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Monday, April 25, 2005

The radio show was sabotaged Saturday night. No surprise there folks, when you have problems with the player you're listening to it from, switch players. They attack the Real Player. Use the Windows Media player, and I put the new MP3 link on to the real player link on my site now, so it should cut out problems if you listen from my site. If you go to the main page at the new MP 3 stream link is on there as well.

My house here was a zoo after the show with all the remote viewers. I told them to leave or be uncreated. I'm getting tired of the constant harrassment from military and government remote viewers. They think they are sneaky, they think they are invisible, they're a joke..a total joke.

If they want to keep ticking me off I'm going to put up a whole website just on remote viewing and expose them and ask the Lord for specific ways to destroy them. I'm tired of being patient or nice to humans who serve Satan. It's time to just destroy them if that is what it takes to be left alone.

till next time..

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