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Friday, April 08, 2005

A lot of people seem to be interested in knowing why they didn't embalm the pope. In fact, they didn't embalm Pope Pius XII either and his stomach burst during his lying-in-state. To embalm or not to embalm...that is the conspiracy. LOL.

John Paul 1 was embalmed. Probably to hide the fact they poisoned and killed him. So the lack of embalming or emballment, embalment, if that's a word and however you spell it, of John Paul 2 hasn't gone unnoticed by the curious. I think it is because they think he's a contender for being the Antichrist and could return as "God." Seriously yawning here...

Can you imagine Satan Clause appearing in the heavens descending to earth? Children everywhere would be utterly confused on Santa's early arrival.

I would like to thank those who support my ministry online. Through their generosity I will be submitting my second book, another collection of my articles already on my websites, to the publisher next week. I will be calling it "Saints Under Attack" and it will highlight the high tech weaponry being used to target people, and especially believers. It will include a mixture of current and future event type articles.

May the Lord be blessed and may He bless those who have blessed me.

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