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Monday, May 16, 2016

Shazurazy - Part 1


The Beginning

Part 1


 As an angel in the flesh and from the past, I already have a long history with Hallayel, who became known as Lucifer and Satan. All of heaven disowned him and refused to call him by his angel name after he rebelled against it...which is why he is now called Lucifer.

If you haven't read my article on Angels in the Flesh you can learn a lot about it at  or  it is these "Angels in the Flesh" who in the Bible are called the Elect, the Firstborn, the First Fruits...those terms have nothing to do with Christians and a rapture, but Father's Firstborn, those who were angels in heaven and then sent to earth to be born as humans to fulfill roles on earth...just as Yahushua, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and others had been.
In Biblical terms the Elect and the Bride are two different groups of people.

I've decided to write a book, or series of articles and interviews with whatever time I have left and I have already spent many hours talking to the Father and even to Lucifer and Lillith themselves in regards to the information I have been gathering and posting online. 

When you pull Satan or Lillith up to heaven and sit them there to answer questions they're not going to sit and lie, not with Father being it's been an interesting venture...and one I was enjoying until now...because now Father wants me to reveal info about who I am...and I hate that stuff...I hate talking about me...myself. Besides, Lucifer and Lillith have already said plenty about me in their interviews for people to get an idea of who Sherry Shriner once was, that I'm an angel in the flesh, an angel from the past, a queen even, known as Queen Shazurazy in heaven.

On earth I'm just a humble grandmother, mother, servant of the Most High who figured out a way (with some help) to kick Lucifer's butt above, on, and below the earth...and so I started a ministry and an Orgone War and I have spent almost two decades trying to eliminate his reptiles off our planet.

So that's a nutshell. Father wants me to tell you what I remember about Heaven, which isn't much, but the memories I do have are priceless to me.


My earliest memories are of sitting on the Father's lap as a baby angel. His throne was so huge. I would describe it at least 20 feet high and at least 5 feet wide. Ok maybe about 10 feet high but when it sits on a platform it seems so much bigger. My sister and I would play in the throne room just to be with dad. We loved Him and He was always so funny, and warm, and loving. I was the youngest of 12 girls and 2 boys. All created directly by the Father as His own children with His Spirit directly in them. I would say DNA but that's human terminology and we were spiritual beings, of another dimension and realm.

I was probably about 2 feet high at the time and learning how to fly with wings was fun. I remember sitting on his lap and then crawling up to the top of his chair, throne, and him muttering "oh my" and I would get Rashayel to climb up there with me and then we'd jump off the top of the throne and flitter to the ground. It was a good 20 feet or higher. We would laugh and giggle and do it over and over until dad would say "ok girls, let's do something else!" But he always let us have our fun for a while, he was patient, kind, he'd giggle and act like a typical dad letting his kids have some fun, knowing we were safe with Him.  We knew that some day we would grow up to be tall, commanding angels, princesses, queens, daughters of the Most High but until then we were just going to have some fun!

It's the memories of the past that Father would give me, that would keep me going when the battles here on earth would get tiring, overbearing, and I would just burn out with a desire to just walk away from all of it. He would give me memories to revitalize, strengthen, help me to remember who I was, where I came from, and typically just make me laugh and miss home.

I remember my sisters. Rashayel was the one directly above me in numbers. She was #13 and I was #14. Father had 14 kids. Hadassah was the oldest. And other than Rashayel, I remember her the most. If memories have anything to say about it, then for now i have the most memories of my sisters Rashayel, Haddasseh, Branz, and Ella, and then Yasha and Hallayel, my two brothers. Because those are the ones I remember the most. Although I loved them all very much. I can remember all of us girls piled up in this one room in the palace in what could probably be described as lounge chairs and couches. Talking and gabbing, and a couple of them would be cutting and sewing, and creating new gowns, robes, whatever our attire was. Two of the sisters were really into fashion and would work with seamstresses to create new clothes for us all. I called them the Designers. Clothes were just a small part of what they would actually do. They would design planets, landscapes, whatever was needed, they would design it. They were engineers, architects, designers.

What makes me laugh today is to hear the term 'flower girls' because some of my fondest memories are hanging out with the two sisters who would journey to far away places just to find the perfect flowers for the palace. And that's what me and Rashayel always referred to them as, the flower girls. We would go with them on some of their trips and journeys just to play with whatever we could find to play with. We didn't have much on our minds at the time, just always looking to have some fun. A hill or mountain would thrill us for hours. While the other girls would gather flowers with the entourage that was with us we would flitter to the top of the hills or mountains and free fall off of them and wait till the last possible seconds of hitting ground to pull out our wings to break our fall. We had so much fun doing that. It was one of our angel games.

