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Monday, February 06, 2006

Cruising Through February?

All quiet on superbowl 40. I expected it to be. Their plans were well exposed and as we've seen over and over once their plans are exposed they cancel them. They like the element of surprise. They feed off the energy of unexpected horror, especially from those who are the victims of it.

And would they really be so brazen now that every anti-corruption-in-government person on the internet is getting involved in exposing their corruption? The finger pointing would have led right back to them. Not by a few, but by thousands.

Besides, they accomplished their purpose indirectly so they already won. They got terror on everyone's minds. But do we really fear who they think we should? No. Many people that can see and hear already know the Al Queda doesn't exist apart from CIA and government funding. They are the ones behind them. The terror network they built off taxpayers money is a sham and a scam.

We need to tell them clearly and loudly we don't believe them. That we aren't going to be bullied into believing their lies that towelheads from the desert are the ones behind terror in America or the Middle East. Before the CIA and MOSSAD formed the PLO and Al Queda there was peace in the Middle East.

Who are the real culprits and core of the problem of worldwide terrorism? The governments of America and Israel. In particular, those behind the New World Order. Most people of America are repulsed by this NWO, the Satan freaks are kidding themselves with it. And the real Jews in Israel hate the Zionists. The people of both countries are being held captive by Satanists in control of their governments.

Look what an uproar the possible terror attacks have caused over the past 2 weeks. And guess what? No one bought anything but that it was our own government planning them! I think as a country we're actually starting to get somewhere. Many of the sleeping are awakening.

And as the citizens of this country are coming more aware of what's really going on the Clone Bush keeps giving speeches from the dark ages with the agenda propaganda buzz words such as Arabs, Terrorism, and Terror. He needs to stop it already we don't believe him.

I'm at complete peace. I've been. So how to interpret that..I don't think we're going to see any major destruction until March. I know the Lord has me focused on several things that will take me quietly through the month of February. So something is up for March. I don't know if it's personal or public, but something's going to happen in March I have felt that since the beginning of the year. I just feel to be prepared by March for the next step..and I don't know what that is, directly.

I'm not sure where the line is from sounding the alarms to playing in their hands. As watchmen we are to sound the alarms on things that are coming to wake up the people. On the other hand, that plays into their hands to instill fear and terror into people as part of their agenda. First of all, the Lord's people shouldnt' be fearful, just alert and prepared. Through Yah we don't have the spirit of fear but of sound mind. I know for some you have to keep reminding them that, over and over and over... and then they call us fear mongers. I"m not in fear. I never am. Sometimes I'm alot more at peace than others, sometimes I feel on edge, but I'm never fearful. I'm always watching and alert and preparing. That's how we're supposed to be.

He hasn't said anything specifically to me about anything in regards to events coming in the near immediate future. So until then I"m just sounding the alarms as a watchman and watching the moslem charade unfold.

Notice none of them get arrested for violent protests? Because most of them are intel pawns advancing the agenda of a WW3 in Europe. Inciting civil riots and protests has always been a ploy of intel agencies.

France and Italy are the targets for destruction in this round. Hope they're watching their backs.

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