...AND MY PURPOSES ON EARTH AND BEST OF ALL MY PAST AND FUTURE. I rreally hope that ALL Angels-in-the-Flesh, can have access to this "Great-Book", and learn WONDERFUL THRUTH ...FROM IT. My hat off to the "Queen" Shaz. I wish you will write more books like that in the future and talk with Lucifer more.... I love you Sherry and even Luci as a "RAN-WAY" OLder Brother; I love ALL of DADDY'S Children, and that includes Luci as my Brother....I wish He will leave "POLITIC" and go back to what He does BEST---and that is "COMPOSING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC...