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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Devil Went Down To Texas...

Iran..changing their currency and accepting Euros rather than Dollars for monetary the USA must war against Iran to prevent a complete market and economic crash of the dollar. If Iran is successful and implements their currency change, inflation will hit America and the dollar will be worthless.

Britain plays both sides of the coin, on any one day they are both for or against a war in Iran. But really..what do they care..if Iran changes it's monetary structure it helps them, on the other hand they lose their closest ally the USA to an economic crash. After all, it's the USA that's been bankrolling Great Britain for years through the British D.B.A. (doing business as) I.R.S. in America. It's been the people of the United States funding Great Britain through the I.R.S. which is a 'slave tax.'

When the USA falls their is nothing Great Britain will be able to do about it but watch from a distance.

And without the USA behind them, they are nothing against the rest of the world, not even a super power to replace their brother USA.

So many churches in America fooled into thinking the real power is in Great Britain via a phony matriarchal throne when it is here in America. When America falls, Great Britain will fall shortly after.

The AC will not rule from Great Britain, there's no real power or authority there, just an illusion to lull church sheeple asleep so they can't see they've been living in the devil's empire all along..America.

Some of the biggest lies coming out of the churches today, "Zionism is supporting God's people," "the rapture will come before the Antichrist rises," or even, "the Antichrist will rise out of Europe," "the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon."

Mystery Babylon the Great...the Whore of's the Illuminati, not the Catholic Church. A one world religion will never be Catholicism and a one world government will never be led by the or a pope.

Just more disinfo churchianity theories to lull you to sleep.

The Illuminati is Nephilim, the humans doing the footwork are their hybrid children. The same Peter describes in 2 Peter as brute beasts meant to be taken and destroyed. Their children are the tares described in Matthew. Every government in the world is being led by a tare, a hybrid Nephilim beast. The Bush's, the Gores, Cheney, all of them are brute beasts. It is the war of the seed, Satan's seed vs. humankind.

These hybrids running our governments are occultists and generational Satanists. There's nothing new under the sun. These same types, the former Hittites, Cainanites, Amorites, etc..that ruled the banking and economies and masses in the OT times are doing the same today.

These same people that declare they won't be fooled and deceived by the Antichrist's deceptions are the same ones who have already been fooled and deceived by President Bush. If they believe he's a Christian and actually telling the truth they are already ripe to accept the Antichrist.

The Antichrist will be the biggest Bible thumper out of all of them.

"Judge not" Satan whispers...yet we ARE to Judge, by the Word of God.

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