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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Transcribe: Sherry Shriner On The Air with X-Zone

Sherry Shriner on X-Zone Radio with Rob McConnell
Transcribed by Liz Patton

My guest this hour is Sherry Shriner (he should have just added, "and I'm going to be as rude and sarcastic as I can be during this interview").

She is an internet evangelist who runs her own personal radio show on the internet and apparently is listened to people in over 162 countries. She owns and operates 20 website on the internet; she is the author of 2 books, Hidden Codes Revealed the Coming UFO Invasion and Aliens on the Internet.

She is the granddaughter of Israel’s ancient King David and claims several different alien invasions are coming to Earth during a period of time the Bible describes as the tribulation period. Her websites cover various topics such as aliens, UFO’s, government high tech weapons, chip implantation, the coming antichrist, joint underground alien and military bases and the last days.

Rob: Welcome to the X-Zone.

Sherry: Thank you.

Rob: Who are the aliens?

Sherry: Aliens are fallen angels; not these extra terrestrials that live billions of miles away. They are just fallen angels.

Rob: So if you are writing books on UFO’s and aliens on the internet, are you talking about angels?

Sherry: I’m talking about angels that were kicked out of Heaven with Lucifer in his first rebellion; also those who fell during the earlier days. Angels have free will, just as mankind does. They are not held as prisoners in Heaven and they do fall. They fell before the flood and after the flood. People think that the flood wiped out all the giants and fallen angels at that time, but the Bible says in Genesis 6:4, they fell before and after the flood. They just disguised their appearance and there are different reasons why some are humanoid looking giants and others are grotesque ugly looking creatures such as dragons and lizards. There are like 200 different variations.

Rob: Tell me, when did you get your calling?

Sherry: Probably about 10 or 12 years ago. I’ve actually just been born with the love for the Lord. I finally just started giving up on religion and going to the Lord for the truth direct in all things. I was just getting so exasperated with religion and started seeking Him for the truth. That’s when He started opening my eyes and pulling me out of the box; that box that everybody who is in religion is in.

Rob: When did your interest in aliens, UFO’s, government high tech technology joint underground alien and military bases and last day prophecies come to the surface?

Sherry: Well, I was going into the New World Order; I was with the patriots. I agreed more with the patriots online; conservative America – patriot America. The Lord pulled me away from that and started showing me what was really going on behind the scenes; what really controls and pulls the strings of the New World Order. So 10 years ago, there were maybe 1 or 2 alien and UFO based websites on the Internet and now you look and they are just all over the place.

Rob: How many years ago?

Sherry: About 10-12 years ago.

Rob: My dear, I’ve been doing this show about 15 years and there were plenty of UFO and alien websites on the internet back then.

Sherry: The only ones I was familiar with was Alien You probably know Guy Malone and Rick at Star Gods.

Rob: Oh, gosh, there were tons, there were tons back then.Okay, stand by. You and I have to take a commercial break. When we come back, I’d like to talk to you about the coming UFO invasion. My name is Rob McConnell, this is the X-Zone, Sherry Shriner’s our special guest .

If you’d like to give us a call and speak to Sherry 1-877-528-8255 that is toll free for the U.S, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Sherry and I will return on the other side of this commercial break as the X Zone continues live from our studios in beautiful Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. On the shores of Lake Ontario right in the middle of the Great Lakes triangle.

Rob: Welcome back to the X-Zone everyone. Sherry Shriner is our special guest.Now, Sherry you say there is a coming UFO invasion. Can you tell us about that?

Sherry: There are several UFO invasions. Once you learn the terminology being used and learn how to recognize them in the Bible, even with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. It talks about the arrival of the 4th horse and Hell and Hades following after him; referring to Hell and Hades, the northern army in Joel 2, the Euphrates locust in Revelation 9. All of these are terms for aliens.

Rob: How do we know that? How do we know that?

Sherry: What I’ve been doing for the past…about since 2000, in becoming an avid decoder in Bible codes.

Rob: Now, excuse me, you said the last 2000?

Sherry: Since the year 2000.

Rob: Oh. Since the year 2000. I’m sorry.

Sherry: So, The Lord’s been able to show me different terms being used to describe these alien beings in Hebrew terminology in the Masoretic text of the Hebrews. When you tear down the words…you can take abasic concordance to Biblical terms…..locusts…what exactly are locusts. Iknow that some American preachers teach that it is helicopters, but that is wrong. Also other terms being tall boys, lizards, different types referred to as the same beings which we call today, the aliens.

Rob: So, do you read Hebrew?

