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Friday, April 22, 2016

Lucifer - Notable Quotes on the KJV

An Interview With The Devil

Notable quotes from Lucifer during a conversation I had with him in April, 2016
Sherry - Why was Enoch left out of the Bible?
Lucifer - Enoch..revealed to much info..
Sherry - What about Jubilees and Jasher?
Lucifer - it was just easier to keep them out and go with the narrative we had.
Sherry - Why did you have just 13 books of Paul (and his associates) in the
Testament? Was that a specific purpose?
Lucifer - 13 books of Paul...that's code, that our influence is in it...we're
in control..
whenever you see our codes, it means our influence, we're controlling it..
You were right about dad's message being in it, but we control the rest...
we edited
things in and out to make it the way we wanted it not giving to much info.
to keep the people happy and convinced they had all that matters...
Paul was ours ..(laughs)...I don't know how you figured that one out...not
many did, or will even accept it. We don't care, no one believes you except us,
and what do we matter? It's your people that are deceived about him not us.
the KJV...(laughs)...why do u think we know it? Because we wrote it...we took
over all their letters and combined it to give them (Jews) some history and
keep them under our control. Religion is like politics. Give them something
then control it.
(Lucifer talking to the Most High )
"There's some truth there (KJV)...enough to condemn people who don't
believe it at all....but like with Paul, that was genius...and we use him for
everything. Just like she's said that almost all false doctrines come from
his teachings...she got that right, but no one cares about her.
I've listened to every one of her shows, I've listened to everything she's ever
said, I've read every thing she's ever written...I have to say, good job,
she nailed a lot of it, but like I've said a million times who cares, no one's
going to believe her. We keep them so confused they all just hate her
like we do. No one's worried.
We did a hack job on the Torah to but most people (real Jews) don't' realize it.
That's why most of them rejected the KJV and kept to the Oral Traditions...
we got rid of all them. The ones now just believe it (Torah as it’s presented
in the KJV) and go along with everyone else. Time is always on our side."

A little over a year ago I compiled some messages the Father had given me:
April 4, 2015
My child,
Speak not to the ones/people who won't listen, but speak to my branch...those
who cling to Me and are of Me.
Baal, Moloch, Satan, rules in the churches today...they follow after the desires
of their own hearts and not Me.
They don't seek me for wisdom or knowledge, they seek me with their
wants and carnal fleshly desires, they don't want Me they want to build treasures
on earth.
I will destroy them all...
When my branch comes home, i will shut the door and My judgment will begin.
..just as in the days of Noah, My branch was brought into and protected
within the ark, the door was shut, and My Judgment began.
Tell My people to pray to escape my Judgment...
The churches today are dens of thieves, they rob Me of My glory, they rob
the people and seduce them with false teachings and lies, they lie, steal, and
destroy My people...and when they continue to support these liars, they
are overcome by them and become one with them..and no longer serve me
but other gods..
.A prophet speaks of My ways, they are led by Me, they do the things
that I say, they are not led by man...
Do not prophesy to them but tell them of my Judgments,
I will gather my own and then the door will be closed...
My own hear my words and follow me in My ways..
Live righteously and honestly...honor My Sabbath and appointed times,
seek My Kingdom and not the lusts of the earth...
Hate and renounce evil, reprove them who attack you with righteousness.
Tell them to seek Me in the out of the way places...
I love you child,
They worship Baal and say they get prophecies from Me...they say their
dreams are from Me when they devise them from their own hearts
and fears...
I know you are frustrated with so many, that is why I have set you aside child,
as my own, you are not with them and you are not a part of them because
you are with Me. Walk away from the reproachers and evil doers
(all those who mock and hate me), they are not mine...nor were they
sent by Me.
-Sherry Shriner