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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hello folks,

A Jewish Pope, interesting. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem. Watch for the Dome to be destroyed and the Jewish temple get put up.

Having a rebuilt Jewish temple is the main enchilada of the Illuminati's plans. Even if you don't think Daniel is literal for today. It is literal for the Illuminati who want a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

Ratzinger is Edomite. He was appointed as Pope on Hitler's birthday.

Ratzinger was the one who stepped in and campaigned against Kerry because of his views on "abortion." Nevermind Bush has the same views. He could have stood against Kerry because Kerry ran a snuff film operation, but noooooooooooo, killing children is ok, just not unborn infants. Don't even try to understand their madness. It is all a game.

Of course Ratzinger was appointed quickly, a lot of paybacks were due and I'm sure he was well promised the job before John Paul 2 even died.


At a time the New Age Anuk's need to dominate the governments the NWO just got a push with an Edomite Pope. NWO 1 vs, New Age 0 - if I were to start keeping tabs.

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