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Monday, March 27, 2006

Aliens and Avian...

Last year I kept warning that the month of March would be the pivotal month for the Avian Flu if they were going to pull it off. All month long I've received emails from people around different parts of the country amazed at the warnings they were hearing on local television about what to do when Avian Flu breaks out. Not a if, but a when. Local governments putting guidelines in place to tell the people where to go, what to do or what not to do. I know in Boston I heard from a supporter that they were talking about it on the radio, and how schools would be used to help house all the Avian soon-to-be-dead victims. Of course they don't say it like it is or will be so bluntly, but I will.

I was starting to think they weren't going to get it pulled off. They've been trying for quite a while to get the Avian epidemic going at a greater epidemic level. Right now it seems to be all hype and no action, which has been good for us.

Until about 2 weeks ago I had someone I greatly admire die from Influenza A. It struck me then that I had always seen this influenza in the Bible Codes and that it was probably tied into this Avian Flu.

They will spread it by chemtrails. If you are building a safe haven or encampment for the Lord be sure that entire area is saturated with orgone. If you want a chance at surviving this Avian epidemic be sure your house/yard/neighborhood/town is saturated with orgone. Orgone will keep chemtrails from penetrating your area.

I have been hearing from Yah's people who are fearing what's coming and asking where they should go. I tried at the beginning of the year to get financial support to go start building a safe haven for His people and since then the support has been to minimal to do anything in regards to that. I couldn't even buy 3 acres let alone stock supplies needed and everything else to house people or provide a place for them to stay. So seek HIM for guidance on where to go because I can't help you much. Head to the mountains and be sure to take orgone with you I have the directions on my website at

So when's the real epidemic hit? The dominant months were March and May, I warned last year that we could expect to be shut-into our homes for 3 months and to be prepared for at least that long. Looks like that can start in May. For some people perhaps they won't be, but listen to Yah as He leads you in what to do. That's all I can tell you because everyone lives in different areas. To be on the safe side start preparing now while there is time and while the stores are open for 3 months of food, necessities, and water. If this epidemic hits in May like they want it to, you will not want to leave your home. Leaving your home could mean death. Breathing the outside air could mean death.

And here's a thought, I've been warning about the alien freaks and the dominant months of their arrival being May-June-July-September. What if their plan is to weaken our society with this Avian bird flu and while most of America, perhaps the world, is suffering, dying, in hiding, or to weak to do anything about them, they invade. Of course they would come as our "saviors" saving us and our "dying" planet from this Avian bird flu they created themselves to begin with to make their entrance less hostile. Ingenious wouldn't it be..

Another thing that always coincides with the month of May is Planet X coming in on a more noticeable scale. With PX moving closer to earth it only means one thing for us, destruction. The shaking of the earth, the loss of coastlines all around the world, perhaps a slight pole shift, earthquakes, volcanoes, general mayhem and ecological destruction as PX pulls on and interupts the magnetic field of the earth.

Interpretations vary on what Planet X is. I haven't changed my mind on it. There's some who claim I am wrong and that PX is God's armies coming in. PX is coming in from the south and then moves east. Maybe I just delegate anything from coming "south" as being from hell and it's a shortcoming of mine, but until the Lord gives me a good feeling about PX then I stand on my interpretation of the things I've seen about it. Even Zecharia Sitchin, a useful gov disinfo pawn warned it was the return of the Annunaki and that's always been my impression as well, and coming from a totally different angle.

I've been studying PX for a long time and my view has always been it's the armies of the Antichrist. I can't even remember if the Lord has given me a direct word on it or not, I just know I'm not changing my position on it because I know I constantly pray for the truth in all things and that's one of the things He led me into years ago.

Prepare for the return of very tall Annunaki. The Giants.

The False Prophet comes "from out of the earth." There are many, many Annunaki hidden inside the earth waiting to come to the surface when Satan comes to power. Like Sananda.

They will come from the earth and the air. The Return of the Nephilim.

I've warned about the huge base they have in the mountains of Belem, Brazil before. That's probably where a lot of them are hiding out. They have bases all over the world folks, this will affect everyone in the world, not just be the cause for the eventual and total destruction of America.

There's so many different cards being played at one time I heard from someone in an email that I was contradicting myself. I'm not contradicting, I'm trying to look at 6 different factions and tell you which one is dominant at the moment and which one is moving forward. So if it sounds contradictory I can't help it, there's no other way to try and analyze all the different plans they have and at least I know them to even try and get that far. Also I learn more things as I go, there's a lot of things that come into place as time goes, I dont' see anyone else willing to take the hits and slams I do just to keep people informed of as much as possible on all the different factions and plans. Most people stick to one or two at the most and don't even realize there's more out there than they thought.

Even "they" don't know what they're doing. So how can we pinpoint exactly what they're going to do when they don't even know???

They'll start one direction then stop and head into another. I've always said Satan has more than one road to get him to power and that he's not totally relying on any one road.

Unless the Lord gives me a direct word all I can do is be a play-by-play commentator. I refuse to be stuck on one interpretation unless the Lord says it's the one to be on. I have to keep and stay flexible to Him so He can lead me Himself. Otherwise it's just me leading me and what good is that? And that's about 90% of people out there today. How many ministries are stuck on one interpretation and they've been preaching the pre-trib rapture since they were born? You see how ludicrous it is... If you adopt someone's interpretation of theology and stick to it like a fly on rice you're incapable of being led by HIM. Why? Because if you're wrong you're too busy 'being right' to hear Him that you're wrong.

So just hang in there folks. I'm doing the best I can to give you all the info I can about what I can.

The Lord told me yesterday, "The time is coming when hell will break loose on earth. Many of the events described in My Word that I warned about will come about. I have tried to warn you child and others through you about what is coming, eventually the warnings will stop and the events will be here. My people struggle to survive in a world that hates them and abuses them. There's many things they can't even see, yet they stay in Me and fight in Me and I love them."

The Lord loves His people. So many are tired, exhausted, and frustrated. Most of us are. But just hang in there. He knows who you are, He knows where you are, and He loves you.

Yah loves His Saints.

Yah bless His Saints.

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