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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Is the next Pope the False Prophet? Check out my commentary on it at

1 more, 2 more, and then the end. So they say.

I think Catholicism is over. It hasn't put a dent in world religion and yet the Vatican is Satan's seat. Over 1 billion Moslems, over I billion buddhists. But think about it. It was a Jesuit who created Islam. The woman Muhammad married was a Vatican pawn who created Muhammad and his "divine" calling on orders from the Pope to do so. She created Islam for the Pope. So the real founder of Islam besides the Pope, is a woman. And who do they dehumanize and demonize the most? Women.

As his wife she convinced Muhammad he had a divine calling on his life and was hearing from "Allah." I have no doubt he was hearing from a demon called the moon god, but in this century these deceived people actually believe that Allah is a offshoot of the name Yahweh.

Do they act like God's people? Would Yahweh discriminate against anyone? No. Would Yahweh abuse, torture and dehumanize anyone? No.

Islam is Satanism. It thrives on abuse and suffering. There is no difference.

Prince Charles will attend the Pope's funeral and has moved his wedding to the next day.


I wonder what they will do afterwards? Shapeshift and reminisce about the days when the pope could actually walk to the basement himself and do rituals over the pentagram on the floor?

Or maybe they'll drink blood and brag about the growth of Islam, Mormonism, and how deceived everyone is? How about that throne room overlaid in gold under the Mormon in temple for the demon Moroni? Do you think he'll be at the funeral?

I wonder if this is like a demonic holiday now where they all get a day off of harrassing humans to celebrate the death of one of their own that they now get to torment in hell.

Do you think he has lifted his eyes up to heaven to behold it's glory to wish he had a second chance? Do you think he'll get that glimpse of heaven before they assign him his cell or pit in hell to burn in?

I remember reading "Divine Revelation of Hell" by Mary K. Baxter. She described how she was taken 40 days consecutively to hell to write what she was to see to warn the people about hell. She described how hell was divided up into separate areas etc..for classifications of people. The witches, were all promised kingdoms when they died, or to share Lucifer's with his, they were promised wealth and rank in Lucifer's kingdom after death. Mary described what they got, they were placed in what looked like tiers of jail cells. The only furnishings in each cell was a rocking chair. They would sit in these chairs and every so often flames would cover the entire area and burn them as they sat there. There was nowhere to run, no way to hide. They would scream in pain and Lucifer would show up just to laugh at them and ask them if they wanted more. They had believed his lies when they were on earth and had done as much wicked and mean things as possible to advance his cause on earth. They prided themselves on the power they had over other people to hurt them and cause evil. Their reward upon death? A rocking chair, jail cell, and flames of torment.

Hell isn't pretty folks. There's nothing fun about hell. If you die without Yahushua you go to hell. Lucifer claims you on default. You have to make a choice. Just because you dont' make a choice, doesn't mean one isn't made for you.

If you don't choose to love and follow the Most High, you forfeit your soul to Satan.

Choose Yahweh,

The Lord doesn't want anyone to perish without Him as their Saviour. But people choose to serve Lucifer over Him. They believe the lies of Lucifer.

Lucifer is the father of lies. The devil LIES folks, he might be charming and handsome to those who have seen him shapeshift into human form on earth, but he's a liar and a player and he's gambling for your soul.

Don't let him win.

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