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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Cow House - Always Talk and Always No Action

News reports never change. There always talking about how horrible something is, like domestic spying, and then never do a thing about it. They usually take the time to sound off and blast what the president is doing but always fall short of ever actually doing anything about it. The way they talk you would think Congress, the criminal house, would actually be on the side of the public, but they only act that way to keep the people off their backs.

Nothing ever gets done.

Whatever happened to the Valerie Plame affair? One indictment that will be whitewashed. Instead of going after the crooks in the cow house who revealed her identity they are going after the reporters who reported it instead. And it's not raising eyebrows? Go after the real criminals, reporters are just doing their job..which was amazing..and what the cow house is doing is just an attempt at intimidation..the general public should be furious and demanding the cow house step up to accountability for their actions not excusing them and blaming them on everyone else as they usually do.

Clone Bush has been quiet lately, unless I'm missing something they seem to be keeping him out of the spotlight and just letting Cheney get his for his Texas hunting blunder. No love lost between those two.

Phase two of this year begins. Heading to the mountains..whatever and wherever the Lord down time is over..time to prepare for the rest of the year and whatever else I'm to do.

I love you all. Keep the faith in Him, don't let the downward trends even get your attention. Most of the blasphemy coming out has been well planned in advance.

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