We were far from typical. None of the other sisters or boys seemed to be anything like me or Rashayel. They were always content to be doing whatever they were doing. We preferred adventure, exploring, getting away from the palace and learning and doing new things. As we got older we demanded the Archangels teach us how to fly the air pods. And of course we found a way to make an angel game out of them. I would fly up underneath Rashayel's then rise up under one of the pod wings, flipping her over. I used to think that was so funny. Then she'd come right back at me and the battle was on. We would do that for hours, flying all over the place, flipping each other over. Then we'd go after the other angels with pods and flip them over. No one seem to mind. They would just laugh. The queens were the closest to the Archangels who were also typically inside or around the palace in outside areas around it. The Archangels were always up for having some fun. They were great playmates for me and Rashayel. I can remember working with Michael from the time I was practically created with gymnastics, tumbling, flying, warfare, sword fighting, all kinds of techniques and and Rashayel had started very young with him as our teacher and trainer. We were all very close and that would come in handy for the day when me and Rashayel would turn in our angel games for war and battle strategies.

I was about 6"2, as was Rashayel. That's not very tall for an angel. Angels are various sizes with a lot of them much taller perhaps. Probably the average or typical size that I can remember is about 6 - 7 foot. I was very blonde, bright blue eyes. I had long blonde hair, thin, considered very beautiful as were all the queens. Rashayel had long dark hair, blue eyes. She was the more analytical of the two of us. She was more of a thinker, level headed, more reserved. I was outgoing, crazy, didn't think of much except what to get into next and Rashayel would be right there beside me.  We were always together. 

The girls were like twins, like we were created in pairs, because the girls were always with their counterpart, their twin, even if we weren't technically twins, it just seemed that way because of the pairings, if you saw one you'd see the other with them. That's just the way it was. I can't remember a time unless I was with Yasha or Hallayel that I wasn't with Rashayel. I don't remember where she would be when I was with one of the boys, but she was probably at the palace hanging out with the sisters in our lounge room.

I remember a few things about my brothers. I remember Yasha from the time I was practically created. Hallayel I remember as I got a little older. They were both my big brothers and I loved hanging out with them. When I was real little I can remember sitting on Yasha's lap and he would hold me and hug me and make me laugh. We would talk and sing and he would teach me new songs. We would take walks through pastures filled with beautiful flowers and he would hold my hand and we would walk, skip, run, and laugh. He was the best big brother. 

Hallayel was awesome to. He was charming, smart, and he loved music. He would always teach me how to play musical instruments and let me watch him command orchestras, or choirs, or watch him create and compose music. He could play anything and he liked all the different types of music we had up there. He was always busy with the music but he always had time for me when I'd come around. He'd ask me if I was practicing my instruments or we'd go run and play in one of the fields that surrounded the palace. He'd take me for walks or take me somewhere and show me something new. He always had something to say, something interesting to talk about, he was full of excitement, energy, fun, adventure, and he would showcase it in his music, he would create master pieces, everyone revered his talent. Angels would come from everywhere to listen to him sing, play, perform, lead, direct. He did it all...he could have been a one man orchestra, one man band. As I got older if I wanted to see him I would have to go find him because he was always some place else, working on his music, giving concerts, or getting involved with running angelic affairs, he was just generally away a lot of the time.  And I started to see him less and less.

I remember as I was getting older, probably what we consider as teenage years here, that Hallayel began to teach me how to play what we would call a guitar. It was a bit different in heaven. In heaven you didn't need to plug it in to electricity, as there was no need for it there.  It would just play loud the way it was. Something like an acoustic guitar but less strings and a lot louder. And it actually sounded a lot more awesome than guitars here on earth. And he had been spending a lot of time to teach me how to play it. I got very good at it...and together we could definitely "jam the guitar" so to say. In our own angel way. I loved ballads and long instrumental solos. It was my favorite instrument.

I can remember times when Yasha would come into the Lounge Room to hang out with his sisters. We all loved those times. We'd love to see him and we would all gab, and joke around and goof around. As I try to remember back, I don't remember any times that Hallayel ever came into the Lounge. For some reason he never did. And I don't remember him and Rashayel ever being together either. I know I certainly don't remember everything and perhaps a lot of things are blocked, but it seems odd to me that there's just some things I can't remember at all and that in particular is Hallayel's relationship with the others, or lack of it.

