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Monday, April 11, 2005

The Lord said, "Teach them how to Worship Me."

Hmm, well, I'm about the craziest nut you've ever seen praising and worshipping Him. I used to think He was going to give me a straight jacket Himself, but He loves it. It's just always been our time, and I just have fun, and I love Him, and at that point everything I do and sing or say is because I love Him and it's sincere, and not formal, and not methodical, it's just from the heart.

David danced before the Lord. He sang and worshipped Him and danced before the Lord. Should we be any different? I'm not. I have fun.

I can't sing worth an off key note. In fact I'm about 1000 of those put together. But I can sing from the heart and lip sync to music. And Yah hears it just fine. Just because something isn't audible in this realm, doesn't mean it's not in His.

Just set time apart for Him. Or make time. And just play some good praise and worship music and sing to Him, that's what He wants. Raise your hands in the air, put some emotion into it, sing to Him, let loose, get crazy, have some fun. I always look up to Him and raise my hands and just sing, sometimes I do some little dances around the place I made up. It's all in fun and worship and He adores that. He adores it so much. He's told me so many times how much He loves it. So folks, get crazy, let loose, have some fun, and just worship and praise His Name. Throw all formality out the window and just get into Him.

The Lord loves for us to just be ourselves, and be personable.

Get that music on..

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