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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Explosion blacked out by Media..

An explosion yesterday in N.C. 35 miles from S.C. was blacked out by the media.

Typical games by the droids, "look here" while they hit something else.

I posted the story at my site you can read about it there.

I taped shrub's speech last night so both Peggy Kane and I can RS it and see what we can find. Reptilians speak on the recorders often, so not only do you get the person you're RS'ing but the lizards as well. They seem to be worried that the earth is escaping from underneath the owl's net. The net is some kind of barrier they have, like a shield that they use to access portals to go back and forth to Mars etc..

For most people it's interesting to see how Lucifer works behind the scenes and how they do what they do. We know he rules in the heavenlies, first and second heavens, but most never bother to think twice about it, or exactly how he does it.

So it's interesting.

In Bush's speech last night he seemed to be worried, he said, "earth's escaping from the owl's net" in one part of his speech when I reversed him. The owl is a reference to Satan.

I haven't gone through much of it yet, so it will be interesting to see how much info this clone of Bush reveals as opposed to the original Bush.

You can tell it's not the same Cheney. A nice copy of him but no cigar.

Did you notice how many people in Congress avoided contact with the camera? Whenever the camera would span the audience several of them would always look away refusing to be caught on camera.

Another day in lizard town.

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