Sherry: I’ve been learning it.

Rob: You say that you’ve been doing the Bible codes since the year 2000, so how can you read the Bible code that is written in Hebrew if you don’t read Hebrew?

Sherry: Well, they translate it into English.

Rob: Who does?

Sherry: The programs do.

Rob: Oh, this is a program that you use?

Sherry: Yes, a Bible decode program.

Rob: Okay…and…I always thought that when the Bible was talkinga bout locusts, they were talking about locusts, the swarms of locusts that are very common in that part of the world.

Sherry: Well, the book of Revelation is based on a lot of symbology. So, if you break down the symbolism of the terms being used. You talk about a guy, the Apostle John some 2000 years ago trying to describe things he was seeing in the future so they could understand it. So what he could do was describe things the best way he could. We all know the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are not literally riding horses; it is just figurative ways to describe what he is seeing.

Rob: Alright…so…when are these UFO invasions coming? And where are they coming from?

Sherry: The first one that most people need to be watching out for. I believe that the rider of the red horse is already riding – being represented by George Bush and his endless war on terror. The next horse to come is the rider of the black horse..

Rob: Hold on here…let’s go back to my question. MY question was, when the UFO invasion’s are going to start.

Sherry: I’m getting to there. The rider of the black horse, which is Maitreya, this coming Iranian Imam. So you will start seeing alien invasions on Earth almost coinciding with his arrival in Arabia; the unleashing of the locusts from the Euphrates River. These locusts are going to be his allies.

Rob: Alright, so when is this UFO invasion going…when is the next…when in the first UFO invasion and where are they coming from?

Sherry: The first alien invasion is with Maitreya. The first UFO invasion will be with this coming Sananda; this Jesus Christ that’s coming to the earth. That’ll be several months after Maitreya’s arrival, depicted usually in the month of September in the year 2009. What I’ve been battling back and forth with – there is 2008 this year, this biblical year 2009 or is it literally next year in our 2009?After you see this Iranian Imam, this Maitreya come to the world scene, about 4-5 months later, you’re going to see the first UFO invasion which will be with this Sananda. He’s going to come posing as God; these UFO being his angelic hosts. I think most of your listeners have probably heard of Project Blue Beam that will come into play with Sananda’s arrival.

Rob: Where are these UFO’s coming from?

Sherry: The fallen angels; these demonic beings have modes of transportation. They live on our star systems, they live on our moons, they live on our planets. All of them are hollow. You can look up in the sky and see their bright star ships at night. They usually come out at about 33 degrees above horizon. They mimic stars, but are actually star ships.

Rob: Oh, yeah. How big are these star ships?

Sherry: I don’t know how big they are, but they look the size of a star and they are much closer to Earth. They have to be pretty huge.

Rob: Have you ever seen a starship?

Sherry: I see them every night. You can look outside, and look up in the sky and see them.

Rob: Have you ever been in one?

Sherry: No.Rob: Then how do we know they are really starships?

Sherry: I guess it’s one of those things; you believe it or you don’t. They move. They don’t just sit there like a star all night. If you watch them, they’ll do something crazy. They’ll move across the sky and then back into position. They’ll be there one night and miss a night and not be there at all then show up the night after that. Once you think you’ve located a starship, just watch it. They do crazy things. They’re not like stars that are in the same position for a period of time.

Rob: When you started the interview, I asked you who the aliens were and you said that they were fallen angels. Then I asked you if the aliens were in UFO’s and you said, “No, they’re fallen angels.” Then you tell me a few minutes ago the fallen angels come in UFO’s.

Sherry: I missed your question. Are they in UFO’s? Yes. Understand we’ve got these demonic beings, these alien beings who use UFO’s for transportation who also taught the same technology to the Germans, the United States, Russians and Chinese. We’ve got everybody flying UFO’s now. The United States has their own fleet piloted by NSA pilots. When people look up in the skies, you don’t know if you’re seeing a military UFO or a real terrestrial being UFO.Rob: And you know this how?

Sherry: Just years of research. You know, you can read the works of William Cooper. You can read Phil Schneider…

Rob: Billy Cooper?

Sherry: I’ve been breaking down Bible codes for almost 8 years now. I’ve written many articles on my websites…Rob: Hold on here…let’s go back a second. Billy Cooper?

Sherry: William Cooper. Yes.

Rob: The alleged UFO expert?

Sherry: He was a Naval Intelligence officer.

Rob: That doesn’t mean he was an expert.

Sherry: It’s one of those things, Rob; you either believe it or you don’t. Some people need a UFO to land on their head before they’ll believe they exist.

