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Friday, April 22, 2016

Sacred Light

by Sherry Shriner
This is one of those terms you always hear the New Agers speak of so I'm going to
explain it in a language people can understand without feeling like their being
bombarded by New Age garbage and blah blah stuff that they immediately tune out
and refuse to listen to, and rightly so. The wicked have no right trying to sound like
or masquerade as if they are righteous or holy beings, or who have any sacred light
left in them at all. In fact when they have or show any light around them it's from technology being used not the light or Spirit of the Most High!!
I am referring to those beings who call themselves Ascended Masters and use humans
as channelers of their false teachings and abominable doctrines. They are fakers,
frauds, liars, thieves and criminals who have been judged and condemned already
and yet many humans get deceived by them and are following them straight into Hell.
I'm going to try and explain this but I don't know how well I will do. Sometimes
things you know and learn are just hard to describe or put in print but I will do my
When Father breathed into the nostrils of Adam and he became a living soul, it was
because Father's Spirit or metaphorical Light was put into him.
"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his
nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Genesis 1:7
The breath of life, the Spirit of God. And with this man became a living soul because
of the breath or Spirit of God that was placed within him. The Spirit of God is often metaphorically seen as spiritual purity, or light. And every cell and molecule in our
bodies contains this stamp of light or breath of God. It's like oxygen that flows
throughout us...every particle within us has Father's breath, His light, His imprint throughout us, our cells, our dna, every particle within us. He is the light of our soul.
A child of Adam's is born with this light. And when sin enters into a person so does
darkness. Because sin is darkness but when we confess our sins we eliminate that
darkness and return to all Light.
Living a Holy and righteous life will maintain the Light that is within us. However that light can be diminished like a dimmer switch if there is a presence of sin within us.
And if a person continues to sin their light gets dimmer and dimmer. Unconfessed sin maintains that dimness, and then more sins added onto it cause it to keep reducing
more and more.
All the children of Adam are born with a soul and this light. Because it is part of the blueprint of being born man or woman. You're born with a soul (light). It's who we are as humans. If you are Born Again then you also have His Holy Spirit within you. It is in
unity with the Light we already have. But not all people have His Holy Spirit within
them. You must be Born Again to obtain His Holy Spirit within you. His Spirit and this Light are a duality that coexist with each other in a Born Again Believer.
When we have His Spirit He will forgive us for our sins, and that forgiveness allows
us to maintain His light and Spirit within us.
New Agers always like to quote this verse:
The light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall
be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If
therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!!
(Matthew 6:22-23)
The light represents the soul and the soul is what gives life to the body. The terms
are just interchangeable. You have probably heard the cliche "the eyes are the mirror
of the soul." That's where it comes from, this biblical verse.
People who commit evil and do evil things squeeze this light slowly out of their bodies. And when they continue to sin and commit evil this light is never replaced, darkness
starts to consume them until it eventually overtakes them completely and there is
no light left in them at all.
If you take an orange and squeeze all the juice out of it you have nothing left but
the carcass of the orange've squeezed all the juice out of it. That is what
people do to the light they are born with because of sin, they squeeze it all out of them until there's nothing left. They become nothing but an empty carcass void of light.
Pure Light is the absence of darkness. Pure darkness is the absence of Light.
Righteous vs. Unrighteous, Holy vs. Unholy, life vs. death. Without Light you are 'dead'...dead means separation from God. You can be a living walking human being
and still be 'dead' because you have no light in you and thus are separated from God.
When you die you go to the place where all those who are separated from God go...
to damnation, to Hell. Even people who have light but die without being Born Again
will find themselves separated from God upon death. Because they don't have His
Spirit in them, they aren't His. It's His Spirit that allows us to be united with Him
in Heaven because that's where He is. Upon our bodily death on earth we go to be
where He is because His Spirit takes us back to Him.
Maintain His Light and Spirit Within You
You have probably heard and been nauseated by the New Age lingo of raising your
vibrations and frequencies blah blah. It isn't necessarily wrong, it's just the hypocrisy that's so hard to deal with with them.
They mix many truths with lies to lead people into following them. Just as modern day cultists do and those in every religion do. If you don't sound believable, or good, then
it would be hard to get them to follow you. So they mix just enough truths with the
leaven, poison, wrong teachings, apostasies, and lies so they can lead them in
whatever direction it is they're focusing on.
The truth is, the more light you have then you obviously have a high vibration and
frequency. For example, you are the sopranos in the choir, the high note singers, or
like the high notes on a piano, or any instrument. You are on the high end. I don't
know how else to describe it.
If you have a lower vibration or frequency you are opposite of high. Perhaps in the
middle somewhere of the piano or on the low baritone end, the deeper, darker,
lower keys.
And that's not where you want to be. That's where Satan and his minions are and that's where sin leads you because it squeezes all the high notes out of you and you end up on the other end of the piano.
People always envision angels sitting around playing Harps not rocking it out on
electric guitars to death metal. Because their opposite ends of the spectrum.
Higher vibrations, lower vibrations. Higher frequencies, lower frequencies. You don't
want to be on the low side of anything if you're concerned about your Salvation or
eternity with God.
There are things we can do that lower our light, our vibrations, our frequencies,
(which are all the same things, just described in different terms and ways for whatever reason).
And there's things we can do to keep it high, or raise it, or maintain it at high levels.
Such as singing to praise, honor, and glorify Yahuwah. Or speaking praises to His
Name (you can do these things to yourself, in your own mind, or under your breath,
or shout it on the roof tops it doesn't matter how you do it, just do it).
Or you can do good deeds and produce good fruit for Him. Such as being kind to
others, showing kindness, love, and/or compassion to others.
And when you do these things you will feel better...because the Light in you raises, and you feel His Spirit closer within you.
And this is what causes evil to just look at you and tremble. They hate light...but they especially hate Yahuwah, and they will see Him in you because they can see and feel
His presence within you.
On a scale of 1-100 where would you rank your level of light? Can you feel it? Can you discern the light within you? How about His Spirit? His presence?
Be sure to confess your sins. Do good deeds. For those who have never been Born
Again and have never accepted Yahuwah's son Yahushua as their Savior you can acknowledge and accept Him very easily by saying this prayer to Him:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord I know I'm a sinner and that without you I am lost.
Please forgive me for my sins, for the sins I've committed against others, and help me
to forgive those that have sinned against me.
I believe that you sent your Son, Jesus (Yahushua), to die on the cross, that He rose
again 3 days later, and that He is coming back for me.
I accept your gift of salvation, and ask that you come into my heart and be my Saviour. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me all the blessings promised in your Word and
those that you want to give to me.
Help me to live for you from this day on.
Thank you Father for sending your Son. Thank you Jesus for saving me and being my personal Saviour.
In Jesus=Yahushua's Name, Amen
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