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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Same Stuff Heating Up..

I posted an article to my NWO list last week that was written by General Butler called War Is A Racket and I just posted it at and it's really worth a read. He served in the military during the first World War and several smaller ones before then and details what a money racket the whole thing is and how the corporate and business owners make their money during a 'war'.

It puts a lot into perspective for today, such as why and how wars are used to make millionaires and billionaires, keeping the elite richer and everyone else serving as puppets for the wars. Donald Rumsfeld has made over $5 million on a vaccine no one is even using yet, and it wouldn't help if they did, it's useless, and yet they use tax payer money to promote it so he can earn personal profits from the sales. Dick Cheney's Haliburton has made $billions off food and water he hasn't even supplied to the troops, and contractors have made millions off restoring an Iraq they haven't even restored. It's all a racket.

And it's a huge numbers game anymore. People are so conditioned to hearing about huge amounts of money being needed to do something they never actually break it down and do the math to discover the real costs. We hear of hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on defense, such as airplanes or weapons when the actual cost is a fraction of that, the rest is profit lining the profits of the already rich or being spent on projects for their survival when everyone else dies of their wars and plagues. It's always like that when it comes to money.

I hate the world today. I can't stand being here. I've never felt so detached from anything as I do earth anymore. I'm here for Yah and that's about it. Everything else is just window dressing and mere daily survival here. Life is an onion. When you start peeling apart the layers all the illusions shatter and you see it all for what it is. And when you get to that point there's nothing left but Yah because everything else seems so fake and vain.

The only way you can reach people is to get them to see the layers of the onion one at a time. Peel them apart. Some will see it, most won't. Most are happy with their illusions and don't want them shattered, ignorance isn't only bliss it's completely welcomed for most.

If people don't get out of the illusions they're going to be destroyed by them.

Seek Yah. Nothing else matters.

Stay focused on Him.

Only what we do for Him will last.

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