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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Interview With The Devil - Part 2

Interview With the Devil - Part 2 
by Sherry Shriner


Sherry - So Sannanda said he's heading to the Vatican when he arrives.

Lucifer - The Vatican, we own that place. I have my throne there.

Sherry - I know, it's disgusting,

Lucifer - ha! That whole place is "me", it's a shrine to me!

Sherry - I posted something on the internet yesterday how it's the epicenter for child and sex trafficking.

Lucifer - yeah they come through us first...we get our pick of the litter...that's the way it always is...then we just pass the others along.

Sherry - so you are raping and eating children...

Lucifer- I'm evil, I do it all, I could care less about stupid human babies, they're worthless to me...useless.

Sherry - well they haven't had a chance to grow up...

Lucifer - (laughs)...and they won't, who needs them, there's 7-8 billion people in the world and most of them are ours go causing problems with your liberation efforts and *ullshit to free them from us, we own them..

Sherry - no one owns another soul...only Father.

Sherry - I'm not going to start an argument...either way the Vatican is where they're headed...tell me more about that place..

Lucifer - you destroyed the underground city we had under there...I was pissed!

Sherry- you lost it to me

Lucifer - screw your got D.C. and Buckingham made a mess out of our little triage, it's so bad it's impossible to even try to rebuild them...there's no way to hide it, it would create to much attention.

Sherry - I don't always beat me down constantly but I find ways to win.

Lucifer - (laughs)...yeah you're good...I don't know how you do it...those people watching you don't know crap about how things work, they're useless idiots...only I could take you on and dad knows it, that's why he won't let me confront you on earth and play some real ball!

Sherry - (laughs)...I'm the limited one here, not you, I don't have anything have control of the whole world.

Lucifer - apparently you've had enough...I've rounded a few corners where you've kicked my ass...and I never saw it coming...that was good...that was good...but you can't stop me, I'll still win...I'll win...and you can take your sorry angel ass back to heaven and just stay there.

Sherry - (laughs)....I can see you're in a mood today.

Lucifer - I'm sick of this place, we need to get things rolling...make things happen...I'm missing a lot of fun because I have to sit here?? Man, it just pisses me off.

Sherry - how's Lillith doing up there

Lucifer - same as me pissed about being here, but she's got some stuff to do and play with now so it's not so unbearably boring, but she misses her girls, she misses earth...she misses everything about just being back there and running things...

Lucifer - dad said you've been revealing parts of our convos online.

Sherry - I keep it real.

Lucifer - he told me some of it, I figured you'd try to make me look like some pansy douche bag, but you're not doing to bad, at least you're not changing my info, my stuff,

Sherry - I write it like you say it, I'm not changing's about your perspective, about mine, about ours, it is what it is, I'm not changing it everything's straight up.

Lucifer - everything's still from your viewpoint, but you can quote me, I don't care, I'm just responding to your questions.

Sherry - all I want is perspective, putting things in perspective...some of this stuff has been fascinating getting able to remember stuff from the past...we're not born with memories, dad doesn't give them to us ...I bug him all the time about it, I want to know, I want to remember.

Sherry - I was listening to that song you wrote, "Wish You Were Here" (Pink Floyd)..
Lucifer - (laughs)'d you know?

Sherry - dad told me.

Lucifer - (laughs)...yeah I gave that to him.

Sherry - he told me about Hurricane (Neil Young) took my music and changed the lyrics?

Lucifer - (laughs)...yeah ...yep..

Sherry - I can't even believe I wrote that music, but I've always felt a connection to it...I've always loved the guitar in that.

Lucifer - because you wrote played it...that was from one of those ballads you wrote when you learned how to play...I told you, you were good.

Sherry - I was shocked.

Lucifer - (laughs)...we just bring it all down here...people don't even know...they have no idea...and you're going and telling them all this stuff? They're going to think you're crazy...but they already do, we make damn sure of it too
Sherry - I'm beyond the point of caring what people think anymore, I don't think I ever have.

Lucifer - (laughs)...they have no idea, the real story, the minions of stories we could tell.

Sherry - well that's what I'm trying to do, reveal one of the greatest stories never told.

