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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Interview with Lillith an ancient goddess - Part 1

In March of 2016 the ancient being known as Lillith staged a Global assassination attempt against me via thousands of witches and Satanic groups everywhere to chant my death and do rituals in what we call Black Magic Circles to accomplish my death via a heart attack. They were trying to take my soul out of my body through some kind of ancient witchcraft technique. The Most High intervened and Lillith was captured by an Archangel and detained in a lower heavenly realm. She has been held there since. Since her detainment the Most High has allowed me to have conversations with her about the past, present, and future. These are parts of that Conversation.

All I can do is put the truth out there. What you do with it is up to you.

My Conversations with Lillith - An Ancient Goddess - Part 1

by Sherry Shriner

This was a conversation I had with Lillith in March, 2016 after she had been detained by the Most High in a lower realm in heaven. To this day she is still there.

She was captured by an Archangel and detained in a lower realm in heaven after she had participated in and conducted a global assassination attempt against me to cause a second, and fatal heart attack against me. I probably would have died at that time but the Most High intervened to stop them.

During her detainment the Father has allowed me to speak to her on many occasions and, being in the presence of the Most High, she's not her typical vileness but rather very easy to talk to as you will see. She's forthcoming with a lot of information from the past and her perspective.

The conversations have typically been very civil which is surprising considering she doesn't hide her hatred and contempt for me or anyone else who serves the Most High but she put aside her hatred to talk to me once she could see I wasn't judging her or condemning her, I was just asking her questions.

So this is her perspective. With a little bit of mine.

As the Bible declares the Elohim created earth over a span of six days and rested on the seventh day. Many interpret this as a day equals 1,000 years because of a passage in (2 Peter 3:8 "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day"), according to this narrative if man and woman were created on the 6th day and then there was rest on the seventh day, that would mean the man and woman were alone for 2,000 years on the earth, in particular Lillith and Adam, the first male and female created.

But we know this isn't so. The first man and woman were created by the angels and Yah as indicated in Genesis chapter 1.

Gen. 1:26-27 "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them."

That was Adam and Lillith...when they were created they resembled angels...they looked angelic...then because Lillith left Adam, Adam's body was changed, he was still "Adam" but he was given a new body and became a flesh being with a soul:

Gen. 2: 7 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul."

Adam was then put to sleep and Yah took his rib and then created woman (another one). If you read the narrative carefully in Genesis chapters one and two there were two different creations of a female. The first one created by the Elohim (rulers and angels with Yah) the second one created from Adam's rib.

Gen. 2:21-23 "And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

The churches combine both chapters as being one and the same, but that isn't so. It was the rulers, divine ones, angels, the Elohim with Yah that created the first male and female, Adam and Lillith. 

Then just as Lillith states in these interviews, she left Adam and was eventually banished from the earth. Meanwhile Adam's body was changed, it was still "Adam" but his body was changed from angelic to a flesh body when he was then re-created out of the dust of the ground and became a living soul with a flesh body. Then he was put to sleep and Yahuah Himself took one of his ribs and created what Adam called a Woman...because she was created out of man. He later named her Eve.

Do you get it now? It's all right there folks...and you will hear it from the horse's mouth herself in these interviews what really happened back then.
And the reason Adam and Lillith, and then Adam and Eve were kept guarded in a Garden was because Lucifer had came back to earth and was crossbreeding animals, trying to create his own "mankind" and had abominations running all over the place. And that's why Adam and Eve were guarded in the garden and protected in keep them safe from the abominations running all over the place that Satan was creating..

This was known knowledge back in the early era but over time our history on earth has been squashed and suppressed, and even hidden, and then completely misunderstood by the churches in the later ages which was the plan to begin with.
Meanwhile Lillith has operated with impunity over thousands of years, hidden in the background and yet worshiped as a goddess amongst the esoteric and cult circles with a few rare mentions by Jewish historians.

From what I've learned the phrase 'a thousand years is as a day' means it was a space of time....time didn't exist then...there was no clock running...there were 24 hour days but a calendar hadn't been established, months,  years, etc..Moses wrote a simple narrative that we could understand (which had been further suppressed by the Jewish scribes), and was never technically accurate or meant to be.

At the time of Adam and Eve's 'fall'...Lillith had already been banished from the Garden and was procreating terrestrial (alien) races in space with Lucifer and others of the fallen angels that were with him still that had escaped Judgment (postponed) after the Rebellion from heaven.

