The Watcher Files

Friday, April 22, 2016

Tearing Down the Reptilian Regime That's Dominating Us

by Sherry Shriner
I will update and add more as I think of more things to add:
For now we can use Spiritual Warfare prayers and ask Father that He give:
1. Flesh eating plagues on those who harm and kill children humans and reptilians
2. Accelerated Necrosis, aging, humans and reptilians involved.
3. Rabies amongst them, humans and reptilians involved.
4. Accelerated Aether Orgone Energy...causing increased aches, pains, rashes,
We ask that there's nowhere to hide for any of them, for His judgment on anyone,
anywhere, anytime, whose taking part in these orgies, rituals, Milabs, gov and mil
facilities, including airplanes, transportation vehicles, venues, above ground, on
ground, and below ground.
The Quarantine and Ban of Chinese and Islamic agendas, political, spiritual, or both
from this country.
-end of the Gay Agenda, push, promotion, tolerance, acceptance and being shoved
down our throats.
-tearing down of Central Banking and the Federal Reserve owned by the Rothschild's
-tearing down of IRS that funds and is owned by the Queen and Vatican city.
-the destruction of reptilian nests under Balmoral Castle, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace in the UK.
-the destruction of the DUMB/DUAB underneath Denver (DIA) Airport.
-the destruction of the DUMB/DUAB under Dulce Base and Los Alamos (N.M)
-the destruction of Nellis AFB (Area 51) used to protect and transport children for child rape/murder trafficking, and the DUAB at the S-4 facility.
-destruction of the Milabs under the White House and Pentagon used for child
-dismantling and destruction of the entire German Reptilian Regime and Network dominating our military and government, black projects, shadow
government, and underground bases, train-shuttle networks, and everything else
they use.
-dismantling of DARPA, ICE, Air Force, CIA, NSA and all the agencies involved
with child sex/murder trafficking.
Reptilians feed off of the suffering, misery, torture, and death of human beings.
It's food for them. It's their energy source. They are wicked, vile, beings who relish
in the rape and death of children because they are innocent humans. Reptilians
HATE humans. Reptilians dominate our government and military who establish,
operate, protect, run, and utilize everything available to them to be able to rape
and murder children with impunity. This has to stop!
They continually abduct, kidnap, rape, torture, kill children and adults in secret
facilities around America. And they transport them in from other countries on a
daily basis. Their networks are worldwide and also help funnel children to
the Royal Savages in Europe who eat them on a daily basis.
In America, the dead are ground up and put in the food particular our
meat supply by such companies as Cargill Meat Suppliers out of Minneapolis, MN.
This has to stop!
The government refuses to police itself, so it's up to us...the citizens of this country
to demand an end to these abominations and demand justice and imprisonment
for those involved.
If we can destroy and chase Reptilians out of America then they can't keep soul
scalping and possessing humans to do their work for them either.
A Judgment of Flesh-Eating plagues on all those involved could end this quickly.
Keep the prayers going folks! Let's get an end to this!