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Friday, March 17, 2006

Is A Red Sky Coming...

Is Planet X coming in this April/May?

The spring time has always been a dominant time of the planet's arrival. I remember years ago seeing America in martial law during May-June-July because of all the destruction caused by the arrival of this planet. Whether we go into martial law or not remains seen but it's a possibility. Future events found in the codes are not written in stone because the course of events can change. If we do A, then plan B will happen etc...

Mankind and free choice are always dominant and there's several paths we can go down, and timetables of events certainly can be delayed or accelerated depending on the Most High Himself.

Ultimately nothing happens without His approval.

Apparently the reptilians running most of our governments through humans believe a terrifying time is coming and they are all trying to get off the planet by May.

I remember seeing in the codes back in 2002 and 2003 that our atmosphere would literally be on fire. If the electromagnetic shield that surrounds earth is caught on fire in some way that would have devestating affects on the entire solar system, not just our earth.

I don't know what kind of cause-effect it would have specifically on earth. I would imagine having a place to dig in or a cave to get into would be the safest thing, perhaps even a basement if it started getting to heated up outside.

Prepare a place to go and stock up on water and food. Most people probably won't realize what's going on here on earth at the time if all of a sudden our skies are red or you see flames in the heavens. I'm not sure myself what to expect but that would be the cause, our electromagnetic shield just went bust despite the lies they'll probably proclaim on television news and from NASA the master liars themselves.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, all could be a ripple effect as well as great earthquakes as the force of Planet X comes in. Great heat, droughts and famine, an instant result, if our atmosphere is on fire.

Stock up on water, water, water.

Will it happen this year in 2006? It could. We never know the precise years on events, but according to reverse speech specialist Peggy Kane they fully expect it to happen this May. You can follow her blog at

Surround yourself and your areas with orgone. You can learn how to make it at it has great protection against bad weather, the things it does are numerous. Yes you can and should seek the Lord for protection but if He has given us this weapon to use as a result of seeking Him for answers, then it stands to reason to use it. Don't be like the guy on the roof of his house that's being surrounded by water whose waiting for the Lord to help and sends 3 helicopters away in the process because the Lord will help him..then drowns. The Lord works in various ways.

Orgone is great protection against bad weather, it chills out tornadoes and high winds when they reach orgoned areas, I've seen that myself eons of times over the past few years and have heard from many in Florida whose areas were ignored by hurricanes that had orgone in them. Many people also, who had tornadoes heading their way that were spared as the tornado changed directions or dissipated by the time it hit their orgoned area.

Not all orgone is made the same. Keep it Yah's way and the way He told us how to make it and I have the directions on my website. Don't add or subtract things to it.

Seems they've been trying to drum up the Bird Flu destruction that should have hit by now, it's being delayed or their plans destroyed by Yah's hand Himself. Not sure what's going on but they keep trying to get it going and it keeps fizzling. Sometimes ya gotta laugh. Just because they want to do something and Yah warns us about it, doesn't mean they can.

Yah bless His Saints.

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