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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Biggest Secret Is..

The biggest secret of all is that Satan's seed is alive and well on planet earth. They've kept this from the churches so they could infiltrate and rule them without conspiracy or hindrance, or Biblically true doctrines to contend with.

Ask yourself why the seminary (cemetary) owners and administrations are dominated by Jesuits, Masons and New Agers? So they can graduate pawns of themselves teaching false doctrines and theologies and keeping the truth out of the churches. How many are familiar with Norman Vincent Peele or the Dallas Theological Seminary? They turned out huge apostates such as Kenneth Hagin. And how many of these men were quick to fall into the line behind Hagin's apostasies and spring up as Hagin clones? Almost an entire charismatic movement.

Satan's offspring are everywhere, they dominate banking, education, politics, religion, entertainment, just about everything.

There's many who say there is no such thing as Satan's offspring on earth despite what Gen. 3:15 says, and a litany of other verses I quote in my articles The Serpent and the Illuminati or The Serpent Seedline: Edomite Jews and the Sons of Cain

In fact in the Parable of the Wheat and Tares it says Satan's seed, the tares, would grow alongside the wheat and be almost indistinguishable to tell apart. Yahushuah says they will grow together until the angels themselves separate the tares away from the wheat for judgment at the end of the last days.

Naturally the most vicious opponents of this Biblical truth are those with the most to hide. And those who Satan can work with and through to keep this truth out of the mainstream churches. And many in the churches today won't believe it or research it because their pastor never taught it. If he graduated from a seminary in America he wasn't taught it because it was purposely kept out by the snakes running the seminaries.

Satan's best work is when it goes undetected. How many people today have stopped to consider that they may be following a tare pastor? Supporting a tare ministry? Satan has his best beast prophets leading the largest congregations not only in America, but in the world today.

TBN, The Blasphemous Network parades tare after tare all day long and a majority of so-called believers never even notice. They're asleep at the wheel. They're being driven by Satan's prophets and don't want to hear the truth that they're being deceived.

Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, The Toronto Blasphemy, the eons of church leaders and pastors today who teach self-help psychology instead of heaven or hell. Just in the past few years the church of NORAD has taken dominance on the religious scene with tons of Apostolic and Prophetic type ministries and churches. Notice how many are springing up out of Colorado the home of ELF technology?

Ever wonder why so many high ranking occultists will refer to themselves as the Sons of Cain? It's a title almost synonomous with the Illuminati and those who promote Satan's Order, the New World Order. There's nothing new about the New World Order. It's the same lie and tactic he tried to use when he deceived 1/3 of the angels to rebel against God. This time around he'll deceive a majority of the entire world.

The goal he had in pre-Adamic times is the same Satan has today, to be worshipped as God. And the same lie he seduced Eve with in the Garden of Eden "ye can become like gods" is the same those in the New Age are promoting today.

Do you hear the hiss of the snake?

Where are safe havens for the Lord's people? Why haven't these shepherds the majority in dumbianity follow preparing for the times ahead and leading their congregations to do the same? They have the money, they have great abundance to protect their sheep but are they? Meanwhile true shepherds across the land are left flabbergasted at being able to do anything they need to do because the people won't support the true ones. Disasters are coming and many will be left homeless and have to fend for themselves because the majority of shepherds in the churches today have not done what they are required to do and fill the storehouses for the people so they have what they need when they need it.

You can believe they're prepared and have safety hideouts for themselves when the time comes to shelter themselves from the famine and storms you think they will care about their congregations then? Only to come back to fleece them more and deceive them more and promote the Antichrist as God so the blind will follow them into the pit of hell.

I've been warned several times that shortly before they make their move to fully implement the plans of the NWO here that the leaders of "the resistance" against Satan and the New World Order will be captured and killed. Naturally my name always comes up as being one of the leaders of the Resistance Movement. So if we're all gone, when we're needed the most, who will you have to listen to? God! The one you should have been listening to all along. And many of you are, but many of you aren't. Many of you haven't even begun to take any of this seriously.

How long will I be here to pound the pavement and expose the lies of the churches and government today? I asked the Lord that yesterday and He said, "know I am in charge and leading you child and only through Me can things be allowed to happen for whatever reason I allow them to."

My life is in HIS hands, not theirs. They can't touch me unless HE allows them to. I haven't spent one day in fear my entire life when it comes to man or what they want to do or think they will do or plan to do. Not one day. Someone sent me a vision stating I would be captured and killed on April 25 of this year. Am I worried? Not one bit.

David fought against the giants in his day and I'm fighting against them in mine.

I find it amusing that the New Age heroes such as Sananda Himself would spend so much time worrying about the affect I have on so few people. Perhaps because they know better than anyone that it only takes ONE person faithful to God to destroy Satan's and their plans.

You dont' think they're worried? I know they are. As laughable as it may seem, you would be amazed at how many aliens, demons, government, and New Agers read everything I write while most Christians don't give a thing I have to say the time of day. The problem is the handfull that do, and are learning, and are waking up and standing up for the Lord in these last days because they're learning the things I write about and speak of. The kingdom of Satan is afraid of those people.

They have more power in the name of Yahushuah than Satan has in his entire kingdom. Knowledge is power because knowledge acted upon can defeat his entire realm.

Two groups of 144,000 will battle Lucifer during his reign here. They will be here to witness to and testify of the Lord. They won't defeat the NWO, Yahushuah will do that Himself when He arrives at what we call The Second Coming of Christ, they will be here to save souls from Satan's grasp.

A handfull of people compared to over 6 billion in the world today.

Are you one of the handfull?

Many of you are and dont' think you are. And many think they are and they aren't. Seek Him, only He knows.

Pray for the truth in all things to be revealed to you.

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There's nothing "new" happening today or tomorrow until He defeats the armies of the Antichrist and throws Satan into the bottomless pit.

The Annunaki human-looking giants are going to claim they are Gods, messiahs, Ascended Masters, great teachers, even our forefathers and creators. It will only take one to deceive the majority of the world.

Don't fall for it.

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