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Friday, April 22, 2016

My Conversations with Lucifer

All I can do is put the truth out there. What you do with it is up to you.

For several days the Most High pulled Lucifer up to heaven so I could ask him questions and talk to him. This is part of that conversation.

An Interview With The Devil:

by Sherry Shriner

Part One

Part One - April, 2016

Sherry - have you regretted anything?

Lucifer - no, I'd do it all over again.

Sherry - what about all the murders, sacrificing, the things you have done to humans on this planet?

Lucifer -You know that made me so angry when you guys were recreating Shan and Father was going to put people in His likeness on that rock...what we weren't good enough for Him? We were the highest and most beautiful of the angels and he makes us feel like second class citizens? I was angry...I just wanted to destroy what you guys were doing down there...and I have....every day of every year of every century I have destroyed everything about that place...I don't care about babies, about women, about children, they're humans...I'll destroy them all...

Lucifer - there have been some humans that I've liked over the years, but not very many. Not very many....I liked Napoleon, I liked Hitler, I used to mess with him all the time he didn't know what was going on...I would just take over him like a Barbie doll...he had nothing to say about it..

Sherry - What about Aleister Crowley, Anton Lavey, the wickedest of the wicked?

Lucifer - They were useful, Crowley was worse than me....they sacrificed Lavey to me and I met him down in hell...he expected a big hug or something, it was funny, he got what he had coming, they all do...they all know they're going to hell when they die so why do they think I'm going to save them from it? Because I said I would? You don't make a deal with the devil, u make a deal I break the deal...that's how it works. I'll spit and lie to keep those *uckers on my side, but when they die they're not mine anymore, they just go join the dead.. I have nothing to say over that.

Sherry - what about Adam Weishaupt was he one of your favorites?

Lucifer - He was a little punk. I liked Adam.

Sherry - what do u see as the most dominant country in the world today?

Lucifer - They're all messed up, we control all of them.

Sherry - Which one do u see as coming out the strongest?

Lucifer - Probably Russia...they know how to keep their mouths shut and hide. America's just annoying. Too many fools in the hen house constantly walking in and out the door. We just got to the point we started replacing them all and controlling everything behind the scenes. We are the shadow government...we're the shadow government in every country.

Sherry - what about Israel? Seems you spend most your time in America?

Lucifer - America is where most of dad's people are...and that's why we want to destroy that place so bad. It's always been our focus...we already own everyone else...always have.

Lucifer - they all know who you are but they all hate you.

Sherry - they never stop trying to kill me...

Lucifer - and they never're not one of us. To much light...they hate light...most of them are worse than're all like candles burning on a cake and we just take out one candle at a time. the ones with the most light are our targets...if we can't get them on our side, we just kill them...
I don't care if u make this public, I've already won...there's nothing but crumbs left on earth you guys are fighting for....everyone's ours....

Sherry - but what good does that do u when they die they go to (Hell) the realm of the dead?

Lucifer - dad doesn't get them...that's what it does for me...every person I get is mine, and I got way more than Him.

Sherry - don't you worry about the Day of  Judgment that's coming?

Lucifer - I'll find a way around it. I always find a way.

- America is the birthday's more fun for us to snuff out the's a numbers game now, we could rule the world now if we wanted to, what's the rush?

- The thing with America, like you've said, is they are the real Israel...we want to rule over one cares about Jerusalem, that's all our people over there...the real Israel is in America...even Europe...we own all them...we want Judah, and Judah is in America because you're there...

- If u over, we just take over America and move on...add it to our collection..

- While you're give us to many much attention...

--You're always trouble...because if you're around that means dad is too..

- Both of his daughters right there in Ohio...the Orgone war, it's's all trouble...

-The Middle East is boring...there's nothing going on over there that we don't already control..

Sherry - so what was the original Israel like, like the ones in Egypt were they black, white, middle eastern looking...?

Lucifer- slaves in Egypt ..yeah they were white, we've chased u guys from Egypt back to Israel over to the USA.. then we filled up Israel with Turks, hid the real identity of the Jews, and the rest goes from there, course you figured it out but no one listens to you...we make sure of that.. there's more of us that listen to your show than dad's people.

-The world is controlled from NY...that's why the focus is NY and OH because you're there and dad's there...that's where a lot of action is for us...there's just a lot of stuff going on in that region.

Sherry - tell me something about the War itself...

Lucifer - the last about 1,000 years earth destroyed all the planets so we had to try and rebuild them...NASA hides a lot of it...they all can live on just about all the planets still, Jupiter..Jupiter doesn't work in Earth's dimension...but in our dimension it's fine...the Orgone's destroyed space, you can't hardly live in it anymore...I don't know how you figured that out, but it's working against us....we just tell everyone you're crazy while everyone else is trying to kill you off the planet.

