The Watcher Files

Friday, April 22, 2016

Warriors Prayer Against Milabs

Dear Heavenly Father,
We come to you to ask that all DUMB's and DUAB's be destroyed, especially these Milab's that are used to traffic and murder children, house prisoners for experiments and sacrificial rituals, and everything else they use them for to develop bioweapons for our harm and destruction, the creation of temporals, clones, androids, and soul-less human beings..
We ask that they be destroyed by water, fire, earthquakes, plagues, erosion, collapse, suffocation, and anything else we haven't thought of.
Father we ask that the people or beings who guard, protect, maintain and work in these places be struck down with plagues and sent into your judgment.
We ask that the transportation system used to and from these places is destroyed...we ask that the planes, trains, trucks, and vehicles of any type used to transport children or humans to these places malfunction, break down, and are destroyed.
We ask that the people associated with the funding, protection, maintaining and association with them is exposed and stopped.
We ask for total and complete disclosure of the politicians, military, and government officials involved with these places be exposed and that they are held in judgment for their involvement with them.
We ask that all those who participate in the wickedness of these places are prosecuted, exposed, and held in judgment including being struck down with plagues, death, and financial ruin.
We ask that your anger and wrath be made manifest against the wickedness and vileness of those who act in secret...that it be made known and they are held responsible in judgment on earth and in eternity.
Father you have said that these underground bases and places they have would become their tombs...we ask for that to be now, to be sooner rather than later...putting an end to their access and convenience to harm, murder and destroy the innocent.
We ask that you send hosts of Destroyer Angels to these secret places to destroy make themselves visible to the men and women who participate in these places, to chase them out in your wrath and be participants of your justice and wrath instead.
We ask that you flood these evil and wicked people with shame, damnation and guilt over their past and present actions...blocking and replacing any joy, thrill, excitement they receive by their actions with shame, guilt and damnation instead.
We ask that instead of hearing the screams and cries of the children and adults they victimize that they hear screams from Hell instead...We ask that they hear the torments of Hell and what awaits them.
Father we ask for accountability and justice of the wicked, those who plot against us, those who rule over us, and those who rule in secret.
Enough is Enough...
Thank you Father for hearing the plight of your people and for standing for us.
We love you.
in Yahushua's Name.

Sherry Shriner