Lucifer - (laughs) takes me way back, but for what...we're in the here and now.

Sherry - well what is the here and now, let's run everything, you destroy everything, (Lucifer laughs)'re going to take 8 billion people to hell....and other than dad I have no way to stop you...I have very little support, practically no money, I don't even leave the house. I don't even have a passport. I haven't even had a vacation in 5 years unless you want to call orgoning NYC a vacation, it was a lot of work.

Lucifer - ooo you got us on that one...they could never find you.

Sherry- they were sitting in a car in front of my hotel directing agents dressed as New Yorkers and tourists out trying to find us, I stood there and listened to them talk and they never even noticed was hilarious.

Lucifer-dad kept u guys invisible, Rocky about had a fit you orgoned his estate (Rockefeller)

Sherry - (laughs)...

Lucifer - Soros, Hillary...Wall Street, mid town...

Sherry - (laughs)...what about that night we were staying in Westchester and I woke up and my bed was floating above Manhattan?

Lucifer - (laughs)...yeah that was us...when we did finally find you...(LOL....laughs...laughs)...I was waiting for you to get out of bed and just splatter all over the empire state building or something...that would have been funny..

Sherry- probably why dad told me not to get out of bed...I listen to dad....

Lucifer - (laughing...laughs......on and on and on....)

Sherry- oh you liked that one eh...
Lucifer - that was great, I loved that...that was the had no power over them, that was hilarious.

Sherry - I was sleeping.

Lucifer - (laughs)....

Lucifer- you ever go back there I'd hunt you down myself.

Sherry - I'm not worried about you...I'll find out where you are and throw some NY pizza at your window..

Lucifer - (laughs)

Lucifer - you know we have to meet sometime, seriously we do, face to face...just talk...have a convo like we are said the times coming when we will have a showdown of sorts...I can't wait!

Sherry-I can't either, bring it on, ...I've had time to prepare and grasp the fact you certainly aren't who you used to be, the angel you were, to the ogre enemy you are now...people don't understand how I could sit and even talk to you, ask you questions...but they don't know where we're from, they don't know our past, all I can say is the future is going to be epic, one way or another, whether I'm on earth or not, or leave and come's going to be epic...I can promise you that.

Lucifer - you'll be Shaz wouldn't let me near you otherwise...He protects you on earth...won't let me near you...keeps the others away, watches you know how many times they stand behind you while you sit at your little stupid desk and write and say abominations about me?

Sherry - LOL...abominations? It's's all truth.

Lucifer - I don't like you either.

Sherry  - (laughs)...

Lucifer - so let's talk about the here and won't stop the child trafficking..

Sherry - watch me, I'll find a way.

Lucifer - (laughs)...we turn them into animals...

Sherry - they already are, most are already possessed.

Lucifer - (laughs)...

Sherry - what are they clones of clones? Soul scalped humans with reptiles trying to act human until they get into Milabs and go crazy...?

Lucifer - that's the fun houses...the Milabs...sometimes the last thing one of those kids see is a big old reptile in their face breathing in theirs as they die...we tie them down on tables and do whatever we want...sometimes we rip their legs apart or completely off just to get inside them.

Sherry - oh good Lord....Father help the children..

Lucifer - (laughs) have no idea how evil we can can't even think to the levels we go...I already know...because I've heard your comments about it...and you're can't even fathom the things we've done.

Sherry - oh my $%$^%^%%$#$#$%%YYT#   dad's telling me to hold my temper.

Lucifer- (laughs)...he told me to tell you what goes want to keep it real? I'll keep it real...but you can't handle it.

Lucifer - (laughs)...did you run away already?

Sherry - no I'm here, dad's telling me to stay calm.

Sherry - if I could put a grenade between your ears right now I would.

Lucifer - (laughs)..
Sherry - I'd shove it right in your mouth and watch it blow.

Lucifer - (laughs)...

Lucifer - why do you care...they're our kids...we can do what we want with our own.

Sherry - and how many times have you crossed the line into ours?

Lucifer - it happens.

Sherry - yeah...I know it does.

Lucifer - (laughs)..