When I asked Father about it, He told me that Hallayel, as brilliant as he was, was always very insecure. And the reason I was the one that was closest to him was because I would always run after him as a child to be with him. Where the others were more reserved and stayed around the Palace or did what it was they were supposed to be doing, I was running all over the place and hanging out with everyone. I built relationships with everyone because I loved everyone. I didn't know a stranger, if I didn't know an angel I'd make them my friend. That's just the kind of person or angel I was. I was very outgoing and very friendly. And that's why I got along so good with Hallayel. I was his favorite sister because I was really the only one he was close to. I don't know why he never built relationships with the others. I thought maybe he had and I just couldn't remember but Father told me that no, Hallayel never had, that he was never close to the others. I just find that so odd.

I think people have the idea that all angels know each other. That's not true. There are millions, perhaps billions of them and they are spread out everywhere. There wasn't just one place or planet for them. There were many.

The few memories I have here on earth are the ones that suit Father's purposes for the here and now. Because remembering the past would bridge the present and perhaps explain why a brother and sister that were once so close, could over time, become rivals, even arch enemies, and fight against each other for over a million years culminating with an epic war on earth that only the Father Himself could finish. 

This is one of the greatest stories never told. And I'm going to try to tell it the best I can.


The Sun was known as the Yahuan Star Gate and it was the Yahuan's Helio Star System - what we know as Heaven.

Heaven itself is its own galaxy within our universe. I can remember about 24 other universes existing around us somewhere but I've never been to any of them that I know of. I don't even know anything about them and there are perhaps, probably a lot more than just 24. I just remember that number for some reason. And if I ever was at others, I simply don't remember.

Heaven is a galaxy within a universe. Very much like Earth is today, a planet within the Milky Way Galaxy. The name Heaven is a concept from people themselves. Once mankind was created on a re-created Earth it was the people that would refer to it as Heaven because it would encompass the area above them, their atmosphere, their space, ultimately the space above space, what would be considered Heaven. To us it was just home. I don't remember a particular name for it, or the name of our galaxy, or universe, in the scheme of things. It was just home.

For simplicity and the sake of the readers of this book who couldn't imagine it being called anything else, I'll just refer to it as heaven.

Heaven was made up of, and still is, multiple planets. There are cities on all of them, huge lanscapes, the beauty is breathtaking. You don't realize just how beautiful it all is until you're not there anymore and all you have are vague memories of a time that once was, and a time you're literally dying to return to. After all, anyone born on earth is born to eventually die. You just have no idea how long or short your time on earth will be. And to return to Heaven or to get to heaven upon death, you have to qualify. I'll talk about qualifications later. For now I just want to describe Heaven itself.

When I was growing up there were 14 planets of Heaven. Earth was the last planet created and I was destined to become the ruler over it. Back then it was known as Shan. And I, Queen Shazurazy would become the ruler over Shan. Each of Father's direct children would rule over one of the planets. Yasha would rule over what we know as Venus. Because Venus was the closest to the Sun and the time would come when Yasha would sit at Father's right hand. Rashayel ruled over what was known as Urantia, now a destroyed planet called Uranus. Well, all of the planets were destroyed, mostly into oblivion. Hallayel's planet was called Tiamet and it was completely blown up into smithereens during the War. Shan was destroyed by me, practically by myself in my anger against it. Just as Rashayel would destroy hers. And together we would lead the destruction of all the others.

The Palace was in an area all itself. I guess you could call it a planet. The palace was a huge area with many fields and country sides surrounding all sides of it. Everything was made of some type of brilliant white marble or stone. It was almost as if it was so white it glowed. All of the buildings in heaven, either on the Palace planet or any of the others were made with this white stone or gem stone, or marble, I simply don't remember what it was.

Gemstones were also a big part of design and architecture of cities, buildings, and landscapes. As were the garments we would wear. Robes, colors, sashes, cords, swords for the warriors, everything was precise and significant in meaning. There were ranks, classifications, and levels of angels. Some angels would have horses and command hosts of warriors on horses that could walk, run, and even fly in and out of portals. Where others would have air pods suited to fly out of heaven's realm and into others. The majority of angels would stay within the areas of heaven itself and had their own angelican air pods to use to travel from one planet or "house" to another. We didn't' refer to them as planets. They were called Houses.

We didn't need fuel for them. There was no pollution. We didn't need telephones as we could talk to each other no matter where we were via an inner spirit communication, or what most refer to as telepathy. There is no death in heaven, or darkness, or night time, or time itself. I can't even begin to equate how long a million years in heaven would be in earth's time.

