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Monday, April 25, 2016

Will Sannanda Arrive at the Vatican?

Will we see some action this week? Oh I know they're always promising to arrive and never do...but sooner or later they will have they can either arrive on their feet or on their arses cast down by Yah Himself. I think they'll choose the former...while Lucifer chooses the latter.

Either way, the arrival of Sannanda and Maitreya this week is their plan. That's why everyone's hyping a great earthquake...the Russians proclaiming the Pacific NW, others proclaiming the Madrid (as I always have for the 6th Seal they just take my info).

Won't the churches be surprised? They think this picture is "Jesus" but it's actually Sannanda one of Lucifer's own. That's why Yah's always said He isn't in the churches today...they plaster Sannanda's photo all over them..that's like plastering Satan himself.

So where will he arrive Jerusalem? USA? Vatican?

Watch out for the Vatican since that's where Satan's seat (throne) is on earth.

For some reason they don't seem to like Jerusalem or even Israel at all. There's no prize there to overtake or overcome. They already own it. They filled it with Turks proclaiming to be Jews 100 years ago. None of them are real Jews in power over there. They're all fakes. So Satan already owns it.

The prize is America...because that's where the real people of Israel are. that's where Yah's real people are...the ones in Europe have been overcome by the lizard factions for decades already. And the other countries are busy worshiping Buddha or Mary. Satan claims those as his own. South America is dominated by Catholicism which is Satanism by another name. So Satan doesn't have to conquer them he already owns them.

Sannanda will use the power of the Vatican and UN to take over America. Why the Vatican? Because the real power is the "Black Pope" position that Lucifer holds there behind the scenes. Through that post he controls the CIA owned Shadow Governments in all countries worldwide. Satan is "the CIA"...the headquarters is at the bottom of the lake in Geneva, Switzerland where CERN is also located near it. Apparently he thinks having an underwater base is genius. We'll see about that.

For those of you who want to literally gag every time you hear the word Vatican, I"m with you. The pope's nothing but a baby sacrificing, raping, Satan worshiping scoundrel. Vatican City has long been used as the epicenter for child sex and murder trafficking in Europe.

If you want more info youtube Satan Worship at the Vatican.

Sannanda at the Vatican, Matreya in Iran or Yemen. Here come the Beasts of Revelation we'll see.

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