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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Global Warming - Flat Earth Theory - Straight from the Horse's Mouth

I just want you to see Perspective's Us vs. can believe us or you believe them, but either way you have to take sides in this war because if you don't Lucifer gets you on default as one of his own when you're cast into Hell when you die. He can't save you from that. He can't protect you from that. He has no power over that. Once a person dies they go to Heaven or Hell. It's your choice to make while you're alive here on earth because once you die It's TOO LATE to change your mind!

Tidbits from my Interview with the Devil:

Sherry - Where did Nibiru come from? 

Lucifer - Nibiru was my secret planet away from our own solar system...some of my people had set up shop on there and we used that as a headquarters to start our own stuff and meet at before the takeover started...we wanted to make sure everything was kept secret until then...we had planned this for a long time....and then like the perfect little presidential candidate I was;  I sold it to the other angels and the takeover began..

Sherry - When I asked Father about Nibiru He said, "Nibiru was a planet they were trying to turn into a 'sun' so they could mimic our heliocentric universe and create their own...with Nibiru as the center. I gave them plenty of time to repent, and then that time of patience was over it was the time of judgment."

Sherry - What about the flat earth theory? What is this crap?

Lucifer - (laughs..busts out laughing....) that's another one of our ingenious distractions keeps the fools busy...

Sherry - like global warming?

Lucifer - (busts out laughing again...) hey it is hot with the Orgone...

Lucifer - you have to understand a lot of that is code amongst each other...then when they get caught speaking code they have to make something out of it and it just gets bigger and bigger then...

Sherry - the lie(s)

Lucifer -yes..

Sherry - so global warmings my Orgone... I knew it was..

Lucifer - (laughs)

Lucifer  - flat earth doesn't even make sense, these people will believe anything..

Sherry -that was the original assumption that the earth was flat, they found out it was round and you were killing them off for that, now you got it back to being flat again...

Lucifer - (laughs) they got satellite photos from space showing a round earth...I don't' know what else to say about that...people are fools...sometimes it's just to easy to manipulate and deceive easy...when they're that dumb it just takes the fun out, Laughs...they'll believe anything I say just because I say it? I love that.

Sherry - yeah but they're parading the scientists in front of them, it's them they're believing...

Lucifer - it's still from me...

Sherry - was Jurassic park from Urantia? 

Lucifer -  yep...

Sherry - what about Star Trek? That was Ella on Jupiter?

Lucifer - yep. we got stuff from all those old can see it all over earth movies, in books, in songs, people think it's fiction and ingenious when they think that stuff up...and I'm the one giving it to them..


Jennifer Gilbert said...

Sherry - these interviews are absolutely priceless, fascinating TRUTH. Truly Amazing. Thank you for ALL you do and for ALL that you have endured in service to the MOST HIGH. The WAR is on to save souls...GOD BLESS and protect you, sister!

alanjohnson said...

The BIBLE states the earth is FLAT - wake up NASA shill sherry. Calls ALL your 'writings" into question.

Biblical ref. to true earth. NOT nasa/catholic CRAP