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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Sabbath day folks. I hope you've learned by now that if you want to learn something from Yah, get understanding, wisdom, knowledge, or discernment, the best day to seek Him on those things are Sabbath days. I've written almost every one of my articles, or started them, on Sabbath days.

Sabbath day is for meditating and dwelling on Him and as you send your energy to Him He draws closer to you. A Relationship is a 2 way street folks. Some people just never brace that aspect with the Father. Sometimes we just need to shut up and listen to what He has to say to us, instead of always rambling to Him about something. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. Learn the different ways He works through you.

Ask Him to teach you how to recognize His ways. Learn how to recognize Him when He speaks to your spirit. He doesn't speak to our heads, He speaks to our hearts. Sabbath days aren't burdensome. Enjoy the Sabbath in and with Him. Yah bless folks

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