Lucifer - you know the meat hook stories?

Sherry - yes

Lucifer - they're true! (laughs)...
We've been shoving human meat into the food supplies for decades and no one knew, no one even thought about it. Now they're starting to wake up because that stupid rabbi didn't keep his mouth shut. But it's more fun when people know what we're doing. It's in your face then. It's even more fun than I thought it would be because now people know what we're doing and they're still eating the food we put them in. They can eat their own, I don't care. Or when we ship them to other countries, "here have some crushed up chopped up, spiced up good ole American burgers"...(laughs).

Sherry - omg..

Lucifer - (busts up laughing)..
Lucifer - when you work for me, and they all do, they do what they're told to do. If they don't we kill them and free up the spot on the roster. We keep lists of who is what, where, all the corporations work for me, all the chains, it doesn't matter what industry it is...what they're making, what they're doing, the CEO's are mine... we leave the crumbs and smaller ones alone but they get affected by us anyway because they buy from our suppliers anyway...the money just goes up the chain to us...

Lucifer - where'd you go

Sherry - I'm here...

Lucifer - you're quiet

Sherry - you don't think I would be?

Lucifer - (laughs)....

Sherry - this is disgusting, pathetic,..I don't know how dad has had so much patience with this...

Lucifer - he doesn't watch...he knows what's going on but I seriously doubt he sits around to watch the the past you guys always took off at night time, you knew nothing good goes on were right...night time is my's party time...and I've taught my kids, and my own, the same thing....when the sun goes down it's time to have some fun!!

Sherry - is there anything or anyone with morals in your world?

Lucifer - you can't have morals and be in my world...I only promote the worst among them...if you want to rise to the top you have to earn it..

Sherry - how do the women earn it? 

Lucifer - The women usually go through Lillith...they have their own thing going on...she'll turn them into vampires and whores, she'll have them eating babies we rape and destroy...and if they're around me I make them do the same thing...I'll even marry the best of them...I have hundreds of wives, no one gives a *uck...I do whatever I want...

Sherry - you hurt the women you're with, they all say the same're brutal..
Lucifer - I can't help it...I get excited...I'm just an animal....

Sherry - do you destroy men to?

Lucifer - I have...I don't care who it is, man or woman, although I enjoy the women more...with women it's more natural, with men it's just animal...if I'm with a man I usually just kill him, women I can love, men are just pathetic little *itches who can't deal with my brutality...and it's just more fun to see them die...I do to them what they always wanted to do to someone else...I take the rapists and give them some of their own medicine...

Lucifer - anytime you're dealing with get that blood lust, you get that literally just makes you crazy when you see, taste, or feel blood..

Sherry - why is it, what is it about blood?

Lucifer - life is in the blood...without it you die...and I want to watch them die...if you see blood someone's dying, or going just makes you crazy you turn animal...

Sherry - you are an animal...

Lucifer - yeah you know a lot of the times I simply don't care...I don't feel remorse, I don't feel their pain, I give them pain...and that's just how it is...

Lucifer - we have these places underground where we just hang people up and torture and rape them over and over until we break them...once they're broken we just kill them...I like to strangle them and feel their last breath leaving...then we just throw them on meat hooks for processing...put them right back where they came the meat supply....

Lucifer - you're quiet again....(laughs)..
Sherry - you're such a disgusting, vile  your minions Sannanda and Maitreya act just like you?

Lucifer - they're worse than me...why do you think Sannanda likes the Vatican so much?

Sherry - omg..

Lucifer - (laughs)...

Lucifer - do you know what a special visit to the pope is like?

Sherry - no what?

Lucifer - means you get to go to the Vatican and suck his dick...that's what it means...and I don't care who it is...if you meet the pope you suck his dick...that's the rules.
Sherry - that's sick..

Lucifer - (laughs) think about that when you hear of of world leaders and celebrities going and having meetings with the pope...(laughs).....they get taken to a private room and he shows them his dick and says suck it...and they do...then he'll listen to what it is they want or want to say, they might get 5 seconds, 5 minutes, depends what moods he's in,..(laughs)...if it's more than one person at a time then they each get their own private meeting with the pope...(laughs)....

