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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Amusing Rage over Cartoons..

Amusing yet once again to see the 'peace loving' religion of Islam demanding Jihad and the deaths of those who come against it. Now that the world is experiencing the wrath of fanaticism over cartoons perhaps they won't care for it's elimination either.

Eradicate Islam and the world's a more peaceful place. It's never been anything but a tool of Satan's to use to incite hatred, terrorism, suffering, and wars. It was set up and established by the Vatican through Mohammad's wife so that it could be an arm to bring about WW 3 in the last days. It's doing it's job. Jihad against Islam.

Islam according to Nostradamous will incite a total western war against European countries such as France and Italy. It will eventually be brought down but not until it destroys much.

Maitreya is an Arab. The coming Arab Beast is supposed to arise out of Egypt. Maitreya's roots. What if it's this Maitreya that leads the Arabs in WW3 .. then amazingly and shockingly he's brought down and destroyed by the coming arrival of Sananda, beast #2. The "world" would hail Sananda, especially the lizards in their deliverer and messiah.

A clever deception.

I still haven't figured out where the woman beast comes in but she could come with Sananda perhaps as "Mary." Yes Hillary's a beast, but not particularly this one. I've always said Hillary will be dominant in martial law and persecuting Christians. When the chessboard clears of all the clutter the real players will emerge.

Meanwhile study and you'll be well prepared for some of the possible coming charades.

I've always turned down public appearances and cable and tv interviews and shows. But the time is coming when I will accept them and begin to speak out much more publicly against the agendas on earth. It simply wasn't time and hasn't been. But it will be soon enough, in particular when Yah says so.

I can tell you a bit about what's going on behind the scenes. Behind the scenes the lizards are losing control of what is called a net they have put around earth. This net has in some way been able to keep out the Omegans full army auxilaries. The Omegans are Lucifer's last days armies and they include the likes of Sananda, Maitreya, Germaine and other Anuks. Those beasts are here and hover the USA daily, but they can't make their move until the rest of their forces can get into our atmosphere and they've been blocked by this net the Reptilians have put up.

As the earth's poles shift the net loses it's fitting, or creates openings. It has something to do with it, right now I don't know the particulars, but all of this stuff comes into play in some way or another with each other behind the scenes.

This is why the reptilians are in such a state of panic. They're losing their net and control over earth and they know they can't fight and beat the millions of Anunnaki that will break through and get here to earth.

It's not if, but when. It's not later, it's now, behind the scenes.

As Planet X comes closer to earth it will break the net completely that the reptilians have up.

What's on Planet X? Millions of Anuk's.

The former original president Bush was going insane with terror and fear and completely losing his mind, thus all the tirads he was having and drunken binges. He knew what was happening and happening now and that their time was coming to an end (he was controlled by a reptilian).
Cheney as well, he was always in hiding and sending out his clone to make personal appearances to keep the image up of VP doing something.

They're both gone now. They've been replaced by the reptilians and clones they both counted on so much. There's no loyalty amongst the Satan freaks. They used Bush and Cheney and now where are they? Enjoying their power and wealth? No. They're suffering in hell.

Humans incarnate with reptilians. Imagine that. "They Live" has come alive.

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