Rob: Where do you get your belief from? This is what I am having a problem with.

Sherry: I get my belief from what the Lord teaches me and what He reveals to me. People can say George Bush hears from the Lord too. Let me tell you something; the Lord doesn’t speak to your head. If you are hearing voices in your head, you are hearing from the ELF god, which is military technology. Satan’s realm; demons talk to your head. Satan talks to your head. Aliens channel information into your head. The Lord doesn’t speak to your head, He speaks to your heart and He will lead His people.

Rob: Tell me about your ministry.

Sherry: My ministry is reaching out to almost every area in the world now. Islands and countries I’ve never even heard of. I’ve been doing this for a while now. The Lord has just led me to be a mouthpiece on Earth for Him. Satan is coming to Earth within a matter of time. People don’t have a lot of time. We’ve got the telltale famine when Maitreya arrives. There will be a coming global famine. He’s just been using me to sound the alarms on many things that are coming to Earth.

Rob: Before you entered the ministry and started your own evangelistic crusades, what were you doing?

Sherry: I was in school. I was in college, attending Kent State. I graduated from Kent State University. Before that, I was at Liberty University. I was planning on having a career in journalism and broadcasting, and the Lord just had different plans for me.

Rob: Do you see a lot of people getting converted to your way of thinking?

Sherry: You know what? It’s not something I…I’m not one of these people – you have to believe what I believe. I simply say what The Lord has me to say, if they believe it fine, if they don’t fine. I have more enemies then people that agree with me and that’s fine. I’m not here for the majority. There’s a minority in the world that are The Lord’s people and that is who I am here to wake up.

Rob: Why would you have enemies?

Sherry: I have tons of enemies. I’ve had many death threats. I’m targeted all the time by the government, which is why I’ve learned how to combat high tech weapons. I get targeted all the time; they want me to shut up. They don’t want me to expose what they are doing and what their plans are.

Rob: What are their plans?

Sherry: Well, I’ve got 20 websites exposing their plans.

Rob: Can’t you just summarize one or two of them for us?

Sherry: There are 2 different factions. You are dealing with the New World Order faction and the Alien agenda. Ron Paul is the alien agenda and George Bush with the new world Order crowd. It’s a battle between those two agendas alone. I just sit back and expose them both.

Rob: You expose them, but do you make any difference?

Sherry: I can’t stop it, but what I can do is prepare the people on Earth for what is coming and that’s what I am here to do. We can put a big dent in their plans. We’ve already seen it and have caused many UFO’s to crash out of the sky. Eventually a lot of them will be doing it. We can put a hamper in Satan’s kingdom.

Rob: How do you get a UFO to crash?

Sherry: Apparently, UFO’s are flown on some kind of technology. I don’t know how it works, but Orgone is a simple energy emitting device. By running into this Orgone, it conflicts with their systems that run and operate the UFO’s, and they just crash.

Rob: Stand by. You and I have to take a commercial break. We’ll be back after the break. Sherry Shriner is our special guest. We’re talking about UFO’s, gods, being a televangelist; how aliens are fallen angels who fly flying saucers and when we come back she’s going to tell ushow they get those to crash. Because the government has a fleet of UFO’s, the bad guys have a fleet of UFO’s, the NSA fly’s UFO’s and if ou look up into the sky at night, you can see the mother ships!

(interview resumes)

Rob: Sherry, before we went to the break, you were telling us about being able to bring down UFO’s and how do you do this?

Sherry: (no sound)…..they saturated my area with chemtrails allthe time. I put Orgone around the perimeter of my area and several milesout all the way around. I noticed every time the chemtrail planes would come, the chemtrails would dissipate. For a while that was going on and still goes on, but what I noticed was when UFO’s would come into the area, you would start to see the flashes of light coming out of the sky. Sometimes you would hear loud booms. Most of the time, you would just see flashes of light. The media would refer to it as meteors crashing to the Earth. I started looking at that and noticed that for about 2 years until I stumbled onto it in the Bible codes and saw that it was literally UFO’s crashing out of the sky.

Rob: How many UFO’s do you think have crashed in the last 10 years?

Sherry: I have no idea. I’ve being doing Orgone for 4 years now and I’ve probably seen anywhere between 8 and 10, maybe 12 in my own area. WhenI started hearing about it in Tampa, Florida and out in Washington, the media describing exactly what I had seen in my own area. It started becoming more and more noticeable and the Lord told me that we’re just seeing the start of it. It’s going to happen a lot more.

Rob: So you’ve seen 8 to 10 crashed UFO’s in your own area?

