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Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Passover Folks...

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Meanwhile it's Passover. Happy Passover to all the real believers of the Most High who follow His ways and not the pagan ways of the Satan-controlled churches who prefer bunny rabbits and easter eggs to honor Lilith the fertility goddess while they scream it's about the Resurrection. Yeah right...whatever...bunnies don't even lay eggs...hello....what does that have to do with His resurrection??? "oh but it's fun it's for the kids" yeah good one, teach them to be good little satanists while believing they're honoring God???

How do they call themselves Christians, as in His followers and yet follow Satan and his ways?

It always makes me so mad and frustrated to have to deal with these people and yet Father always tells me to have patience and plead with these people to wake do u wake up the blind, deaf, and just plain hard headed stupid?

I grew up in the churches for over 30 years. Did the whole Christian schooling thing to...and trust me they have excuses for everything. And what they can't explain they sweep under the rug with generalized statements. They're salesmen. But they're selling paganism disguised as worshiping the Father.

No, I didn't troll down a wrong path, I finally found the right one. When you start praying for the TRUTH IN ALL THINGS  the Father will honor that and wake you up to all the wrong doctrines, ways, and teachings of man that are NOT HIS.

Anyone can do it. I don't have the corner on seeking Truth. That's why the Bible separates truth lovers from everyone else. They're a rare breed.

The Pauline Christians get mad at and hate everyone who attacks their Christmas trees and Easter bunnies.

I'll follow the Most High.


Tom Jacobs said...

AWESOME Post, Thank you. Sherry Shriner Podcast and - #1

Roger Stubbs said...

Love this sherry