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Friday, March 03, 2006

March - The War Month

Well February was a fast month. I took some time to just get some things done and out of the way and just take a breather. I have a feeling the rest of the year will be pretty busy.

I haven't gotten to a lot of emails yet so don't worry to much if I haven't answered back yet if you've sent me one. I'm ok, just taking some time off.

Thanks to all those who support my ministry, I couldn't do it without you.

I read an email last week from a supporter who related a story about how a few family members both had the same dream. I thought it was interesting that they are pumping up the dreamscape manipulation technology lately. In this instance Sananda is playing Jesus and healing people. They're conditioning Sananda as the Messiah. In the dreams he wasn't using the name Jesus but Sananda. This one is going to be very deceptive to believers today but they will notice the name change, although he looks like the Jesus most have been conditioned through pictures to think that that's what He (Jesus) looks like.

This person went on to say they would have never caught on to the deception if they hadn't read about it on my websites or heard me talking about it. So it's important to know that although some of the things I talk about seem 'out there' or completely New Age, it's there for a reason. I don't waste my time on things that aren't important to know. And the government wouldn't be wasting dreamscape technology on something to condition people with through 'dreams' if it was going to be of significance at some point and time. Sananda is coming as a great healer, a teacher, and Ascended Master or Messiah. Is he the actual Antichrist? I don't know. Some believe it's a human possessed by Satan. Others believe Satan will come as himself. I simply present all the different ways things can happen so you're aware of the games and tactics coming and not taken by surprise by anything.

Yes we take the chance of being suprised by something completely else that we don't expect since they hate being exposed and once they are they will change their plans...but there's nothing I can do about that..I just sound the alarms on what I'm led to.

Mars is close to the earth this month. Usually means war or something will happen to instigate a war in the coming months.

I think most people, like myself, are just burned out on war(s), it's almost like having to hear about another hurricane coming, you just need a break.

Oh well, stay informed, stay alert, and seek Him in all things.

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