The Watcher Files

Friday, April 22, 2016

Maitreya Loses Power to Sannanda

There has been a transfer of power from Maitreya to Sannanda. In the early morning 
of April 7, 2016 I was on the edge. I was getting tired and fed up of being in pain all the 
time from witch and voodoo attacks against me. And then as I sat analyzing Bible Codes
and kept seeing the term poppet, I just lost it and became very angry. A poppet is a voodoo
doll that they make to mimic a person so they can inflict pain or direct curses at it to be 
forwarded to the person that poppet represents. And there were plenty of them out there
of me that the evil ones were using. I'd had enough. I screamed at Maitreya that I was 
sick of his attacks against me (he is the source of power behind the voodoo dolls and 
all those that have them of me so I took my rage out against him) and told him I was going
to have his butt cast into the lake of fire and threatened him that dad (the Most High) 
would back me on it.
I then talked to the Father and asked that Maitreya be cast into the lake of fire or have
his power reduced and demoted so much that he wouldn't have the power to be the source
behind the dolls, thus rendering them ineffective. Father liked this idea, in fact He
suggested taking all of Maitreya's power away from him and giving it to Sannanda
who wouldn't be aggressive with it against me. Sannanda plays a different game with
a different personality than that of Maitreya. Maitreya is very angry, hateful, aggressive,
and in your face. He likes to torture, attack, torment, and beat people up. Sannanda is
more passive and has never personally come up against me and typically doesn't behave
that way. So I thought that was a great idea...and so it was done. The transfer of power
was given to Sannanda.
What is amusing is that in the New Age crowd Sannanda has always been considered
the least powerful of the Ashtar Command. They practically demean and denigrate him
to janitor status of the group. Now they have back tracking to do to revitalize his character.
Maitreya is the Antichrist. He will gather a 10 nation Moslem nation confederacy to align
with him and back him as his power base as per Revelation 13:1-10.
Sannanda is the False Prophet (second beast of Revelation) who will promote Maitreya
as "god" and encourage the worship of him. He will use fake and false miracles and signs
from heaven to give the illusion that he has power from heaven and use those illusions
to influence people to worship Maitreya as god.
Maitreya is a beast. In every sense of the word. He prefers a cattle prod, whip, and beats
people (terrestrial) with it that are around him. He's always violent, has a bad temper,
often goes into rages, and in general is a very dark, hateful, evil person.
Sannanda will try and mimic Jesus of the Bible. It is his picture that the churches have
adopted as Jesus. He will come with Eve who will play Mary, Jesus' mother. Together
they will deceive the world and promote the worship of Maitreya, the Islamic beast, as god.
Maitreya is very angry. Losing his role of power superior to all the others (except Lucifer) especially to Sannanda has him steaming mad. Serves him right. Don't come against
Daughter of the Most High God! Literally.
What this does is make Maitreya subservient to Sannanda. And he doesn’t like being
inferior to anyone because he never has been. He’s been the monster of the Ashtar
Command since they created it and has been second only to Lucifer for perhaps thousands
of years. He can’t produce illusions (miracles or signs) without Sannanda’s help now and
is forced to work with him to deceive the world that he is a god worthy of worship.
This hits 100 on a gag meter of 1-10 but this is what’s coming folks. These two terrestrial
beings with orchestrated human looking bodies playing Biblical and religious roles to
deceive the world.