The Watcher Files

Friday, April 22, 2016

Lillith - The First Wife of Adam

By Sherry Shriner
My authority is from the Most High God and the Kingdom of 
regards to events concerning Lillith and the past few weeks...these are things
the Most High has revealed to me, things I've learned along with things I've been
doing in the background. I am a prophet of the Most High and have been qualified
by bloodline, raised up by Him to speak to the nations..
These are my notes and thoughts. I thought it would just be easier to present
the info this way than in a long article form.
Lillith- first wife of Adam, the creation story told of man/woman in Genesis
one is not the same as the one mentioned in Gen. 2
-in the first creation story of man and woman, they were both created out of the clay 
out of the ground.
-in the second creation, Adam was put to sleep, and a rib was taken out of him to 
create woman, the first one named Eve.
-two different creations that has been suppressed for thousands of they 
wouldn't have to explain who Lillith was, or they were hiding what she does in the background so she could operate with impunity and people coming against her for
her crimes against mankind.
-Lillith left Adam and began consorting and having offspring with Lucifer and 
everything and anything else, fallen angel, beasts, whatever...having a pre-fallen
differently created body from Eve's after the fall, it is written that Lillith could have
up to 300 offspring a day, but in judgment for her rebellion against the Most High
and refusing to go back to Adam she would lose 1/3 of them at birth.
-Lillith was well known about throughout mankind's early history, King Solomon and
others had also consorted with her and had offspring with her.
-taking the title as the queen of heaven and worshiped as a false goddess she
typically presented herself as a fertility goddess as if that was one of her was simply a mockery of it and every culture had their own names
for her and different personifications of her.
-she was the icon of sexual deviancy, immorality, lewdness, her kingdom focus
has always been on sex. Adult sex, pornography, child pornography, bestiality,
prostitution, homosexuality. she has no morals, boundaries, inhibitions or morality. Everything about her was her obsession with sex with man, woman, child, or animal.
-the Babylonian and Egyptian cultures were littered with homage's to Lillith 
focusing on fertility and the sex act, of procreation and the glorification of
sexual body parts.
-meanwhile Lillith roamed freely on earth as the demon witch of the night often
depicted as the screeching owl, Succubus where she would rape men in their sleep
(where the term wet dreams originated from), and she would kill infants under 6 
months of age, which in our time is widely known as Sudden Infant death Syndrome
or SIDS.
-in ancient Israelite lore they would put charms of protection above their babies at 
night to ward off Lillith from killing them.
-according to the records of the Ancient of Days Lillith is responsible for just over
1.8 billion deaths of babies under the age of 11 months old...attacking them and
suffocating them at night while they slept.
-Meanwhile the information of her has been suppressed and today most people
don't even know she existed outside of Satanic circles who worship her.
-the Ishtarte, Baal and Tammuz was a story concocted to mimick the real Mary, 
Joseph and Jesus of the Bible.
-Lucifer mimics, copies and recreates his own version of everything in mockery
of the Kingdom of Heaven and to have an opposite of everything that already
exists in heaven. He should know, he lived there for millions of years before
he rebelled against Father, the Most High, and started a rebellion against the
Kingdom of Heaven and the Father. In the Bible the parable of the prodigal Son
was a metaphor of Lucifer's rebellion.
Back to Lilith...
-not only did Lilith produce offspring on earth, but in space also.
-the Asian races on earth are the original offspring of Lilith. That's why they're 
so much different than Adam's kids. They are the original descendents of Lilith 
and Lucifer, while the country of India, are the original descendents of Lilith
and Cain. That is why those 2 cultures are the oldest on earth, and very
much different from Adam's offspring and tend to worship false gods and goddesses, demigods, alien beings, temples resembling UFOs (India), worship of the
Dragon (another name for Lucifer) etc..
-Cain was the son of Lucifer, not Adam. And Lilith and Cain consorted and the 
Indian race began.
-so the asian races were created by Lilith and Lucifer and the Indian race was created
by Lilith and Cain.
-it is the Chinese who dominated the ancient Middle East along with India. Over time
the other children of Cain would push Lilith's descendants the Chinese further east
to settle where they are today.