Lucifer - then they might get taken to one of the fun rooms...or dining halls...those are the fun ones...if you sit down for a 4 course meal with the pope you never know what or who it's going to be. That one movie where they show the guy eating a part of the other ones brain in front of him? (I think that's Hannibal) Where do you think they get this stuff? This stuff happens...already has, always will...the Vatican horror house...horror's the best of the best of sheer horror...I love that place...

Sherry - I'm going to blow it up...when dad lets us come back here I'm going to blow it can count on that..

Lucifer - (laughs)...

Sherry - I'm going to destroy that place and every other place you sit your ass in..

Lucifer - (laughs)..
Lucifer - it goes on if I'm there or not...I've told you, a lot of them are worse than me....

Sherry - where does Lillith go when she comes to earth? Does she go there to the Vatican?

Lucifer - she used to, she used to go to the underground city a lot before you destroyed it...but we just moved everything above ground, the city's blocked off, no one sees what we don't want them to..

Sherry - where does she go now since she doesn't have Vatican, D.C. or Buckingham underground cities?

Lucifer - she likes Balmoral castle...she parties with the queen...and they built her a castle in France years ago that she likes. She has her bitches go see her there..

Sherry - what about America?

Lucifer - there's some underground tunnels and stuff she likes in LA...and she loves to have fun in Vegas...she'll do some vampiring in Chicago because no one ever notices that stuff, or they just don't care and hide it, they know better...Chicago, Boston, NYC, ....Boston not so much anymore but back in the day that used to be a great place..

Sherry - does she go to Africa, Middle East...

Lucifer - she has fun everywhere,  you'll see her influences everywhere..

Sherry - what exactly are her influences?

Lucifer - (laughs)...corpses...

Lucifer - she's like a cat, she'll play and toy around with her prey before she kills it...

Sherry - you mean torture and torment?

Lucifer- well you would call it that but she wouldn't...or I for that matter...(laughs)...

Sherry - so tell me what goes on at the White House...

Lucifer - the White House....

Sherry - they have an underground bunker there ...

Lucifer - well they always did, but then they had to dig out a new and bigger one because you destroyed the city we had under D.C....

Sherry - I asked dad to destroy them beyond repair to...

Lucifer - and they's easier to build around them or build new ones, they left a mess, complete mess, it just goes beyond description what they did to those cities...(Destroyer angels)...when dad destroys something He makes it impossible to just rebuild...

Sherry - good..

Lucifer - underground bunker at the White House...they have an altar to me's sealed off, secret and private area, there's a medical facility there where they clone and replace people as they have to...they can put them in the mind machine and it wipes their brain...(Bill) Gates made me that, I like that thing...I like playing with it...putting normal people in there and they come out however way you want them...

Sherry - that's the mind eraser?

Lucifer - yes, have you seen it?

Sherry - I've heard about it, I've seen it in the codes...wasn't sure exactly what it was, 
thought it was that device they supposedly have as shown in Men in Black...

Lucifer - (laughs)...yeah that's a smaller, more temporary can erase a recent machine can erase a person's whole mind...

Lucifer - how long have you known about it?
Sherry - maybe 10 years, 12,

Lucifer - we've had it for over 20 years...we can control a lot of people with that thing, intimidate as we say or you get the machine.
Sherry - is that what Pink Floyd's Welcome to the Machine is about..

Lucifer - (laughs), that was in regards to something else, but it's fitting now with this too...

Sherry - didn't you write that song

Lucifer - (laughs), yep...I wrote it for one of my sons...I don't remember which one, can refer to all of them at this point...

Sherry - how many do you have?

Lucifer - probably thousands...

Sherry - do you have them on earth?

Lucifer - fixed it so I couldn't have kids with humans after Eve, otherwise I probably would have had my own continent full of them.

Lucifer - but a lot of the ones in space you destroyed were mine...they weren't just Lillith's kids I had them all over the place.
Lucifer- the altar under the White House is for special occasions...otherwise it's sealed off...
there's an altar of Baphomet under Congress...if they get to that then they can move on to special occasions at the White House.