In short, Lucifer had impregnated Lillith while she was still with Adam. She then left Adam and refused to go back to him choosing to be with Lucifer instead.  After a short while Lillith was banished from the earth and Eve was created. Which then, Lucifer then seduced and impregnated Eve with Cain.

As Father told me in regards to Lillith:  "We (He and the other Elohim with Him) could have worked on things with her and Adam but she left and went with Lucifer, and she wouldn't return no matter how we tried to get her to go back to him, she was warned and she chose damnation...she created evil, she created goddess worship for herself, she chose with Lucifer to be worshipped as a god, she created ways of evil unthinkable to normal man...she was rebellious and then it turned into wickedness, witchcraft, and she glory's in it...don't forget she's tried to kill you many many times. I am using her to give them the confirmation they need of who you's all about you child, I want them to know who you are....she was jealous of you, and then she tried to protect her own from your Orgone war against her and them.

I had been drawn in by her account and was actually sort of sympathetic about why she left Adam. No one wants be treated like an animal...but as Father pointed out she chose to become wicked, vile, established goddess worship for herself and clearly became 'one' with the dark side, with evil, taking it to even newer and lower levels one couldn't even think was possible.

Today she rules over tens of millions of demons, witches, and what she calls her sisterhood all over earth. She kills thousands of babies a year (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), established the altar of Baphomet for satanic sacrifices which occur daily throughout the world since the beginning of civilizations...she's a vampire who goes on prowls killing people at night and has established vampire groups throughout the world (no it's not fiction) she's a Succubus who seduces men and women in their sleep for sex,  and produces general mayhem throughout the earth.

With this in mind it's easy to understand the mutual hatred between those who are righteous and her unrighteousness, wicked, and vile ways.

A War between good and evil that started thousands of years ago and will culminate and come to an end in these last days.

Interview With An Ancient Goddess- Lillith

Part 1

March 13, 2016

Sherry - Where was the Garden of Eden?

Lillith - it was over in Jordan, yeah you were the one that got it right we were all surprised...when you said Gulf of Eden....(modern day Gulf of Aden, I revealed it on one of my radio shows, they listen to my radio shows every week from space, they bring their ships in toward my area every single week).

Sherry - what was the first city built?

Lillith - the first city was built off  the coast of the Persian gulf in Iraq, built by Cain...

Sherry - Cain was Lucifer's son...

Lillith - yeah you nailed that one to...Lucifer's son...he was  hairy and he had a tail... Able was normal he looked like Adam...

Sherry - were they twins?

Lillith - yeah, Adam's son, Luce's son, there was no doubt between those two, yeah they were twins, Cain was first, then Able...which is also symbolic for the younger son serving the elder son...that's why they're elitists...blood right..

Sherry - were they tall hybrids?

Lillith - Cain was tall because he was a Nephilim, he was a hybrid, Able was smaller than him, they weren't identical twins...they were nothing alike...

Sherry - what did Eve look like?

Lillith - she looked more European than any Middle Easterner today...she wasn't dark skinned, she would be considered more white than Middle Eastern dark. Adam had black hair, beard and all that  he wasn't that tall about 5 '10' maybe...and Able had black hair...he wasn't 6' he wasn't like Cain...he was about 5 10 or 5 Adam.

Sherry - when did you meet Lucifer?

Lillith -30 days after I was created when I started going off by myself and that's when I met Lucifer...we had to stay inside the garden area guarded by angels we weren't allowed to go out of it much because the angels wouldn't let us...

Lillith - there were a lot of nomads running around, beasts...that were hostile..we killed a lot of them when we started having our own kids and moving out and around...there were people part of Lucifer's group that were crossbreeding and creating stuff...and some of the stuff they were coming out with was crazy, and never knew what to expect and we didn't have any weapons...

Lillith - everything you've said, you nailed...that's how we knew you were someone from the past, someone with info but no one knew who you were...they knew you weren't one of them so the idiots were always trying to kill you instead of talk to you, they couldn't control you so to them you were dangerous...and you always have angels around you so it was pissing them off, they just wanted you gone, still do..

Sherry - why did you leave Adam?

Lillith - there was no love, intimacy, he treated me like I was an was an act, it wasn't making love..

Sherry - and Lucifer?

