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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Reading Behind The Headlines...

If you've been reading my blogs long enough then you know how much I've talked about how the government and secret societies reveal their plans through Hollywood. And it's no secret, others have been saying the same things as well, case in point, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Sum Of All Fears, ET, Men in Black, Star Wars, They Live, and many others.

One of the other things that I'm still trying to figure out is the nonsense headlines they put out as news. I want the real issues behind the issues. Not the comedy they throw at the gullible public who waste their money on newspapers thinking their getting the truth about anything. Fortunately for us the internet has become a place where thinkers and great minds can get together and dig for the real truth behind the hogwash.

The reasons behind the reasons.

It's endless trying to figure out exactly why they do what they do unless you have a grasp of the real feuds going on behind the scenes. The shadow governments fighting it out, the secret societies dualing and all of them in constant warfare and competition travelling down diferent roads to bring Satan to power in a world government. They're not friends, and they often use the media to tip each other off as to what's going on via embedded codes.

The part that gets me is that every single time I see "atomic energy" I think UFOs. It just grabs at me. This whole facade about Iran building nuclear weapons and how worried we are that they build them is hogwash. Iran has many, an entire stockpile of nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles that can reach the United States that they've gotten from their ally Russia.

Not to mention Israel has enough nuclear weapons and their own nuclear power plant in Dimona to wipe out the entire middle east themselves with or without our help.

So the real question is, what's all this about if it's not really about nuclear weapons?

And is it really about oil and money?

I think it's about UFOs and alien tech. I think it's about factions of aliens fighting it out and what one government is trying to keep others from obtaining in regards to UFO tech. Every time I think of atomic energy I think of a gas station or fueling station for man-made UFOs.

Our society doesn't need oil from the middle east to survive, just certain corporations do. And I've already said before that the world's oil supply is running out and the last nation to have it will be Israel. So it doesn't make sense to spend billions of dollars on wars for something that is inevitably going to run out, they could be using that money allowing and funding patent holders to develop their alternative energy sources instead of stealing thier patents and putting the holders in jail to keep them quiet.

I think it goes beyond what we can imagine.

I think it has to do with alien and UFO tech. The haves against the have nots.

And don't forget there are 1 billion Arabs in the world to kill off in drummed up wars and violence. Either the global religion becomes Islam or the Moslems get killed off before a global religion can be established. Both can't coexist at the same time because it's impossible.

There's a lot to be played out this year as positioning takes place among the factions.

Don't believe what they tell you. Look for the real reasons behind the headlines.

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