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Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Day in ...

I have been notified that I can no longer use Stormpay as a payment processor online for orgone orders or ministry donations. They have switched to accepting payments for online auctions only. So I have set up with someone else for the orgone orders. Unfortunately the new processing company won't process ministry donations so those who support my ministry will have to do so through the mail.

My address is:
Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

I went through this before when I was kicked out of and banned from Paypal for running and operating "hate websites." Now I've lost Stormpay. Alternatives for online payments are getting fewer and fewer.

I remember several years ago when I was battling over Paypal and refusing to bend to their bullying and intimidation that I take down my material about the Talmud on my website at and I refused, I lost my account with Paypal and I received an email from a fellow anti-Talmud webmaster that they had gone through the same battle with Paypal and eventually lost their entire website because without being able to use Paypal for donations they couldn't stay in business. I remember thinking at the time, "Well I'm not in "business" and the Most High is bigger than Paypal." That website is now one of the longest running ones I have other than

It seems like they try and do everything they can to squeeze or bully the small guys or ministries from operating on the internet. Our time seems like it's getting much smaller as well.

Take advantage of the info that's available now on the internet while you can. While websites like mine are still up and running. It won't be that way forever. Print and download material so you have it.

I know a lot of people are hyped on the year 2012 as the year the Antichrist arrives, that's 6 years away and from where I'm sitting I really don't think we'll last that long. Seems to me that's the year Yahushuah will return, which means the AC would appear in 2009. Even that seems liberal, at least for the United States to be around by then without martial law and total chaos and destruction. That feels like it's right around the corner, 2007, and that's if we even get out of 2006 without more 'terrorism' in our own country and enforced martial law.

This is just another setup year, a preparation year. We could still see chaos and destruction, especially Florida and the east and west coastlines so keep your ears open for Yah's leading.

I know people will claim "we can't know the time of the Lord's arrival" and that isn't true. The Bible says no one knows the day or the hour, that doesn't mean we can't know the year, month, or even week.

If He comes in 2012 that means the AC rises to power in 2009 or shortly before.

For the pre-tribbers you already missed the rapture. It would have had to have happened in 2005. But I'm not getting into matter what you say to a pre-tribber they won't hear it.

The Bible says that the number of those martyred for their faith is unnumerable. It's huge. Many, many people will stand before Him who have died for their faith. Doesn't sound like a rapture gets them before persecution does now does it?

Persecution is coming against the Saints of God.

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