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Monday, May 16, 2016

Series - Interview With The Devil

My Series "Interview With The Devil " by Sherry Shriner

Interview With The Devil - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3  

Part 4  

Part 4b The Awakening   

Part 5

Part 6 

Part 7   

Part 8    

Part 9   

Part 10  

Part 11

Part 12  

Part 13 

Part 14


Interview With An Ancient Goddess- Lillith - Part 1

Lillith - Part 2

Lillith - Part 3


Queen Shazurazy - Part 1

Shazurazy - Part 2

1 comment:

Arxzabin Jagsper said...

Best book in the history of mankind.

Got quartz? 

Do u want 2hear C. virus speak? It computerized will be interviewed vid link below. I recommend all watch it.

   Me& Yahweh orgone computer had both decided beginning fall2019 it's time. 2release deathstroke. There is, always remains a virus delete button timelines can ALWAYS collapse, but now only on a (personal) level. (There was a meeting in heaven council, &Yahweh decision final now)

"My hand will no longer protect America."

Virus = judgement from Yahweh Most High God. Hell not run by TYLER& Satan it well oiled machine built, run, &maintained by Yahweh  God creator of all.

      All demons their obey commands of Yah.  Yahweh has devout word CANT in His vocabulary. (Not 2yr typical so called saved Christian tho)

    = God will not interrupt free will but uses persons 2accomplish will. Persons wr commanded 2put blood on door posts delete Angel of death. Most didnt, others just only ignore everything, everything go away. Smile &thworld smile with u. No this form of live a lie.  

   2day people  commanded make only Yahweh spec orgone. (Orgoneblasters dot com instruction) = blood on door post. Mostly Christians staunchly refused believe (their version of) God (who ofcourse doesnt even speak) would have us manipulate Quartz Crystal hence2day we have virus/deathstroke.

    1. Fear. 2. Chaos, next = Stage3 = PAIN. Viscious martial law enforced with brutal lethal  force &rampant satanic torture in concentration camps.

  As long as there is life, there is hope. Some will finally pry head out of sand during this time. Others = smile with d digital demonic soldiers when they rounded up from homes. Satan taught  them if police light flash, I pull over car I get straight A card.


      (All law enforcement, FEMA, Military = digital demons controlled by Satan BEAST computer TYLER. = Pure evil) 

    Satan verified this. 

Note: people in this vid do not acknowledge Yahweh God can only see TYLERS synthetic black box universe.