-people think the flood of Noah would have wiped out the children of Cain but that
isn't so. Although Noah and his wife and sons had pure human dna and were
children of Adam, the son's wives weren't. Ham's wife was of Cain and that
lineage carried down through his line.
-although most of the negroes in Africa are descendents of Ham, the Ethiopians
on the east coast of Africa are the offspring of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. 
They are known as and refer to themselves as Black Hebrew Israelites.
-the children Solomon had with Lillith became her offspring in space known 
as the Tall Greys.
-all of the almond eye races on earth, and in space, are the offspring from
Lillith. All the various different alien races with almond eyes such as the
greygs are hers...and none of them were redeemed or restored 4 years ago
when I petitioned Heaven for the restoration of the children of the Fallen
Angels who had no direct part in their parents rebellions against God. They
inhabited space with Lillith and her different alien races and they were
such races known as the Pleidians, Nordics, and other humanoid angelic
looking races. Almost 16 billion of them accepted the offer of restoration into
the Kingdom of Heaven and now reside on their own heavenly planet they
call Shaziron. Typically seen in the SE at night as a hugely brilliant white
star. It is the forces of Shaziron along with the Kingdom of Heaven who 
protect my area and region nightly. And of whom many of you will face
tonight if you so choose to try and attack me at my home here on earth.
-many of you laugh at my circumstances and mock me, when it has been Lillith 
who has suppressed, oppressed, attacked, and attempted to kill me over
62,000 times just in the past 14 years when I began my ministry on earth
and subsequent Orgone Energy war as a defense against her, the aliens, and
the space technologies being used against me to harm and kill me, and
many others on this planet.
-she has sabotaged and attempted to destroy my life and ministry through every 
means, gov, mil, tech, possible, also through the churches, Christians, to get them 
to hate and reject me and withhold their support of me.
-It is because of Lillith and her massive efforts against me that I am where I am
today, other than to preserve my life, Father didn't interfere with what she
was doing, but now he's put an end to it.
-Lillith knew the rules, she wasn't allowed to kill a Prophet of God's. And yet she 
ignored the rule and continually tried to kill me over the years sending many of her 
witches and warlocks against me, her priests, covens, and anything and everything 
else she could think of and use to try and kill me.
-62,000 offenses in just 14 years are a lot of offenses folks!
-now I know what you're thinking, all of Yah's prophets and apostles had untimely 
and in many cases gruesome deaths at the hands of their persecutors on earth..
.but it was Lillith who came at me directly herself. Ignoring the many warnings
to stop.
-she could claim that my Orgone war was destroying her alien offspring and that
is why she attacked me directly, but the Orgone war was and is, a defense to the
forced abductions, cross-breeding, poisons, weather weapons, soul scalping 
and attacks on humans from these very alien races themselves.
-when I asked the Father how to protect ourselves from these hostile alien races
coming against us and how to tear down the strongholds of Satan on earth He led
me to, and taught me how to make our specific brand of Orgone.
-Lillith's defense was that our brand of Orgone had crashed and destroyed some
10, 439 of her ships and killed over 2 million of her children from space. Let me 
remind u that these ships and children of hers were coming to earth to abduct, 
kidnap, rape, torment, crossbreed and feed off of humans....friendly anything 
doesn't do that folks! These were not NICE children! They were not coming to 
earth to help mankind...but feed off of mankind and feast themselves on mankind 
and had been doing so for thousands of years. And with the onslaught of the
reptilian races in America since WW 2 Americans alone were being kidnapped,
crossbred, raped and fed off of by the tens of thousands every year. When that
was no longer sustainable they built deep underground military bases and began transporting children and adults in from other countries and hiding and killing
them in these deep underground bases. Not only that, the aliens themselves
had been building their own deep  underground alien bases and were housing
humans in rows and rows of jail cells.

Enough was Enough.
Last week on February 19th Lillith instigated and was working in conjunction with 
different satanic groups across the country to form Black Magic Circles and chant
against me to cause my death. After having already suffered a heart attack in October
of last year at her hands, I wasn't faring well with her onslaught and told Father if 
it wasn't stopped I was sure to die that night. It was then that Father had Archangel
Michael seize and subdue her where she was put in quarantine in a pasture in one 
of the heavenly realms.