Sherry - what do they do at the altar?

Lucifer- sacrifice to me.

Lucifer - statues are always landmarks...they're maps...signs of know the codes you know what's what, learn that in the mystery schools...higher up masons and the higher ups in the's all high level knowledge stuff, but I'm sure I'll be listening to one of your shows some day and you'll just bust out the always do...I don't know how you figure this stuff's amusing..

Sherry- because Father tells me...

Lucifer - (laughs)...wouldn't doubt would have to be him because you're not one of us...and this whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down anyway....after we snuff out the light in America we'll tear it down...and then we'll make it all ours...

Lucifer - you remember how Shan used to be with just the civilizations...we're going to turn it back to that...resurrect the old ones...

Sherry- you won't have time....America will be destroyed, but it will never be rebuilt by you...
Lucifer - (laughs)'re so confident in your little plans...

Sherry- they're Father's...this whole earth's going to be destroyed and there won't be any place for you to run...

Lucifer - I always find a place to run...always...

Sherry - not this time...

Lucifer - we'll see about that...

Sherry - tidbits....

the Vatican is nothing more than a pit of Hell itself...
Father said, "they seal up the holes in a human skull and use the vessel to drink blood out of."

they take a hip off skeletal remains and use it as a plate to eat food off of...

all the cardinals serve the pope, they are sex slaves to him if he wants them...otherwise they all take part in the destruction of children and adults's not just limited to children. Many 'missing' adults end up there every year on their altars and in their fun houses...

Their fun houses are various tortures, located in many rooms throughout the area or house....people on tables being dismembered, skinned, dissected, various experiments performed on them with acids, chemicals to rot the skin and flesh off their bones, whatever they choose...they like to slowly torment and torture someone so that they go in shock and die...and then they all laugh...that's their favorite hear someone yelling for mercy, or just die in shock at the horror being done to them.

Tens of thousands have died there and it's Lucifer's home, his throne, his seat on earth.
in America..

Sherry -.the Mormon temple is Satan's temple in the west..he has a gold throne in the basement of it..he has a throne under the White House in the east...under the U.N is his global rule temple...

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Danny Galletti said...

These interviews with Lucifer and Lillith are fantastic. The book of Genesis should have had some of this inormation in it. It would have answered many questions. But I'm glad that GOD is revealing this at this time.

YAH Bless !!

Sammie said...

THIS IS AMAZING! How can i contact you?

Sherry Shriner said...

Anonymous said...

Your a demon possessed nut case

layla said...

So is your dad who? Sherry? You say dad to luciferians and he says dad?

Rhino said...

ANY ANY ANYBODY who would attach TRUTH AND REALITY to this STUUUUPID dumb crap of Sherry Shriner, (who's voicetone sounds MUCH TOO MUCH like a spirit medium), NEEDS SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL OR SPIRITUAL COUNSELING. She had quite some knowledge of things MOST PEOPLE do not have the faintest clue, but her MOST STUUUPID AUDACIOUS attempt to portray herself as this wonderful heavenly figure chatting with 'Lucifer', IS THE dumbest shit I've yet seen!!!! IT SHOULD BE PUBLISHED AS A FUCKED UP COMEDY PAPERBACK JOKE.

Anonymous said...

Why are you lying do not pawn this off as reality You know this is not fact. Everything you wrote all your information is online.

Stop it when that Veil drop.

You Will See The True Leader of it all and it does not look like YOU!

Whites as Slaves in Egypt....

Did you know that Egypt was Invented by the Greeks and The Egypt the Bible speak of is the One Ptolemy controlled.

The true name was Mizriam the True heirs to No Ah Ham Line.

We are here the clean out the lies The Sun is a gift From The One.

Satans Children burn in the Sun

Anonymous said...

continuing shaz work,, i am the daughter of a high rnaking arch angel

Anonymous said...

those torture labs are real they threw acid on me, victoria general hospital and walter reed medical facility ( this is germains main base) they do mk ultra. mind wiring things here they are fallen angel reconditioning labs, most illuminati sellouts end up here or anyone else they can get their hands on.

Anonymous said...

" vancouver sleep clinic"