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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Ten Kings...

In Revelation chapter 13:1 it talks about the rise of the beast in the last days.

"And I (John) stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the names of blasphemy."

Throughout the Book of Revelation the Apostle John uses figurative or symbolic language to try and describe what he's seeing from a vision.

The sea symbolizes nations. Heads symbolizes leaders. Horns symbolize authority. Crowns symbolizes kings.

The heads, the leaders, have names of blasphemy and have authority with ten kings.

Some people believe this passage speaks of a 10 nation confederacy that rises and is ruled by 7 kings or 'presidents.' Like Jack Van Impe they teach that 3 of the 10 original countries are overthrown and ruled by the 7 other kings.

Teachings like these lead the entire protestant denomination looking for a 10 nation confederacy to rise so like Impe, point to Europe for this via the EU and the rise of the Antichrist from there.

It keeps all the focus on organizations such as NATO or the European Union and keeps the masses away from what it really is, the world divided into 10 regions such as the picture and article I just posted at that depicts the entire world divided up into 10 regions as per the plans of the Club of Rome which was the beginning of the whole EU to begin with.

Or even children born into Satanism/Illuminati and who have defected from their families such as Svali will describe the Illuminati's plans to divide the United States itself into 10 regions.

The Old Testament prophets speak of the last days Babylon as the beast and the beast/man who rises to power being from Babylon. He has such great authority his second hand man, the False Prophet causes the whole world to worship who we call this first beast, the Antichrist, as God.

Through legislation and law it is demanded and enforced (by a world court no doubt) that the entire world worship the Babylonian leader/beast as God.

This edict could come after the beast(s) escape to Jerusalem to rule the world from there after Babylon is destroyed (chapter 17 &18). He has to flee his home country to survive the destruction that comes to it.

The last days beast is both a nation and it is a 'man' that runs it. Some people will proclaim it's just a nation, or just a man, it is both a nation and a man that runs it that is the last days beast.

His sidekick, the False Prophet has great authority to issue legislation and laws enforced upon the entire world, so they both undoubtedly have connections to the United Nations.

The False Prophet is both a religious leader and a political leader. He's a False Prophet because he prophesies falsely in the name of God, he's not a true prophet which indicates he uses religion and his manipulation of it to enforce his worldwide position as not only a religious authority but a political leader. He has two horns, which indicates dual authority, in this case religion and politics.

As I've said before in my articles whenever I talk about the coming end time beasts it is the second beast, the False Prophet who is the one doing most of the work to deceive the world. He's the leg man and PR man of the Antichrist's manipulating and deceiving the world into believing this first beast Antichrist is God.

The Bible gives us a description of where and from what the first beast, the Antichrist rises from and where. He rises from Babylon, makes war against the saints, and is given power over the entire world that is formed into a one world government or ruled by one governmental body that oversees all the nations such as the United Nations.

The first beast, Antichrist is given the authority to rule over the entire world, he's a worldwide dictator. And his PR man, the False Prophet has all the authority of the first beast, acting in his name, and enforces legislation to force every nation in the world to worship the world dictator as God.

It says that all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life.

So the Antichrist is good. Good enough to deceive a majority of the world's population. That's over 6 billion people. The handful that don't worship him are the Saints of God who have their names written in the book of life. They aren't deceived by it. Everyone else is.

It is Satan who gives the Antichrist and the False Prophet their power to deceive the world through miracles and signs and wonders.

They will perform great supernatural miracles and grab the attention of the majority of the world, probably 90% of its population. Those who don't believe this dictator is God will be seen as outcasts and wrong for not doing so. They will be hated, and the Antichrist will make war against them. Those who refuse to bow down and worship him as God will be killed.

We know that the majority of Christians today are in idolatry and apostasy. Yahweh has said so. Many are sitting in churches run by masons and Satanists, and in case you don't get it, there's not much if any difference between the two. Masons ARE Satanists. They don't worship the true God they worship the God of light, Lucifer, the false angel of light.

43,000 Southern Baptist ministers are confirmed Masons. And that's just the Southern Baptists. They have infiltrated every major denomination and TV religious network and TV based church. No one is going to get air time to speak the real truth when the networks are owned and run by Satanists to put disinfo religious personalities on the air who call themselves pastors, evangelists, or whatever. The truth doesn't dominate religion today, apostasy does and those who lead it.

It will be the Pentecostals and all the New Wave movement denominations followed by the Masons and Jesuits of the Catholic and Protestant denominations that become Satan's cheerleaders for the Antichrist to deceive their congregations. And many of the people of these congregations will follow them into the pit of hell.

John described the last days churches as being rich and in need of nothing. Sounds like all of the churches that dominate television and religious networks. And where is Yahushuah amongst them? Standing outside the door of them. He's NOT a part of them. So don't listen to them. Don't support them. Jesus is standing OUTSIDE the door of them, not inside as a part of them. Flee from them.

People try to make you feel like you're in the wrong for not associating with a bunch of apostates and idol worshippers for leaving the churches. Reality is, you're one of the few who actually gets it, who actually sees it all for the way John describes them, for the way Yahweh described them, they are the whores of Babylon.

People like Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe have been tools to keep people always looking elsewhere for the last days beasts and whores...instead of where they really AMERICA.

You don't have to get all embroiled and spend all your time and energy trying to figure out the symbology used by John. Watch the events as they unfold and you can recognize it. There's more than one interpretation, as the events unfold you will see the one that is emerging to fulfill the prophecy.

Satan isn't counting on any one plan. He's got 3 or 4 in the works and then he'll choose the way he has his beasts come to power. The problem is that people will get all caught up over a single interpretation and then later declare that's not the Antichrist because he didn't rise the way they expected him to so it's still a future occurence to come when it's actually happening then or now.

Don't get tangled over certain interpretations and put all your eggs and thoughts in one basket.

There's several different ways to interpret Revelation 13:1 and I've described some of them, the bottom line is read the rest of the chapter and you will know for sure it's the actual Antichrist who's risen when everyone starts getting oooooood and awed by him and the miracles and feats he performs and starts declaring he's God, the messiah returning.

Satan comes first with his beasts to mimmick Yahushuah and God.

Remember that.

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