Sherry: Right.

Rob: Do you take pictures of them?

Sherry: No. For a while, last year even being a constant target of the government, I was even homeless for a while living in a campground. There was a big commotion there; everybody hearing a loud boom and seeing a blue light flashing. It was on the media all over the state. I’ve just been in circumstances where I have become so accustomed to being targeted by so many different factions. I didn’t own a camera. When I was in New Mexico, I took pictures of that area out there. I’m one of these people, you can believe it or not. I’m going to do what the Lord leads me to do. To set up Satan’s welcome party on Earth. If others want to join me they can; if they don’t that’s fine.

Rob: I’ve gotta tell you. You’re making some very wild claims and don’t have any evidence to substantiate anything.

Sherry: You know what? The Lord’s people know who I am. They can tell by their own spirits if I speak the truth or not. I’m not here for the majority of the world. The Lord’s army is 144,000.

Rob: That’s it!?

Sherry: Two armies of 144,000 that will do work on the Earth for Him. The rest will be going through martial law, stuck in churchdom, stuck in religion. Not really getting to know who He is because they believe what religion tells them. I was a Baptist for 30 years. Something is wrong here when you have to twist doctrines to try and prove doctrines. So, I just walked away from it all and asked Him to teach me the truth in all things.

Rob: How can you be a Baptist if you are the granddaughter of Israel’s ancient King David?

Sherry: I’m an Israelite. People get a different idea of what Jews are. David had red hair. That doesn’t make him a dark skinned Arabian looking Jew. The Jews in Israel today are fake Jews. They are Kazar’s.

Rob: Now, that’s not a nice thing to say.

Sherry: Well, it’s the truth, Rob.

Rob: Where do you get your information? You told me that you went to journalism to become a journalist or a broadcaster. You know that you have to get facts; you’ve got to do your research. Where is your research on all of this?

Sherry: Look at my websites. Go online and put in Kazar. It’s not just on my website, it’s all over the internet. This is radio. We are sitting here dealing in audio, not written text facts.

Rob: But we’re dealing in facts, not supposition.

Sherry: Read to your hearts content. I’ve got a whole website on fake Jews.

Rob: You’re making a lot of claims. You said there were 8 to 10 crashed UFO’s and you don’t have proof of that. You’re saying..

Sherry: Do you believe that Abraham Lincoln existed. Have you seen him with your own eyes? You take history books for value? How much do we know of history is correct?

Rob: I know a lot of history is incorrect. However…

Sherry: You either believe it or you don’t. You can research it on your own or take it at face value what you are hearing. I like to research things and pray about things. I’ve been studying things for years. I was at a time in my life 20 years ago when I was reading 5 books a week to learn what was going on.

Rob: Tell me, why do you hate the government?

Sherry: I don’t hate government; I hate corruption.

Rob: So are you saying the government is corrupt?

Sherry: It is totally corrupt…

Rob: So you hate the government.

Sherry: The corruption in the government. The people running the government. The New World Order agenda. It’s not an agenda that is looking out for people. When you have people that swear oaths to secret societies, their loyalties are to that secret society and not the constitution of a country they are supposed to be protecting.

Rob: How do you know these secret societies exist?

Sherry: They’ve been around for thousands of years. It’s not something new that has happened just in America. They are in every country. Ever since Satan caused the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, it’s been a conspiracy to destroy mankind. You have Satan’s seed and The Lord’s seed here on Earth. Satan’s seed hides within secret societies.

Rob: What do you talk about on your church broadcast? How often is it?

Sherry; It’s not a church broadcast. It’s on every Monday night 10 pm Eastern…

Rob: Batman, I’m having a hard time hearing the guest. Can you fix that?I’m sorry; we’re having difficulty with our audio Sherry. Can you repeat your answer?

Sherry: I broadcast every Monday night at 10 pm eastern time. I talk about Bible codes, coming events, whatever The Lord has me speak on.

Rob: Do you speak to the Lord?

Sherry: Every day.

Rob: What does He feel about the situation of the planet? If these aliens are bad, and if there are going to be negative things happening on this earth….why doesn’t He just step in and stop it?

Sherry: Mankind has free will. Mankind has free choice.

Rob: That seems to be a biblical “out.” Whenever you talk to somebody about why there is never the intervention to either cure the sick, feed the hungry, stop wars…it’s always this little escape clause, “that’s because man has his own free will.” No one can ever give me a direct answer. If this supreme deity is there, why doesn’t he correct the mess that he made?

