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Thursday, March 23, 2006

So I've Spent Days Reading...

I've spent the past few days reading OPS (other peoples stuff) and it was at times informative and amusing but it doesn't compare to the things I know, already know, have said, have been saying, or will be saying.

For the most part, over the past 7 or so years I've just stopped reading other peoples material. When I started to pray and ask the Lord Himself to reveal all things to me I just didn't care anymore what other people had to say, I waited on HIM to teach me, or show me, or lead me. I just wasn't interested in what everyone else was putting together with their own knowledge or head wisdom based on their own research or opinions.

I'm not saying I have the only and all information, I post plenty of articles on my website at and at others so people can get a rounded idea of what's going on or coming and can form their own opinions. The most important thing in reading info, and that's anyone's, is knowing when to chew the grass and spit out the hay.

I know throughout my years I've spit out info that a few years down the road found myself accepting as true, even at the time I didn't believe it was. Yah has a way of leading us into what we need to know and when. It all depends on what level you are at and if He's leading you...and if you are truely interested in the truth to begin with.

A lover of truth seeks Him for it. No matter what the cost. No matter how much of our own head wisdom we have to throw out because it was wrong, or apostate, or full of errors. If you're seeking Him for the truth in all things then you have to start with the premise that you don't know anything and you want to start over with Him teaching you everything. That's the only way to begin.

I've sat and read countless so-called experts lately on aliens, UFOs, or what's coming and I don't think any of it compares to the info I have on it or put out. You can buy their endless books, videos or audios or you can just read my info for free at my website(s) or download my articles at Those who seek the Lord Himself for knowledge and truth to be revealed to them will recognize my info or be given the same info over time. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn't tell me anything He hasn't or isn't going to tell someone else or everyone else for that matter that seeks Him for knowledge.

In fact I hear it all the time, "the Lord told me the same thing" from others who contact me. Are these people famous authors or tv personalities or self-styled gurus? No. They're just His people, and that makes a huge difference and all the difference.

You won't find too many of HIS people with TV air time. If any.

We're blackballed and ignored because Satan wants it that way.

I often find it amusing when I get emails from people declaring I should speak at such and such a conference coming up..and then get an email from the people actually organizing and putting on the conference inviting me to be a "guest." LOL..

I've been invited to do cable tv paranormal and ufo type shows in the past and I've turned down the invitations, the time will come when Yahweh says to do them and if He does I will. And I can see that time coming and if it doesn't, then so be it. I'm not in this for 'me' I'm on earth for HIM.

For years I've been doing what He's told me to do, to not associate with groups, organizations and associations, to keep separate and apart from them and to just stay with HIM.

He doesn't want me labled. That's why He keeps so many of those who are HIS apart and separate from the mainstream. He doesn't want them labled as a part of anything or anyone but HIM.

Some might think that because His people are lesser known that they must not have the right info..think again. When I read the info the Lord has led me into over the years and then I read someone elses it can't even compare.

I love the Lord. I serve Him. And there's many, many of us out here that have great knowledge in the things He has revealed. He has many, many of His people hidden and kept away from the mainstream and I hear from some of them. Our purpose is to serve Him, not ourselves, we're not out to make names for ourselves we're out to make HIS Name known to His people and to bring many of His floundering sheep back to Him or to bring people to HIM without getting mixed up in greed and the cares of this world.

Others have different purposes, roles, and jobs to do.

Look around you. Nothing is the same anymore. And if you haven't noticed it you've got your head in the sand. People aren't even the same anymore. Many are becoming possessed by aliens, demons and everything evil. And we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg yet on how bad it's really going to get.

Seek Him. Stay in Him. Be led by Him.

Get out of religion and into HIM.

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