I then petitioned Father and heaven for the permanent removal of her from Earth
and her attempts to conquer and destroy this planet and the humans on it, in
particular the children of God and myself.
on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 there was a meeting at the temple of God in 
heaven with Father and the Council of Heaven where Lillith presented her case
and defense.
I argued that she had in essence, forfeited earth at the time of her original rebellion and therefore should have no right to it. She herself had voluntarily left the planet  
thousands of years ago when she rebelled against God and Adam, joining with Lucifer
and his habitations under the earth and in space.
Along with her 62,000 offenses against me, and the tens of billions she had accrued 
over the years against mankind in general, the Council of Heaven agreed and Lillith
has been banned from Earth.
-Those playing the roles of Maitreya, Sannanda and Mary mother of Jesus, were 
allowed to return to earth to fulfill their upcoming roles simply in the interest of all 
to keep things moving forward as much as possible.
-This person playing "Mary, Mother of Jesus" has been Lillith's cohort for the past
6-7,000 years. She has been alongside Lillith and played a huge support and friend 
role to her, she is none other than Eve herself, Adam's second wife, the woman God 
created from the rib of Adam. She too, left Adam as Lillith did, and married Satan
after having given several children to Adam.
-For those in the know it's no surprise, for the information has been available for years how Lucifer impregnated Eve in the Garden of Eden and that Cain was Lucifer's son. I've
written articles about it myself. The churches cover it up and call any talk about it
a conspiracy and blasphemous, but it's truth. She would give children to Adam as 
well, but she eventually left Adam to join with Lucifer permanently. And when she 
died Lucifer put her in his space and hollow earth habitations with him.
-this is why Father God hated Esau, he hated the Seed of Cain (Cain was a murderer
from the beginning just as his father Lucifer was, he had killed his brother Abel) and
he knew Esau would betray Isaac and join with the Canaanites, marrying their women and producing a line through them...AKA Edomites, Kenites,...sons of Cain.
-ancient lore has it that Tammuz was the first born son of Lucifer and Lillith and 
when Lucifer tried to take over the body of Tammuz as a baby it caused the baby to 
blow up into pieces...and that Lillith tried to patch the babies body back together...
some have him as a baby, some have him as an older grown man at the time...either
way that's how that whole legend grew over the centuries. They say his name was
Liam, thus the trio of Lucifer-Lilith - Liam which is also known as 
Baal-Ishtar-Tammuz or whatever 3some combo of names you've heard of, it's the same people.
-Eve is the mother of all living on earth, the Lucifer's serpent seed and Yahuah's seed.
it's been a war between the 2 bloodlines ever since. Although the Illuminati who refer
to themselves as the Elite are only 1% of the population because they are the very
richest and wealthiest people, about 90% of the world's population in total are of the
serpent seedline and Lillith's. It's actually been twisted, because only about 1% of the population are Adam's seed, 10% at most. Top 10%, Top 1%....but the Illuminati 
Elite refer to themselves as the top 1 or 10%. It's about 10% for Adam's seed on 
earth right now.
-Eve was producing Nephilim on the earth. Cain was a Nephilim, he was the twin 
brother of Able but they were nothing alike, because they had 2 separate fathers, 
Able was more like Adam and Cain was more like Lucifer.
-Eve was the first mother of everyone, Satan's kids, Adam's kids, and the Nephilim.
She's everyone's grandma.
-so how is it she's been able to live with Lucifer amongst what has been called his 
Galactic Federation of Light, or Ashtar Command? How is it she can return and play
the mother of Jesus, the queen of the last days to fulfill Lucifer's plan of deception on the earth? When Eve died, Hell as we know it now, didn't exist. The
departed souls went to the lower realms and stayed there. There was no fire in hell
then, torment, or terror. It was just the place of the dead, the lower realm part of earth. So instead of being there, Lucy took her to be with him at his that point 
she's in spirit form so she can deal with the 4th dimensional realm wherever it is, 
above or below or on the earth.
-when she appears as Mary she will have to obtain some kind of manufactured
human body to do so, just as those playing the beasts Maitreya and Sannanda will 
have to.