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Friday, April 22, 2005

I will be hosting Aliens In The News one hour a week, coming soon. I will announce more details later. It will be at 1pm on Tuesday's or Wednesday's.

I was offered a chance to do the show on another network for a 2-3 hour time slot but opted to only take one hour for now. I will keep the same listener call-in format.

My regular show on Saturday nights will stay the same. That will always be my "home" show.

The Lord has revealed some info to me lately that has shocked my socks off, so I'm working on that to reveal that soon. I always wondered why in the codes I was "shocked" and what it was I so shocked about. Well, the Lord has revealed will I...soon.

A few of you are offended by the term sucks in my latest website
Well folks, that website is geared toward those who find it amusing. It doesn't have "this is a religious" site all over it and so it's attracting alot of people who wouldn't otherwise go to it.

I have heard it is not an "adult" term to use..well most people on the internet don't act like adults it is serving its purpose. Over 30 countries visiting the site already in less than a week or so.

It's good to see just as many countries visiting a lot of people interested in the Feast Schedule. Yahweh is leading them Back to HIS feasts. It's not such a huge step and thing to get into when you have some help and guidance. We were supposed to be celebrating them all along, the majority of the church took a dive in the wrong direction and has been apostate for almost 2000 years. Yahweh is waking up His people and leading us all back to Him and His feasts, to do ALL the things He has commanded us to do.

Most people get ridiculous and take it for a mile that we're to follow all 613 or gazillion of the OT Levitical laws and that's not the case. Just let Yahweh lead you into His truth and what He wants you to do. In the Old Testament they were led by the letter of the law. The New Covenant replaced that with the Spirit of the Law and HIS Spirit will lead you into what to observe and follow. It's that simple. People make it a lot more complicated than it really is.

till next time...

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