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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well folks,

Amazing how many titles have been submitted. In fact I'll be using them for books #3,4,5,6, etc..

I love the combo The Beast Network: Evil Never Sleeps and I'll probably use that for book #3, which will come out several months after book #2 comes out. Book #3 will be focused a lot on the beast network itself and last days prophecies, all my articles on the New Age, last days prophecies, etc.. So whoever came up with those titles "The Beast Network" and "Evil Never Sleeps" will each get a free, signed copy.

So far my favorite for this one coming out is still "Aliens on the Internet." I'm going to put a pic of an alien sitting on a computer on the cover. It's catchy, the title grabs attention.

Let me hear the yeahs and neahs on that one.

It is so much work to put a book together. Especially when you have to do all of the formatting and editing yourself. I subcontract the editing out, obviously since i'm no gramma queen, but the formatting I do, and anything else. Where's a publisher when you need one? Hiding under a table somewhere...hahaha

It's amazing that even those who publish books specifically on aliens and ufo's run when they see me. I'm not marketable or what? 132 nations visit my websites and I have a internet talk show. And my first book is about to hit Sun Tabloid out of Florida.

It's just Yah saying, "Let ME handle it." And so I am. So if I have to be bogged down and worked to death so be it. I'll do it Yah's way.

Maybe in my next one I'll mention the new technology our gov/mil has that they're getting bolder with. In some cases it's just remote viewers you can feel around you in your house, but the military has this thing out where they are totally invisible. You can't see them, but you can hear them. You can hear them walk, you can hear their legs bend when they walk, you can hear their stomachs gurgle, you can hear them breathe, but you can't see them. You know exactly where they are, and where they are standing, but you can't see anything.

Weird eh? They have had it for a while, I first noticed it 2 years ago, but they're getting bolder with it now.

Wonder if they realize how not so foolproof their tech is.

Anyone got a name for it?

I remember years ago the stories coming out about a high level CIA dude that everyone was afraid of who could manipulate his bodily atoms and walk through walls, etc... there's probably a lot more of him now....and this human cloaking thing is pretty wild to.

I wonder if yelling "Vin Uru!" would cause them to decloak? Allegedly it causes shapeshifters to shift back into lizard form. Would be fun to try at a congressional meeting don't ya think?

Maybe I'll take the kids to DC this summer and take a walk through the capital yelling Vin Uru.


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