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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Cardinals are meeting to cast lots on the next great deceiver to take up space in the Vatican.

You know what the Great Whore of Babylon is? Religion. Period. Religion has led men and women into the pit of hell for thousands of years. Not just Catholicism, all of them.

Religion is man's attempt to play God on earth. So few are really messengers or teachers of Him in the churches and religions today. In fact most who pronounce Him as Lord He rejects as even His. He said, "They call Me by My name but they don't do as I say. They are not My people."

Most religions lead people away from the Most High, not to Him. They replace HIS commands and teachings with their own perceptions of what those are.

Stop the Madness!

Get Back to Yahweh

Stop waiting to be "led" to God by someone else and seek Him for yourself. Lead your self to HIM. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and teach you who He is. You don't need someone with a zillion theological credentials to teach you who God is, most don't even know themselves they just sound impressive with all their credentials.

Like sheep to the many being led into the pit of hell by the ones they trust because they aren't following the Lord's commands to seek Him for themselves.

He is the door. Plain and simple. Go to the door.

Knock on the door.

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