In the Bible it quotes on earth in regards to creation that a thousand years is as a day. Perhaps a million years in Heaven is as a thousand years on Earth. I kind of get the feeling that that's probably correct. As I sit here and muse over time itself since heaven doesn't operate in Earth's linear time, Father tells me the parallel or correlation itself is very accurate. A Million years in heaven's time, would correlate to a Thousand years on Earth. Good, that's settled, for whatever reason. I guess it's just interesting to know.

There were angel communities everywhere. And every House (planet) had it's own distinct nature to it and types of communities.

The Palace, I don't know what else to call it so on Earth I've referred to it as the Royal Planet or RP, there were angel communities of those who worked at or served in the Palace in some way.

Angel marriages were allowed if they were ordained by Father Himself. If they were ordained by Him they would last forever. There were no divorces, ever, that I can remember. And angels had children. Some groups of angels weren't capable of having them where other classifications and types of angels could. There were different types of angels, what we would call races, or nations. Only it didn't' have anything to do with skin color, all angels were white. But some were made differently than others. Some classifications could procreate where other classifications couldn't. It wasn't a big deal in Heaven. Angels weren't being created to grow up and raise families. It wasn't like that at all. But within the classifications of angels that could, it would happen. Many of the angels would adopt the children and babies that died on Earth and raise them as their own.

The churches misconstrue one passage of Scripture that says angels don't' procreate to generalize all of them and that isn't true. There is much about Heaven that has never been revealed or accurately spoke about. It doesn't mean what's been said before is wrong, it just means they're limited in knowledge and only going by what they know. We've all been extremely limited in knowledge and even I deal with memory blocks from Father Himself. That's just the way it is. It isn't' right or wrong, it just is.

I can remember a lake in one of the angel communities not far from the Palace. Rashayel and I would go over and think of games to play, watch others, and just splash water all day.  There were fountains in the lake we would fly and spin around, there were bridges over it we could jump off of. There was an air pod parking garage we would jump off the roof into the water. Not to far away were streets and rows of mansions with big beautiful homes where top ranking angels would live who served the Palace directly. Everyone who lived on the Royal Planet could just fly to the Palace themselves. No pods or horses were needed to get there unless you wanted one.  Queens had horse led carriages they would use to get around in, and the horses could fly. It was awesome. I'm sure that's where Hallayel got the idea for Santa and his flying reindeer. He's not very original.

We had this one game called bat ball, or wing ball. It was very much like what we have volleyball here. Only we would throw the ball up in the air and use our wings to hit it. And the court itself was like the size of a soccer field because when we hit it with our wings the ball could fly a great distance.

One time when we had gotten older me and Rashayel were at the Palace standing on a hill beside the Palace and down below us were a bunch of Archangels doing various things, gabbing, goofing around, so me and Rashayel started winging balls at them, just pelting them, and as they were yelling and running and trying to wing balls back at us while the other sisters joined in. It was war. You couldn't see Him, but you could hear Father's laughter.

The best of the best could be found on the Royal Planet. The best of music, art, food, wine, literature, warriors, and gladiators. Supreme Councils were located in areas of various cities that governed over the Councils of the various Houses. The members of the local and regional House councils were elected by the angels who lived on that House. The members of the Supreme Councils were appointed by Father Himself because they were located on the Royal Planet. Every angel on the Royal Planet was appointed and assigned there by Father Himself. And they were given a mansion to live in for themselves or if they had a family then they would live there with them. Being appointed to the Royal Planet was the highest of honors.

Most people don't realize that heaven is a lot like Earth. After all, Hallayel, one of Father's own sons who rebelled against Him and left Heaven is the one who practically runs Earth and incorporates everything into it he experienced and lived in while he was in Heaven.

There are cafe's and coffee shop type places in Heaven. There are concerts and various venues you can go to for various things. There are video screens, where our TV flat screens were a mimic of where angels can view various things taking place. There is a planetary audio system in each House where announcements are made and can be heard simultaneously everywhere. You can hear music and angels singing. You can view the screens for announcements you may have missed. There isn't an 'angel Hollywood' nor movies, actors, actresses etc...but that's how Satan incorporated it into our world and used it to pervert, and influence people, just as he did music, wine, entertainment, and politics. Everything he incorporated he perverted and used for his own purposes to influence, degrade, and defile mankind.

