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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stay Grounded in your Faith

I have had to take some time off recently because of Lasik eye surgery I had done. Yah paved the way for me to get it and told me to get it done so I did. Every day gets better. The glare of the computer monitor is what's been the hardest to take. I had always worried about having enough contact lens stuff stocked up for during the hard times coming and Yah just kicked it all in the butt and paved the way for me to get the surgery. Praise Yah! Without my contacts I was probably close to legally blind. I couldn't see without them and I've worn contacts since I was 16. Now I can go to bed and wake up and actually see. It's amazing.

I'm not going to resume the radio show until about 2 weeks. I just need to get some things done this month, it's been a preparation month to just get stuff done I've been putting off.

I haven't been able to read alot of emails or articles or anything on the computer very much this week but I wanted to comment on something I caught off one of them I could read that was short.

In a nutshell, folks if you don't know their plans now in exactly how they are going to operate in the last days, at least a pretty good idea, you're going to be prime for deception. You're going to get suckered.

I know so many people that claim they would never get suckered by end times deceptions and then send out emails wondering if something is true or not. In particular about archeological findings discrediting the faith we have in the Most High and the truth as we know it from the prophets.

The biggest gimmick of these end time players is to chisel away at every basic tenent of the faith until there's nothing left. Discredit Yahushuah's birth, life, ministry, death, and/or resurrection. To claim He wasn't the messiah, or just one of many. To take away His divinity and Godhood or claim we can all become gods. Do you hear the hiss of the snake..?

I wouldn't think much of it if these kinds of wavering faith and doubts were coming from the unbelieving camp, but to hear Christians asking, "is this article true?" They should know better already. Any article or 'fact' or 'finding' that diminishes who Yahushuah is or was is naturally not true but a lie from hell itself.

Digging up new archeological evidence to discredit the prophets or Yahushuah is a big part of the Blue Beam Project and end times deceptions. Hold onto your faith in Him and don't be deceived by the garbage that's coming. Don't even pass it on or around, why give garbage the light of day to just weaken the weak as it is? It's enough to have to wade through typical garbage to expose their plans, but it goes without saying not even to think twice about information to discredit the Son of the Most High.

Don't entertain the lies that will make you think twice about the Son of God. Stay strong in your faith, especially at this late hour. Realize it's just garbage in many clever and deceptive ways to get you to renounce Him.

And yes, it will be many of the churches and church leaders who spearhead the way into apostasy and renouncing Him. It will be subtle, the same way apostasy has been over the past 2,000 years. Most people are in apostasy and you can't tell them otherwise. They refuse to open their eyes to see it because they honestly believe they aren't in error at all.

Deception is clever, and it's subtle.

Ask the Lord for truth in all things and to be kept from error and He will lead you into the truth and away from errors. This is where the proud will fall. They don't realize their need to seek Him for the truth because they have been deceiving themselves into thinking they're already in it.

Don't take anything for granted, especially knowledge. Go to Him direct to be sure that what you know or think to be true, is true. Ask Him to lead and guide your heart and your thoughts and ask Him that everything be of Him.

Safeguard yourselves. Seek Him and not others for wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

It's a daily battle for the souls of men.

We all have to be on constant watch and safeguard ourselves and our faith in Him.

Don't fall for the deceptions.

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