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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We're Being Hit On All Sides...

March is a peculiar month. Always a war month, and yet this year it seems to be the focus of much more.

If you remember last year I was sounding the alarms for the month of March. Not just for the bird flu that was being set up to kill thousands here, but also Peggy Kane warned of events happening where our own government officials were planning to leave the planet in spaceships.

In backward masking, or reverse speech, they were constantly alluding to leaving in March, and then it started changing to May. They never gave a year, but since they were babbling about it the most during the summer of 2005 one would assume they were speaking about the next year of 2006.

March-May-June-July-September the months to watch for this year.

There is a lot of talk of earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, famine, the arrival of the 'star people' which are the alien freaks I've been warning about for years...and the dominant months for their arrival this year are March-June-July.

September is always a dominant month for the Antichrist to start his reign here. Satan on earth. But he could arrive earlier than that.

The dreamscape machines are running..many people are having dreams of coming disasters that the aliens and the government are preparing them for via dreams to spread to the masses. They want them to be shared and talked about. And then many of them can be from the Lord warning His people to leave certain areas.

Will a tsunami hit California? Will Yellowstone blow? Will the east coast get hit by a tsunami..

It seems that whenever the natural disasters hit the conscious because of earth changes and Planet X coming in, the other agendas kick in to keep people focused on those as well. The impending arrival of alien freaks and their threats to come here and take over are always followed by the NWO scheme to keep everyone focused on them instead and what they are going to do..bomb Iran..bomb Syria..more war..attacks..terrorism..

That's one correlation that can't be overlooked. Whenever the Aliens threaten to arrive the NWO takes over the spotlight with "leaks of info" that we're going to bomb Iran or someone..anyone..or the dollar and economy crashing..whatever is needed to keep people in fear of the NWO itself and not the Alien threat.

They don't want people focusing on the Alien threat. Why? The NWO is run by the Aliens at this point, they want all the coming destructions blamed on humans, not them. They're coming as Ascended Masters and Gods. If the real reasons for the earth changes were known humans would hate them and never welcome them. And Lucifer can't afford to have that.

I fear the worst case scenario will come true..Sananda will arrive. This Sananda-Immanuel will deceive billions because he looks like the Jesus we've seen in pictures all of our lives and adopted as Jesus, the Son of God. Many in the churches will believe their pastors that promote him as God and our messiah. It's the worst case scenario possible that I've seen and I do believe that one is coming.

A human dying and coming back claiming he's God as taught by the churches just doesn't wash. No one in their right mind would accept a reincarnated Bush as God. It's completely laughable. Or a Prince Charles, or William, or Putin, or whoever. I think Sananda will be the Antichrist, or Maitreya.

And they could work side by side as well. One being the Antichrist and one being the False Prophet.

The leaders of the world are possessed and control by alien and demonic beings. They're hybrids completely sold out to Satan. Most are just human shells for these beings since the real person was replaced by them. The real person, the soul who once inhabited the body is gone or dead and the alien beings possess the body as a shell to hide their real selves.

I'm sickened by it all anymore. We live in a facade, daily. What appears to be what is, isn't.

Nothing is as it seems. If people woke up to it there would be civil chaos from one end of the world to the other. For the most part they are blinded to it and still think people like me are completely nuts, but many of Yah's people are waking up.

People can't figure out why the Criminal in charge would give ports to the Arabs..the media to the Jews..and everything and everyone else as they slice and dice up America to foreigners. They're doing it everywhere. It's called the end of cultural diversity and the emergence of globalization where there's no more patriotism to a particular country but to the globe itself.

It's world government hell.

They're shipping moslems all over the world to infiltrate countries and sit on government welfare. They're violent people and they want the global chaos they will bring and terrorism instigated by them so the governments of nations can implement tighter controls on their populations eventually leading to martial law everywhere and the right to exterminate terrorists.

It won't be the moslems considered terrorists either but those trying to stop them and restore order, or those against the NWO and their globalization hegemony.

We can't stop it. The time is gone, the time is passed. The Lord's judgment is coming and when the aliens freaks do come here, so will His judgment hit like a barage of lightening from one end of the world to the other.

They want you focused on human problems so you don't see what's coming from behind the scenes.

They'll throw out distraction info, they'll sacrifice leaking their plans so people stay focused on things they think they can control and don't see the the things coming they can't control, because those are the disasters that are going to kill millions.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, famine...they dont' want you to see them coming because they want you to die in them.

Listen for the Lord to lead you in what to do. He is our hope. He is our salvation.

The war is on. Satan vs. the world.

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