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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Xzone Radio is a Joke

From all outward appearances X Zone Radio appears to be a radio talk show based on the paranormal. But after having been a guest on this show it's clearly obvious the network is incapable of having any kind of intellectual conversation from that host.

The host, Rob McConnell is obnoxious, rude, and tends to throw the atmosphere of what should be a conversation into verbal attacks and abuse on his guests as he clearly spends most of his time trying to bash what is being said rather than respecting diverse opinions or even trying to understand them.

In short, he plays the role of a government shill.

"I don't believe government is corrupt, that's totally illogical" claims McConnell.

In fact his entire show is based on what he does or doesn't believe as he rants against the guests he brings on it. Why bother having guests at all?? It's not a radio talk show it's a playground for his immateur, unintelligent arrogance and his own stupidity.

He's not fit to be a host of any kind.

Before I went on the air he had asked me to submit 12 questions that listeners might want to hear the answers to. I found it odd that an "interviewer" refused to do his own homework and view the material of the guests he was having on his show and formulate his own questions for them to answer. You know like, "show some interest in your guests." But I submitted the questions anyway.

He didn't ask one of them during the what seemed like 10 minutes of actual bashing compared to the 45 minutes of advertising.

Here were the questions I sent him...

Potential Questions:

1. Who and What are "aliens" ?

2. Are there friendly aliens?

3. What and who are the Serpent Seedline?

4. How can we defend ourselves against aliens?

5. How can we defend ourselves against high tech government weapon attacks?

6. What's the reason reason behind massive and worldwide enforced chip implantation?

7. You have a website called what exactly is that?

8. Who are the "Omegans", what is NESARA and why do you have a website called ??

9. How will we know we're in the prophesied last days?

10. Do the Arab nations play a key role in the last days?

11. Some preachers claim America isn't mentioned in the that true?

12. What are your thoughts on Canada for the last days? Will we be thrown into martial law?

He never had an interest in asking actual questions. From the start of the interview he had his own agenda to attempt to mock and ridicule me. When that wasn't working he just cut me off the air.

It was the worst attempt I've ever seen to attempt to mock and discredit my work. He's clearly not much of a professional at it as I was barely even amused by it. I've gotten more of a rise from fake video death threats.

When I told him he was an atheist he went ballistic denying it. Then admitted to his next guest that he was indeed an atheist. He clearly discredits himself by his own actions, tantrums, lack of professionalism, and short memory.

Why did I even bother to do the show? Because people can think for themselves. And as much of an idiot as Rob McConnell is, his audience has a much higher intelligence level than he does and they can and will make up their own minds despite his attempts to do their thinking for them.

Nothing done for the Lord will return void.

There's someone out there who needed to hear what I had to say in the very short amount of time I had to say it.

May the Most High be blessed.

Yah bless His Warriors,

1 comment:

paul shishis said...

Thanks for posting Sherry

Yes I agree in all mentioned - questions and bio included
I was also a guest talking UFO's experiences
First interview I was open to tell my story of many UFO sightings
Rob was open and listened and talked with me during the breaks
He seemed okay and open minded

Then after answering his many requests for a second interview
The man had changed face and tone - like a two face
He never spoke to me during breaks
His attitude had twisted to 180 degree changed even regarding subject
I was attacked and hang up near the end of his interview
Now today I could see his agenda from the start to was to debunk me and related subjects
Since 2010 to present' -- 9 years
Each year passing years posts on the net - only the second interview - not the first
He is clearly a deceptive character in this field of paranormal
Agenda unknown

Here is my photographic evidence UFO's do exist what I see

Yes - what a monkey world