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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Don't Typically Post This Kind of Stuff...

I don't typically post this kind of stuff but thought I would share this's from an email I received earlier today...


PS. I also want to share with you what I heard from the Lord when I was spending time with him last week, when I was asking him specifically about you and your ministry..... it was a quite powerful evening to say the least. There was more to this journal, but this was everything pertaining to you.... the rest was rather... personal.

Prayer Log 3-15-06

John 15 read prior to being with the Lord

Lord is Sherry Shriner your child? Is she telling the truth?

a light like a bright star shone in the darkness at this point...

Do you see that light in the darkness? That is my daughter shining bright for all to see, shining through the darkness of this world and what is to come to pass.

Is the rapture going to happen as we have been foretold, or will it be a select few?

Just as it was foretold in the book of Revelations there will be a multitude without number who have died for my name. A select have been chosen that will be brought forth before the darkness of tomorrow will become unbareable, but these things must come to pass. Fear not my son.

Again Lord is Sherry telling the truth?

a number of smaller stars shone in the darkness surrounding the bright one in the center...

These are the ones who have heard her message and have eyes to see and ears to hear. They will carry her word to those who know not and you are among those stars. I have molded you the way that I have for a reason my son, I wept for you when you had to endure everything of your youth, for I do not desire to see you in pain, but only in the joy that I provide. But you had to be refined, you had to be able to question authority and to see that which others do not. I love you my son, I always have and I always will. As it says in the passage that you read he that abides in me will bring forth good fruits, your pruning is nearly complete and although you do not know the fruit that you have born to this point, it is very good fruit. He that abides in me, so too will I abide in him, and give him strength in all things to come.

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