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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Interview With The Devil - Part 11

All I can do is put the truth out there. What you do with it is up to you.

For several days the Most High pulled Lucifer up to heaven so I could ask him questions and talk to him. This is part of that conversation.

Interview With The Devil 

Part 11
Transgender Revolution

by Sherry Shriner


Sherry - you're so impatient..

Lucifer - I've been waiting forever!

Sherry - they had something out about Donald Trump's mother being a tranny because of her big head and little body..

Lucifer - laughs, yep! They got rid of the original, replaced her with that thing

Sherry - how do they come up with all these kids to make tranny's look like they're just normal parents..

Lucifer - they make them in labs, they mix them up, 3 party DNA then someone carries them..surrogate...a lot of surrogates are we've bee doing this for 50 years, you people are soo slow ...

Sherry- ok I'm going to ask you if these people are transgenders:

Sherry - Tammy Wynette..

Lucifer  - yep

Sherry  - Faith Hill

Lucifer - yep

Sherry - Tim McGraw

Lucifer - oh that' a good one, yep, the men are harder to figure out than the women..

Sherry - are you serious...omg...Tim McGraw?

Lucifer -  yep that was a Tina!

Sherry - laughs..

Sherry - Amal Clooney

Lucifer - LOL laughs...yep

Sherry - Melania Trump

Lucifer - yep...from Lebanon, one of our few masterpieces from that dump

Sherry - Mariah Carey

Lucifer - she's normal but she's a witch, and she's a mk ultra lab rat

Sherry - Bruce Springstein...

Lucifer - laughs..oh man he's a mix, reptoid, female, mk ultra..

Sherry - Prince

Lucifer - prince was gay, he was a male but he was mk ultra most of them are,

Sherry - Barbara Bush

Lucifer - Crowley's kid...yeah that was a Ben, made an uglier Barbie...that guy was a freak, he was worse than me,

Sherry - that's hard to imagine. How's he like hell?

Lucifer - oh he's in one of the worst parts...he was in the carnival for a long time, you know the ferris wheel stuff..

Sherry - yeah..

Lucifer - hard telling where he is now

Sherry - is that the worst place? Where's the tables at?

Lucifer - that's called the Lab...he was there to for a long time..

Sherry - serves him right,

Sherry - is there a hook room?

Lucifer - laughs, yep! I got one of those at the Vatican, I got all that stuff at the Vatican, well I got the maze, lab, and hook room...

Sherry - gross.

Sherry- Beyonce

Lucifer - LOL, yep

Sherry - JZ

Lucifer - LOL yep..

Sherry - are you serious...JZ??

Lucifer - yep! born a girl, we start changing them immediately and groom them...they all become lab rats after that...we control them....

Lucifer - we turned that whole macho hood crowd into fags with our transgender revolution...we influence all the blacks through them and they follow them into anything we lead them into!

Sherry - George Clooney?

Lucifer - no but he likes his little tranny (Amal), he's gay , so is Brad Pitt..

Sherry - what about Angelina Jolie...

Lucifer - she's mk ultra...her dad is a freak...he's one of us, long time...he plays in soap drama...he gave her to us as his sacrifice..(think he's talking about Jennifer Aniston here)

Sherry - Kylie Jenner and the other one...

Lucifer- the 2 younger ones are boys...they were Kris' sacrifice and Bruce's....

Sherry - then why did he change later? I thought he was promoting the whole revolution as a sacrifice...

Lucifer - he is, but it's his service to us...everyone has to have a's not just about success and what they do, they have to serve us to...

Sherry - you keep them busy...

Lucifer - heck yeah...

Sherry - what's Justin Bieber's service?

Lucifer - he's a hired male lesbo...whatever you want to call it! LOL...women pay for do men...and he's a setup, when it comes out he's a transgender all the little girls will flock to get it done...or boys, whatever, he influences a lot of kids. that's what we use the pop stars for...influence...

Sherry - what about Miley Cyrus

Lucifer - oh man you busted us on that one...she's been gone a long time...I don't know how figured that one out...

Sherry - I went to her in the 5th (dimension)..

Lucifer - I wouldn't doubt it...yeah she's gone..

Sherry - that one that took over, is Lauren her name?

Lucifer - I think so...not sure...she's more a freak than Miley ever was....and she has fun with it..

Sherry - I was going to ask you Judge Judy has a really really weird aura..