Lillith - he was handsome, charming, sweet, he'd hold my hand, put his arms around me and hold me, I fell in love with him...he always had interesting things to talk about where Adam was dumb, Adam and I never had a thing to talk about...we didn't know anything...we had no life experiences, we had no child hoods, we were created as adults and bam, here we are, start a life...we didn't know where we were, what was going on, nothing, Adam would talk to the Archon and the angels and we mingled with them all the time, so when Lucifer appeared to me it wasn't something I was afraid of, I just started talking to him..

Lillith - when Eve was created I was on Terra (what the New Agers call Shema today).  I started having more kids with Lucifer and I was on Terra...Eve was created as a replacement of me for Adam, and she didn't like him either...she ended up having sex with Luce and Adam and had the that time I figured out how to get to earth myself using what you call portals and I ended up meeting Eve...we became good friends because we were the only females around at that point...

-Chinese and the Indians...

Sherry - where did the Asian races come? In particular the Chinese?

Lillith - the and Lucifer when I was on earth...the Indians (India)were Eve and Lucifer after the fall...Lucifer was turned black and he hated it...him and Eve created the Indian race and he kept them away from Adam because Adam didn't want them around his kids...he was afraid they would kill them like Cain had killed Abel....

Sherry - what is the goat? Why does Lucifer have so many different identities?

Lillith - goat, dragon, snake, reptile...he has a lot of personifications, but he lost his angel looks when he was with Eve, I always used to kid her and tell her she turned him into an ugly monster, but that's when I started learning the craft and taught him how to change forms...the other (fallen) angels that were part of Lucifer's group taught me it, they started showing me stuff, how to manipulate energies and frequencies...

Sherry - I heard a story that you and Lucifer had a child named Liam and Lucifer tried to basically soul scalp it and take over the babies body...and it blew up...(thus the story of Tammuz) is it true?

Lillith - the Liam story was true...his name wasn't Liam but it's close enough...

Sherry - who was Azazael?

Lillith - Azazael was our second son...

Sherry - Lucifer seems to hate the Middle East?

Lillith - with the Indians and Arabs there was and still is a lot of in-breeding, to him they're just dumb animal races....

Lillith - the tall greys were Solomon's, you hit that one on the head...I used to go down and *uck him all the time...he was so easy...and he was handsome...I wanted to have kids with him so he was easy...

Lillith - the blacks in Africa were Ham's kids, those are all inbreeds to, the only normal ones were Sheba's, Ethiopia etc...east coast ones...that's why the ones in the north and on the west coast were taken as slaves because they were just considered as animals anyway...

Sherry - there's a whole Black Israel crowd that are adamant Adam and Eve were black and the ancient Israelites were black...if that's true how am I White and from the line of David?

Lillith - Adam and Eve were not black, those people are idiots...Satan was turned black after getting Eve pregnant but Eve was never black..

Sherry - so what was one of the things I've said that revealed I am who I say I was...or am...

Lillith - Hallayel...when you revealed that it was like whoa who is this girl.....

Sherry - ah yeah, Lucifer's ancient heavenly name before he fell...

Lillith - he used to go there, he used to watch you...he used to walk through your house at night and you knew...he was the one that would spy on you...then he lost track of you when you left the house...

Part 2 and Part 3  

Part 2       Part 3

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Anonymous said...

Lilith has been with me since 1967.
Moonchild, Babalon working. I was tortured in Utero to start the fracture, the invoking was on the seventh day of the six day war and I was born on the date of the last jubilee of exile, the day the treaty was signed. Lilith does not possess me, we are in quantum entanglement. I do not question your struggle as reported but it has not been Lilith. Abba knows the truth, it is as I state it. I do not boast, the cruelty I have endured and continue to suffer is beyond description, yet I will never succumb. I will not disappoint my Sweet Abba or Beloved Christ.
This is a sacred soul calling since before the womb. This is the hour. I have hours of video of the waves of arrivals and the veil lifted.
I saw Therion's unmanifested arrival, the horses descent. The arrivals as in the days of Noah. 25+ feet in height. Not evil, though the enslaved ones are infused with the evil of men.
I know you are very invested in your perception, I neither judge nor malign you...your article came to my awareness, I had to stand up for Lilith. We are less than an hour south of you and send you no ill will. I am relentlessly gangstalked, have had dozens of online ID's stolen to try to silence me.
I will check back and am open for a dialogue of mutual respect if you desire.