Sherry: He does, but He gives mankind his own time. If you have the answer, let’s hear it.

Rob: It’s easy. I’m a dad. I would never see any of my children go sick, go hungry, and get into problems. I don’t even let strangers who I run into go hungry be sick and go homeless. And yet…this is my show, not your internet show.

Sherry: Okay.

Rob: We’re talking about a deity who is supposed to be so magnificent, so awe inspiring, and so all encompassing. If we are made in His image, then He should come and correct the problems that He created. Maybe free will was the worst mistake He ever made.

Sherry: Well, it wasn’t His intention, if I can butt in, for it to be this way. He created Adam and Eve for Himself. It was Adam and Eve that sinned in the garden and cause creation to go a totally different direction than the purpose He created it for.

Rob: Why is it a sin to have knowledge?

Sherry: It’s not a sin to have knowledge.

Rob: Then what was the sin that Adam and Eve did?

Sherry: Their sin was…I have it detailed at about his sexual union with Lucifer. It had nothing to do with an apple in the Garden of Eden.

Rob: That’s your interpretation.

Sherry: Yes. That’s if you read the terminology being used in Genesis. That is the interpretation based on the words in the Bible lexicon.

Rob: Where does it say in the bible that Eve had sex with Lucifer?

Sherry: If you look in the terminology being used, it’s all mapped out on the website. Enoch talks about it; he’s one of the greatest prophets in biblical history. He never died, walked with God and was taken to Heaven in a chariot.

Rob: Ummhhmmm.

Sherry: The church has suppressed it all these years. Who controls the seminaries? Satanists and Luciferians. There’s been a lot of lost knowledge. That’s why when people stand up and when they do they are ridiculed and mocked constantly, just like I am on radio interviews.

Rob: It’s because you make no sense.

Sherry: Just because something is true, doesn’t mean….sometimes it takes a while to assimilate the knowledge; to get used to hearing truth. You’ve been lied to your entire life…

Rob: It’s true to you because you believe it. In your mind it’s true.

Sherry: In my mind, it’s because I pray and ask daily for the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to me because I don’t want to hold on to errors. I don’t want to hold onto false beliefs and doctrines.

Rob: But there are millions of people around the world who also pray daily.

Sherry: For the truth in all things. It’s a very specific prayer, Rob. To ask the Lord to reveal truth in all things to you. Because when you do that, you allow Him to get rid of all the errors you are holding on to.

Rob: How come these other people who pray to the Lord don’t have the same outlook that you have?

Sherry: That’s why I teach on my show every single week. I hammer it every week; ask Him for the truth in all things; to get back to the Lord Himself. They are tied up with religion, and what I teach is relationship. A relationship with the Lord and not being stuck in religion. Religion is what man defines God as.

Roy: Here’s a question for you. It’s a biblical question; maybe you can help me out with this one. Doesn’t the bible say that in the end times there will be a false prophet?

Sherry: Yes.

Roy: Maybe you are that false prophet?

Sherry: It also details and describes what this false prophet is, Rob. This false prophet forms an economic program, a global economic program.

Rob: Now you are saying that the government is corrupt. You’re saying that the aliens are really fallen angels. You’re saying that there are starships in the sky. You’re saying that the planets are hollow. This kind of falls into the category in my humble opinion of a false prophet.

Sherry: Well, that’s your opinion. That’s fine. You can believe what you want to believe, but The Bible is very detailed on what the false prophet is or what a false prophet says and it doesn’t come to pass. If you research anything that I talk about for 10 minutes, you would be overwhelmed with information that you could start learning from. You’re holding on to a particular view. You hate God. You’re mad at God. You’re mad at the world. He doesn’t exist. Until you break the walls down around you, you are never going to see God.

Rob: You know what? I don’t hate God. I never said he doesn’t exist. So, where are you getting your information from, young lady?

Sherry: It’s basically what you have just been saying in the last 10 minutes…”Well, if I created the Earth I wouldn’t allow people to suffer.” No one likes to see people suffer. Satan makes people suffer.

Rob: That’s right. Then why do they?

Sherry: The funny thing is, is when he comes to earth as God, people will believe him and worship him in majorities. This one being that has caused all this suffering, war, death, destruction and torment on Earth; when he comes and plays God on the Earth, people will be following him.

Rob: I don’t think that you are right at all. I think that you have some very unique outlooks on life. I think that for some reason you have a negative spin to you and the negativity is not welcomed on this show.

So Batman, shut the line. Enough is enough. She hates the government. She has her own little world that she spins in. There are negative aliens who are really fallen angels. What planet was she from again?

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