Lucifer - man she's looney...she's a witch..

Sherry - is she a vampire because I get that her spirit is, but her human part isn''s odd....

Lucifer - ha! she's controlled by an old soul...the witches put that into's prob her that's the vampire...but she can go in other realms when Judy's sleeping or whatever...funny you picked that up...

Sherry - Judge Joe Brown...

Lucifer - he's one of us....

Sherry - he's got a serpent...he just feels evil..

Lucifer - laughs...yeah he's got one...he hates you...

Sherry - laughs...LOL...he was with my clone...I saw that...sitting at a table ..that was odd

Lucifer - you saw that??!!

Sherry - yeah...with two others...just talking...he wouldn't even look at  her, had his back to her...

Lucifer - laughs...yeah you got to much light, even your clones are's nauseating, annoying..

Sherry - laughs...good!

Sherry - what was the whole deal with the playboy mansion and Hugh Heffner

Lucifer - he was a pimp...the girls were presidential sex toys but we had no need for them anymore because they (presidents) were all gay or liked kids! So they kept up the charade for a while and used them as couriers, prostitutes to foreign leaders etc...but even they're gay and like kids...everyone's a pedophile now we turned them on to that...or gay..

Sherry - they closed down the mansion I heard..

Lucifer - laughs...yeah the charade's they just need orphanages and child sex trades...laughs..

Sherry- Brooke Shields

Lucifer - she was right up there as one of the first ones! She was Bob Hope's little boy toy! ha!

Lucifer- a lot of celebrities we killed then replaced with tranny' even if they were born normal we switched them over later..

Sherry - what about Hollywood A list...they're all cross are wearing dresses, females suits...

Lucifer - it's part of the initiation into our transgender revolution...go gay or transgender...course most of them just went gay...but if they ever get to that level and give us problems, we'd just kill them and replace them with a tranny at this point to push our gender revolution..

Sherry - why are you pushing a gender revolution..

Lucifer - because gay isn't bad enough anymore...we push the limits..

Sherry - it's nauseating..

Lucifer - puts more energy into the mix...celebrities are having kids offering them to us for gender swaps rather than having to's working out well..

Sherry - do they all have a say in it

Lucifer - no, not if they're lab rats and already ours, we can take their kids and do what we want and they have nothing to say about it...seriously most of them don't even care anymore, especially the ones we already switched out...a surrogate has the kid then gives them it to raise..

Sherry - what about Brittney Spears boys

Lucifer - they're already ours....

Sherry - what are you doing to them

Lucifer - I don't know what they're going to do to those two, probably be gay...or wearing women's clothes like Jadin Smith....ha! now that's a messed up family! laughs...we own them all, they're all puppets to us...

Sherry- is this part of signing the dotted line..

Lucifer - it is for Hollywood. We have the most fun with them..

Sherry - dad was showing me something about all the fakes out there...they have those huge indents in their chests right below their necks...their voice boxes...

Lucifer - laughs yep! Those are tranny's....clones, androids, whatever,

Sherry - I noticed normal people don't have necks like that, they look like they have tubes inside  them and then a huge indent at the base..

Lucifer - laughs...yep...good catch....I'm can tell them apart when you know what to look for...that's one of the things, also the eyes and for tranny's the biggest things to notice are the size of their heads to their shoulders, hands, feet, it's hard to hide a man's big feet as a woman, or small feet as a man!

Lucifer - we're pushing them through the TV shows...they don't get media 
attention until they're 'proven'....they've proven themselves to be worthy of our attention and time...we're already filling up commercials and audiences with them...

Sherry - I noticed that, I always look at them now...

Lucifer - laughs..

Sherry - what's the big forehead syndrome?

Sherry - so many people are getting huge foreheads?

Lucifer - that's an adverse affect of the drugs they're taking...chemicals...could be steroids or transgender meds..

this woman is almost 100% correct on her vids about trannys

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Good info

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Yep expose them sister Sherry tired of the little scumbag snake called the devil

Erin Marie said...

I just stumbled upon your page(everything happens for a reason, I strongly believe that). I absolutely love it. I've been into the truth for years now. I've known all of my life that we were being lied to. I want the word out and I believe everything you're saying. I can feel the truth seeping out of my pores as I read the knowledge that you're sharing. I absolutely love it. I'm going to try and circulate this around; as I am great with technology. Thank you for sharing. We'll get there.