One of my favorite venues in Heaven was to go and watch the gladiators. There were gladiator schools that taught interested angels how to fight. There were often competitions and tournaments where angels would seek to get promoted to higher levels and ranks as gladiators and warriors. Fighting wasn't a huge thing at the time although we had angelic posts located throughout the universe to guard against possible invading hostile visitors. If they somehow found a way to an outside area of our realm they would be chased out. If they made it inside they would have been instantly vaporized so the outer realm angelic posts were there to make sure they didn't cross the barrier or even find ways in to the inner realm which was Heaven. And to warn them off so they wouldn't get vaporized. No one just stumbles or invades, or comes into heaven, it's technically impossible. So basically the Warrior angels would just guard the outer areas. The same way they do today.

In heaven everything is free. But there are things you can trade and barter for that go above and beyond a basic necessity. You can always trade paintings or furniture for different paintings or furniture, or trade for something or whatever it is you see that you want. There's probably millions of brilliant artists in heaven and they always create things and give their paintings away for free.  There's no money in heaven. You are either rewarded or appointed things, or you receive something you earned, but there is no market economy, Wall Street, greed, stealing, crime, and all the other things associated with money.

Angels govern their own communities and sign up for various services they work with. I wouldn't call them jobs, although that's a lot like what they are, you just don't get paid for it. Everyone volunteers their time for whatever service they are involved in or with. You can be a teacher, instructor, artist, painter, singer, run a cafe, coffee shop, make clothes, shoes, get elected to a council, you can be a record keeper, courier, warrior, gladiator, palace support personnel since there's a palace in every House. There's just a lot of different things you can do, no one sits around and does nothing. It's a lot like Earth, you spend part of the day at work and then relax the rest of the day. In Heaven since there's no night time to divide the day in half, it's a lot like shift work. You sign up for a particular shift and then go at the time that shift is on. I don't remember how the time is calculated there, it's just not like Earth's time.

Yahuah's Daughters and Sons:

1. Hadasseh - Wisdom & Knowledge - Queen of Wisdom and Knowledge
2. Elayzah - Wisdom & Understanding, temperance, patience, balance Queen of Understanding and Knowledge
3. Mikailez/Mickaylez (Mickey)- Love, Honor, & Grace
4. Yalandah - Love, Joy, Peace,
5. Toriahn (Tory) -  Music, Composition & Harmony
6. Hallayel - Music, Praise, Harmony & Balance
7. Yasha - Perfection & Completion
8.  Jaorgianne/Georgianne (JoJo)- Perfection, Mediation, Temperance, 
9.  Ellashayzor (Ella) - Artistic Design & Creativity (Engineer, Architect, Design, (all kinds all phases) Queen of  Engineering and Artistic Design
10. Beranziana (Branz) - Artistic Design & Creativity Queen of Engineering and Artistic Design Queen of Engineering & Technology
11. Nashahallah - Glory, Praise, & Worship - Queen of Worship
12. Lahandria - Glory, Praise, & Worship - Queen of Praise
13. Rashayel - Warrior, Judgment & Destroyer - Queen of Water
14. Shazurazy -  Warrior, Judgment & Destroyer - Queen of Fire

Planets & Dwarfs which were all a part of the ancient Heavenly solar system under different or similar names and their rulers:

1. Earth - Shan - Shaz
2. Uranus - Urantia - Rashayel
3. Venus - Yasha
4. Tiamet - Hallayel
5. Mercury - Elayzah
6. Mars -  Toriahn
7. Jupiter - Ellashayzor
8. Saturn -  Beranziana
9. Neptune - Hadassah
10. Pluto - Lahandra
11. Eris - Georgianne
12. Haumea -Nashallah
13. MakeMake - Mickaylez
14. Ceres - Yahlanda

I know I have the first 9 correct but the last 5 I'm a bit iffy on. I could be wrong on those but whatever, there's many dwarfs in our solar system and all of the planets were moved around and knocked out of their original and normal orbits after the Judgment of the Houses began.


What we have today is the remnant of what was once a very different looking type of solar system.

Recently I asked Lucifer why he was never close to anyone in the palace but me and he said, "I never felt a part of them...I always felt like an outsider, unappreciated, you were the one that made me feel made me feel love, joy,.."

When I asked Father about growing up there He said:

   You were an accomplished gladiator while you were growing up. Michael and the others had always worked with you and Rashayel in warfare and techniques of fighting. That's why on Shan you had it set up for gladiators and military training. You enjoyed all of that and were very involved with fighting in competitions and tournaments. No one could beat you....and since you were a queen, the archangels wouldn't fight you directly, even in fun, but Michael was always so proud of you. He would always cheer you on.

And so here it is. An unveiling of sorts. And perhaps it will give some people the answers they're looking for as to what would cause a queen from heaven to come down to earth to fight against her brother who had been excommunicated and kicked out of heaven.

I'll write more about it in Part 2.

Shazurazy - Part 2

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