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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The White House Terrorists...

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Texas to be hit with Nuke...Nuke sitting on ship at port..The White House knows which ship it is, where it is, and even the fact that the nuke is hidden on the upper level of the ship...because they've planned it! ...READ THIS

Does it surprise anyone? Not those who already have their eyes opened as to what's really going on in America today.

They always talk about the terrorists and what they are going to do or could do because they would know, they are the ones who are the terrorists!

Al Queda was a CIA operation. Bin Laden was business partners with GW Bush and the Bush crime family.

And none of them are who or what they say they are. And yet the majority of America is still fooled by it all because they don't want to believe it. They choose to watch our country slide into fascism and a police state because they don't want their illusions shattered of having to deal with real truth.

It's only going to end at Armageddon. Until then prepare and stock up on food, water, and essential supplies.

Is the earth going to rock and roll in May when Planet X will become visible for all to see? Is it this May or some other May? It seems to be this one from the reverse speech of Washington criminals.

Some disagreements on what Planet X is, but prepare for the ecological disasters it's arrival is going to cause.

Don't listen to NASA. They lie about everything and they try to cover up everything so the public has no idea what's really ever going on.

I didn't realize until tonight that the 'soul catcher' I've heard about is the same thing as this "net" other people are picking up in reverse speech.

The soul catcher, located on Mars, some kind of technology that's used to grab souls from those who have died and take them to Mars and imprison them, where they abuse, rape, and eat their astral bodies.

Your body is just a flesh body. When you die you have a spirit body or what they also call a astral body. Your flesh body contains this spirit "body" within it. It's what makes you, you. It's your spirit, your soul. When people astral travel they are using their spirit/soul/astral body. Sometimes people mistake them as ghosts.

I'm not saying all ghosts are humans in astral travel, just trying to describe it so you can try and understand what I am saying.

I revealed from the Bible Codes a couple years ago some things that I had found in regards to Mars. Underground bases, American military bases, "aliens" people being held as prisoners, a very lively planet considering all we ever hear from NASA is that it's lifeless and uninhabitable. They're liars and they know it.

It was shortly after I had posted my findings about Mars that I heard about a soul catcher machine on it and was warned, "never go into the light."

People who have Near Death Experiences often talk about seeing a bright light. It's the path to this Soul Catcher machine no doubt.

There's some kind of "net" that enables it to work. An invisible perhaps electromagnetic net or shield of some kind. I'm grasping at straws here, I really don't know as much about it as I would like to.

Either way, it's allegedly this net that is going to be destroyed when Planet X arrives closer to earth and is visible in May. The entrance of this planet will destroy the soul catcher net they (the aliens, particularly reptilians) have placed around the earth.

The Bible talks about how the last days Babylon is a merchant of the souls of men. They traffick in the souls of men. How that relates to soul catchers and Mars I can only guess unless you can pick up info from reverse speech and trust it for what it's saying. You have to realize that fallen angels (aliens) and Satan and demons all have their own 'truths' and views to things, so to depend solely on what they say in RS is and could be a huge mistake. I listen to what is revealed and interpret it in the light of what the Bible has to say or Yah says. He's my foundation. A truth to an alien or a demon is obviously not going to be mine since they are nothing but manipulators and liars.

They view things differently because they hate the Most High and are FALLEN and unredeemable.

There's nothing on Mars but evil.

Yes there are people being held prisoner there, I saw it in the Bible Codes years ago. And it's not just aliens that inhabit Mars, America is dominant there and the ones behind helping the aliens imprison people.

Pray for their release. Pray for the release of people being held prisoner on all their planetary and underground bases.

To them people are just cattle to be taken, imprisoned, tortured and eaten.

The madness has to stop.

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