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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gold and Silver I have none..

I often get asked by people if I have gold and silver for the coming dollar crash. No, I don't have any. I can't afford worthless dollars let alone gold or silver. At one point I was thinking that perhaps I should pray for it. He knows what we need anyway, but perhaps I should make a conscience effort to pray for gold and silver. I never got very far.

Now, I'm not trying to be my usual pessimistic self when it comes to the last days. But for now it's unavoidable.

First of all, in war and or famine the availability of goods to buy is limited. We have never experienced that here, some lived through the 1929 market crash but that's not even going to compare with what we're going to face.

Gold and silver can't buy food that isn't on the shelves. That's why we are to be preparing now while it's plenteous. Another thing that brings on such a state of chaos here is that so many are going to realize too late we're headed in trouble as a country that the rush to buy and stock up will facilitate the problem. Those who live in hurricane areas know all to well the mad rush for generators and basic necessities at the last minute. And that's how the approaching storm is going to be here in America. Too many people waiting for the last minute.

If transportation is knocked out, if our electric grids lose their power, if severe droughts hit us hard this year or next, if, if, if, anything at any time could put us in trouble, and for many in a complete panic.

We know bad things are coming. We know hard times are coming. There's nothing left to do but wait folks. And to prepare. We're not going to change Washington. We're not going to restore our country to what it once was. It's over. God's judgment is coming to this nation.

Many have already realized this. Most haven't. Most are still holding out for something to happen that will turn this country around, it isn't going to folks.

Stick a fork in her, America is done.

I loved my country, but I hated the evil. The evil is getting worse and worse. The top positions in government, military, media, and religion are dominated by people who worship and serve Lucifer. And they're not about to be toppled over. Replaced maybe, by others more wicked then themselves.

We're done. There's nothing left to do but wait for His wrath and judgment to come on this land.

Realize it, accept it, and get busy with Him and do as He leads you to do.

Even Noah had to face the day when it was time to get in the ark. He knew it was coming, he had prepared for the flood, and then the day came when it was time to escape it.

We know God's judgment is coming, we are now in the prepatory stage of preparing for the coming onslaught. And the day is coming when we will be told to "get in the ark to escape it."

I have wanted to prepare an ark for the Lord's people. But things aren't looking too good. As you can imagine land is very expensive. Time is running out. More people are interested in stocking up on gold and silver the Bible says they'll be throwing in the streets rather than prepaing food and shelter away from the cities and chaos.

The stock market is going to crash, the shelves are going to be empty, and they'll be herding people into death camps while they take your children to be abused and used for the unthinkable. Just ask the Katrina victims. 2000 children can't find their parents. The parents? Most likely many of them already dead and the children will disappear into the government system of child slavery and child prostitution. Many of them will probably be shipped overseas as the media ignores what it's told to ignore and Katrina fades from memory.

Many of them were Christians too. Do you think the Lord tried to get their attention? People pray a lot, the problem is they never listen.

Learn how to listen. Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him, how to listen to Him, and how to recognize when it's Him.

Stay consistent and persistent.

Don't get so focused on one thing that you neglect others.

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