Sherry- why do some of these gods have boobs?

Lucifer - Buddha and Moloch had boobs because that was Lillith...Buddha was a representation of Lillith with the Chinese...a combined god/goddess ruler over them represented by the male (Lucifer), Chinese and Lillith...although it's mostly Lillith and the Chinese..

Sherry - yeah Father said Moloch the Baphomet, was Satan and the goat combined, with Lillith...the breasts...the combined female/male worship was Lillith and Lucifer,

some tidbits....

-whenever there's something combined male/female it's those two..

-the gene itself that makes people both sexes is a freak gene like the gigantism gene of hybrids, anomaly...

-angels aren't hermaphrodite

- angel swords are/were awarded to them by Yah Himself. He would bless and anoint them. There was a ceremony at the palace when combat angels would receive swords.

-angels can eat food but it's energy that sustains them. They're energy beings. The animals in heaven are the same way, energy beings.

- they (animals) didn't have to eat to survive, if they did they would poop but the chemical composition was such that it would be quickly decomposed into the ground and then the ground would restore itself.

- when Lucy fell, and Yah's angels left the planets, the planets were in a fallen state because Yah's presence left them as well. That's why they became defiled...poop everywhere from his crossbreeds, Lucifer digging into the insides of the planets and everything else...

- angels can eat, drink, and be merry, but the 'merry' part is much different from humans. There's a limit. They don't get drunk and stupid and belligerent or violent. They're energy absorbs alcohol, doesn't affect them like it does humans.

Lucifer - the people in DC know you're legit...they've seen stuff...that's why so much of what you deal with is them, it's not even me it's them..

- Even clones have memories. They think they're human. They don't know they're not...they think they are as normal and real as anyone else. That's why u have to watch them, especially people like him (Obama) in public positions...those u have to watch...they'll do or say something can't trust them you never know what's going to happen. They could break down, malfunction, go haywire, they're unreliable. Obama thinks he's normal, he doesn't know anything different.

--Lucifer - India, that was me and Eve. She had more kids with me after I was cursed but she hid them away...her and Lillith never cared about what happened to me...they still loved me, they remembered who I was ..they stayed with me.

- I could manipulate an angel form so I would use that one at times, and human forms I can manipulate...but it's hard to stay in them very long and operate in that dimension...I do it when I have to, otherwise I just chill and watch behind the scenes.

-from Terra (Shema) we could be on earth in 10 minutes.

Sherry- would you take over Obama?

Lucifer -yeah, Maitreya would to. I don't know how you figured that one out.

Lucifer -the only way u keep control of  governments is controlling how much they spend, and how they spend it....that's why my people are in charge of every government.

- I left music a long time ago, became a politician. Manipulating stupid humans was more fun,

Sherry - why are there so many different personifications of the devil?

Lucifer - so people don't know what to believe..

Lucifer - Moloch is like me and the goat combined.

Sherry - why do u want them to sacrifice their children to you?

Lucy - because they're heartless souls...they would kill their own children for their own greed, that should tell you something about humans...

Sherry - but they're your kids doing it?

Lucifer - laughs....yeah I guess you got me on that one...laughs..

-when we would get dad's people to do it that was really funny...but even back then, as it is today, you have to teach them that to get you have to give. That's the whole concept, they always have to give....and what's really funny is if they ever stop we just take everything they got away,

-don't ever make a deal with the devil, you can't win, they can't win, they're just greedy *uckers and we exploit it...

- "money is the root of all evil' they should have read their Bibles..

- people who think they can play both sides are going to get burned by one of them....always take a side and be loyal to that side....

Sherry - So why do your ships always pile up in this region?

Lucifer - They just want to watch the show...

Sherry - are they engaging the angels?

Lucifer - not really...not anymore...we've lost so many they'd be stupid to try to...but they do what they want...sometimes when you see angels you just gotta have target practice...everyone hates angels...they're worse than humans...

Lucifer - some of you are just really hard core and we just can't get to you, you stay with dad no matter what, and that's why it's even still a war on earth for us...if America went down completely, we'd own the entire world. Plain and simple.

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Skanderbeg Kastrioti said...

During This Conversation I Noticed Another Mistake Which You Used All The Time For Example You Use The Word Lol This Word Is Created By Satanist And Mean Lucifer Our Lord A Man Of God Can Not Ever Say This Word

alanjohnson said...

Mr. "Castrato" LoL. MrE3000 knows a lot about castratos